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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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Response to questions about shipping dates and Frankenspiel launch party cost

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)
Hi everyone,

We’ve got two topics we wanted to clear up with you. And although we value your individual messages, we are receiving lots of them every day so we hope we can respond to most of them here, collectively, to save time and allow us to spend more time on getting the FS-X finished.

Which leads us onto our first topic: 

Shipping Dates
We are still unable to give a precise date, but we are now only a few days away from being able to do so. We have been doing intensive testing of the electronics circuits to ensure no repeat of overheating occurs, and that your FS-Xs encounter no long term reliability problems. These tests are going well and are almost complete.

We can’t say enough that we regret the delay. We hope that you understand saying sorry now, and incurring the displeasure of some of you, is preferable to shipping early and then having to say sorry to all of you if things go wrong.

We've written some detail on this before, but, once we get the green light, the FS-X is pretty fast to get produced. In fact, it will take about a week to get all the FS-Xs assembled and packed.

Shipping to the main bulk shipping destinations should take another week or so.

Launch Party cost
There have been a couple of comments about the cost of the launch party. First of all, no funding came from backers. We were on a tight budget, so we made sure the evening actually cost very little.

How could we do this? Although your entries were free, tickets were sold to the non-backer public. We also partnered with 4 companies on who all shared in the cost of the launch party, including the sponsors (Hornsby’s Cider), the venue (Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes) and 2 promoters (Rock N Roll Circus & Breakout Bands). It was a really fun, new experience for us and one that we’re excited to progress with in the future which we intend to continue to keep costs at a minimal with the help of the right partners.

The launch party did however enable us to meet some very interesting people who have great ideas for the future of Frankenspiel and it also gave us the opportunity to receive some invaluable feedback from you, the backers.

Look out for a blog post coming soon about our plans for other (music) events once the FS-X is shipping.

Again, we are confident to provide you with shipping dates this week, and we are sorry for the delay.

All the best,

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Lee Gibson on

      Not my sort of music at the launch party, I saved my money and watched My Ruin (okay I hadn't realised the Damned were playing and I have contacts with Tarrie B anyway) and then the Dead Kennedys the next night (best concert I have been to in ages).

      As for the release date, test, test and test again. The worst thing anyone can ever do is to release a lemon. When you are happy and have checked everything you possibly can, then start the rollout.

    2. Dragonbait

      Glad you had a great party, wish I could have made it!
      For my speakers, you keep them as long as you need to, you are doing exactly the right thing holding them back until you are happy with them, thank you!!!

    3. Missing avatar


      I just want to say that I think you do a great job in making sure that we get the best possible product. If it takes a few weeks more to achieve that to do long-term testing that is absolutely ok.

      You guys do a gread job. Thanks!

    4. Marsha Tyszler

      I am quite surprised that some backers have been a bit miffed about both the shipping delay and launch party.

      It is in our best interest to delay the production of our speakers if the company thinks there could be an issue with one of the parts. As much as we are itching to get our speakers ASAP, think about how much worse it would be if many of us started experiencing problems with our FS-X's -- presumably, we would have to file warranty claims, wait several days for approval to mail them to Frankenspiel, then go to the post office to mail them, wait 7-14 days (depending where you live) for the speakers to arrive at Frankenspiel, wait another few days for them to be inspected and notify us, then it will be a few more days if they decide to make repairs and/or ship new units, and then it'd take time for them to mail the speakers back to us. Do backers here seriously want to take that risk?! It's risking the waste if time, money, and effort for nothing! Frankenspiel is doing the prudent thing here by delaying production in order to please us with pristine speakers they've promised to us! (And by the way, many other KS campaigns delay for months and years, so a matter of weeks really is great when you think about what it takes to pull of a campaign in a fairly short period of time!)

      As for the party, I guess many backers aren't familiar with how most launch parties are funded. There are usually promoters, outside companies, and ticket sales paying for these gigs. For a small startup like Frankenspiel, this party helps them spread word and brand recognition, forge relationships with other businesses and potential customers, allows them to get feedback on their product, etc. People then go home and tell people about the party they went to and/or post pics/info online. Aside from the fact that Frankenspiel already told backers that KS funding would not be spent on this party, I had no doubt when I saw that others were helping to make and promote it. A launch party is not any different than advertising -- and word of mouth tends to be more effective than print/TV ads. So even if they had used a small amount of campaign money for this party, it would have been important and well-spent as I see it. No matter my opinion, they didn't use any campaign money for the party, so leave them alone about it!

      Frankenspiel, most of us backers are generally supportive of the way you've been handling the various aspects of this campaign. It's hard to please everyone all of the time, but so long as you please the majority of us most of the time (and you have!), then you're doing a great job. Just keep following your gut and do what's best for your business. The point of us backing you is to be vested in your business' ability to thrive -- getting the product as a reward is a thank you gift from your company, and people tend to forget that KS isn't an online store where merchants must meet exact deadlines. Sigh! I will be pleased whenever you are thrilled with your high quality assurance standards, ship them with confidence, and my order arrives in one gorgeous piece -- and I know it'll happen in due time. ;-)

    5. Missing avatar

      nihal castelino on

      good to hear some positive news

    6. Paul Clarke on

      Sadly I couldn't make the launch party (I was at a Palm Reader/Baby Godzilla gig) but I, for one, am happy the evening went so well for you, and everyone who was able to make it. I've been really impressed with your constant updates and can't wait to finally be able to get my hands on my FS-Xs, it sounds like it won't be long now!