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Tuit is the complete solution to securing your mobile device without the inconvenience of having to unlock it each and every time.

Tuit is the complete solution to securing your mobile device without the inconvenience of having to unlock it each and every time. Read More
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Protecting your privacy - it’s time you got a round tuit.

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What’s tuit?

Tuit offers a complete solution to secure Android-based mobile devices (provisional patent application US 61/830,866). It’s a ring which you wear on your hand that communicates with your mobile device using our Tuit mobile app to uniquely identify you and causes it to unlock immediately (the opening door animation is just for show in the video and can be disabled), in a seamless and smooth operation. Plus, it has a nice ring tuit :)

This video shows how quickly you can start using your device with Tuit:

Why tuit?

Mobile devices in use today, particularly smartphones and tablets, hold a great deal of our private and sensitive information. These devices are used to access e-mails, connect to social networks and even manage bank accounts. Losing your phone could seriously compromise your privacy and can even lead to identity theft. Even when someone you know handles your device, it can lead to awkward and unwanted situations.

We feel the current solutions for securing mobile devices, by using PIN codes, password and patterns, are cumbersome and inhibiting. Your device should be locked - but not when YOU want to use it.

There’s magic tuit 

Tuit gives you the magic touch. By using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, Tuit communicates with our Lockscreen Mobile App each time you turn on your screen to use your device. Anyone who picks up your phone or tablet just sees a standard lockscreen asking to enter a PIN code or draw a pattern. But, when you wear your Tuit on your hand and use that hand to hold your device, it’s always open and ready for use. Cool, right?

Here's a short proof-of-concept video we made early on, when we got the first prototype:

Tuit Lockscreen App

Once you get Tuit, you will need to install the the Tuit Lockscreen companion app. To start using Tuit, you have to first pair your ring to your device. This is a short process, in which you simply place your Tuit near the back of your device, hold it there for a few seconds and wait for the confirmation. That's it. You are now ready to start using Tuit. It's that easy.

Unique and Secure

Our Lockscreen app verifies the authenticity of your Tuit by using a cryptographic digital signature. Each Tuit has this unique signature which cannot be copied or impersonated.

And it has a certain style tuit . . . 

We’ve given a lot of thought to Tuit’s design and look. We see it as more than a gadget - it’s an accessory. It has to have style.

Tuit Prototypes (rev. 7)
Tuit Prototypes (rev. 7)

Here you can see our prototypes, created using an advanced laser-based prototyping process. With your help we will produce Tuits using high-pressure injection-molding from Polycarbonate. With a refined design, the finished Tuit will look much better - thinner, narrower and smoother.

After a lengthy process, in the end we made the (hard) decision to go with a simplistic but sophisticated, unisex look. We felt it gave us the widest variety of styles that could fit pretty much anyone.

Before choosing the current design, we considered a number of concepts:

We especially liked the design in concept 3, and we'd love to be able to make it in the future. We'd like to hear your thoughts.

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By helping us make Tuit a reality you can be the very first owners who get to use Tuit to enhance their protection. The Tuits we offer here will come in three sizes: Small (US 7.5), Medium (US 8.5) and Large (US 9.5), as shown in this chart:

Ring Sizes Chart
Ring Sizes Chart

From our understanding these sizes should cover a substantial portion of the population.

In terms of color styles, the basic Tuit style will be Silver on outside and Black on the inside. For the more colorful personalities among you, we also offer the Color Tuits:

  • Pearl White outside and Light Blue inside
  • Silver outside and Orange inside
  • Pink outside and Pearl White inside

We plan to offer more style choices in the future.

The Road Tuit

We started out with just a simple silicone ring, an RFID Chip and an idea...

We began by researching and learning everything there is to know about NFC. We began studying and testing many different types of RFID chips to find the right combination of security level, power requirement, reliability and effective range.

We then teamed up with a design company which specializes in engineering industrial design, and started working with them to come up with a concept to match our vision for the ring, this was the result:

Concept visualization
Concept visualization
Sketches of different color styles
Sketches of different color styles

At the same time, we set to work on developing our mobile app - learning how NFC works in Android, defining the requirements, and started thinking about the user interface.

After the concept was chosen, a detailed design was drawn up:

Tuit Detailed Design schematics
Tuit Detailed Design schematics

The Tuit is made up of the 3 ring parts and an RFID chip array. After assembly, the parts are fused together using a technique called Ultrasonic Welding.

Animated Illustration of Tuit's CAD Design
Animated Illustration of Tuit's CAD Design

After approving the detailed design, we made the first 3D-printed model:

First rough model of the Tuit
First rough model of the Tuit

This model was wider then we pictured the Tuit will be. This was mainly because we had used a commodity, standard-sized RFID inlay. We then realized we would need to order a custom sized inlay which would allow us to design a narrower ring.

By then we had a basic working version of our app, and we were extremely excited to use Tuit for the very first time to unlock our phone.

Where we are...

So now, we are at a point where, in order to move forward and make Tuit a viable product that we can produce in large quantities, we require funding.

We will be working with a manufacturer which specializes in this type of injection-molding and has ample experience in this field. One of the important factors for us in choosing this manufacturer was their Quality Assurance and Quality Control department. Once we begin work, we will defined a detailed and thorough procedure to test and verify  each produced item.

Designing and creating the molds is a delicate and lengthy process. It is also quite expensive, and since we want to offer three different sizes of Tuits, we have to multiply everything by 3. On top of that, there are additional costs for the materials, manual assembly and the ultrasonic welding.

Our app, which is responsible for actually securing the mobile device, is coming along nicely, but requires more testing on many devices and platforms, so we can find and fix as many bugs and kinks as possible. We are also going to add more features and improve the interface, with the help of professional mobile UX designers.

Here, in a nutshell, are the steps we took to get here:

We have everything ready, and with your help we can make it happen!

Stretch Goals

Our stretch goals
Our stretch goals
  • $110,000 - We will offer more color choices
  • $125,000 - We will offer more sizes, according to your feedback
  • $140,000 - Support for Windows Phone devices
  • $175,000 - Each Tuit will arrive in a premium case

Is my device up tuit?

Risks and challenges

As we said, we have several working prototypes and a basic mobile app. The next step is manufacturing, which means ordering molds and setting up a production line. Molds are expensive to make, even for Tuit's small form-factor. Since the manufacturer we are working with is having the molds made in China, it's usually also a lengthy and difficult process. This is why we chose to deliver by March 2014. We hope it's sooner, but we also realize that these things can take time and we really want to get it right.

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