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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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Catchup + reply to backer questions on comment page

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hi guys,

With this update we're trying to catchup on unanswered questions on the comment page.

Production delay
Approaching production shipment and launch of the FS-X, our team is busy with lots of operational issues. This has left us with less bandwidth than we would like to post very frequent replies (as compared to the period of the campaign itself). This has not gone unnoticed. And of course, we appreciate that it is precisely at this moment that backers can get understandably nervous and so in a way they need more contact and feedback with the creators. 

We apologise for keeping you in suspense. In our defense, we're still within the 3 month period from the date (May 18th) at which we received our funding, but that said, it is a shame that we couldn't get the FS-X to you sooner.

We are just as frustrated by this delay as you must be, and we don't enjoy making you wait, because we are just as keen as you are to get the FS-X in your hands. The technology we use in the FS-X is very advanced, unlike other Bluetooth speakers. Of course, we do use some off the shelf components, but we can't fall back on the notion that this is a design that is "mature" or has been used before in other products, because in crucial aspects we are ahead of the curve. So, when something like this crops up, we need to be absolutely 100% sure that every aspect of the design is rock solid to avoid any disappointment later down the line.

Component issues
Before getting into the detail of this, note that in this case, it has nothing to do with obvious missing parts for final assembly that are easily replaceable i.e. cables, plastics, fittings, batteries, etc. It has to do with the electronic circuitry, which is part of the FS-X's secret sauce, so we've agonised a bit over how much information to share.

As background, and to help explain, here’s a paragraph from update 33 explaining the max SPL level.

“We finished our max SPL measurements for the production version of the 
FS-X...........The max SPL has been increased to make it sound louder than ever, without distortion even at high volume.  


The Frankenspiel Team


The Frankenspiel Team

........Basically, to cut a long story short, the way we have been able to achieve this is by putting more power through the system, partly through circuit re-design, partly through specifying improved component values.”

Off-line, away from the final assembly preparations, while doing long-term full-power testing, we identified that a crucial electronics component was prone to overheat. While not posing any threat, nor lessening the audio quality, we felt that, if left uncorrected, this may lead to backers encountering problems down the line.

Some of the technical stuff in the FS-X is pretty advanced, and for that reason we don't want to risk giving away our secret sauce by going into too much detail. This is one reason why we didn't immediately rush to put out a lot of information on this.

To put this into context, the part in question seemed to conform to specification, had got through quality control checks, and this problem would not have been picked up in finished goods quality control. The issue, it turned out, was that the amount of current that the component could handle was less than was stated, and to be extra safe, we decided it needed a higher value to run cool.

Diagnosing and fixing the problem was relatively quick, but finding a replacement part (in quantity) that was sure to be able to do the job has taken more time than suppliers or we had anticipated.

Quality control
This has been raised in several comments:

All incoming components are subject to quality control checks as indeed are all finished products.

The issue we described with the electronic component is not something that would be picked up by outgoing final product quality control checks. It showed up in continual long term testing of FS-X. So we are avoiding a situation where FS-Xs might have to be recalled. There is no room for compromises here, "better late, than faulty".

Production date
We had space on the line booked. When we have visibility on the component we will again book space. How long it takes from arrival of component to "out of the door" depends on lots of factors, including the following:
- time for incoming quality control inspection;
- availability of the line;
- how many people, (work stations) are on the line;
- the lapsed time per unit to assemble;
- the time to inspect finished goods;
- the time to pack finished goods.

As soon as we are able and have an accurate date set, we will update on this. We will try to manage things so as to minimise any delays, without of course compromising quality.


The Frankenspiel Team

P.S. -> Launch Party
For those of you attending our launch party, Friday 8th August, remember to message us your name and the name of your plus one for the free guestlist. For more information on the launch party visit update 35 (

Of course there will be the chance to make pics/video's, we will also be making a video which we will post for everyone who can't be there in person.

There will be a separate room where at the beginning of the event it will be possible for backers to look and listen to the FS-X. We'd suggest doing this at the beginning of the event. The FS-X will be the mono/stereo version, note that this will be a production model, not a prototype.

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    1. Michael Schaefer on

      its asy to wait for a better product.
      Thx for the many updates. I once bought a 3D printer (greetings to Form1) and got maybe 4 updates over a one year delay.
      In kickstarter measures you still do excellent :)

    2. Edward Wilcox on

      I am sadened that we have to wait for our speaker... but as a few have said, I can wait for a better product! Just hope I will be home to get it. I also encourage those that go to the event to please take some video of the product hands on and if you can... bring something to a live comparison ;) cheers!

    3. Missing avatar

      bsl100 on

      (Absolutely no sarcasm intended. Please read with a pinch of salt).

      Saw the lighter side of your update.......

      We feel bad to hear that some ingredients of your secret sauce were not working properly. What is heartening to know though, is that you dont have an issue with the quality of the ingredients and that it was just a matter of one of the main ingredients causing heartburn.

      Now, its a not easy to put a good sauce on the table, and its also not always possible to get that taste right. The onions need to be caramalised to perfection before adding the tomatoes, chillies, salt, spices and other ingredients. The onions, tomatoes and chillies need to be chosen carefully and they need to be of the best quality to get that perfect taste.

      Its important that you have identified the faulty ingredient and are working with your suppliers to get the right quantity so that adequate sauce can be made.

      I request all those who attend the launch party to give your review of the sauce once you get to taste it. We will await your tasting notes eagerly.

      Hope to get a taste of the sauce soon. Can't wait for my yummy sauce bottle to be delivered.

    4. Marsha Tyszler

      @Frankenspiel, thanks so much for your detailed explanation. I couldn't agree more with everything you said. I know you don't want to reveal proprietary information (and any vested backer would agree), and you explained everything quite well without revealing too much! Ultimately, late is better than having to recall products just because people want their FS-X now. It may be disappointing, but it is certainly best to wait longer and receive a flawless product than ship out a subpar item now that could potentially overheat and cause customers to get upset over dealing with recalls. I'd be shocked if anyone would disagree with this logic! I, for one, would rather you take all the time you need to make everything right! These things happen during product development!

      Is this the kind of part that can be received from several places at once or must they all come from the same place? It sounds like you've only been looking for one source, so I am only mentioning the possibility of securing the part from several sources at once in case it had not been considered. I know other Kickstarters that did this when something went wrong with their original supplier -- but of course, it may not be doable if you need the part to be made by the same company, etc. I also wonder where you are looking for suppliers. Presumably you are looking for suppliers in China, but you may have luck in other countries. I've heard of that happening with some campaigns too. Also, I'm not sure how difficult it is to get an appointment on the production line, but I am hoping that you will work with them to help get everything running with minimal delays. It sounds like you have a good relationship with them, so hopefully all will be okay.

      @Lewis, I think they are hesitating to estimate so that they don't eat their words if the stated date isn't met. They don't want to disappoint or upset backers more so -- and I must agree with their decision because it's pointless to change dates a thousand times. When the parts are secured and tested, and they reschedule with the production facility, then I am sure Frankenspiel will re-announce a new date ASAP. :-)

      @everyone, whoever goes to the party needs to review the speakers for the rest of us! :-D

    5. Missing avatar

      bsl100 on

      @ Frankenspiel.....

      Thank you for updating us in detail (as much as you could, without divulging info about your secret sauce recipe). What hasn't come out is the possible timeframe. Hope you can update on this soon.

      The delay is understandable and especially for people like me who are outside the UK, its all the more important that you deliver a product which is completely tested and one which doesn't face the risk of being recalled.

      A big positive from your update is that you have a production ready FS-X pair for demonstration. Since many of us would not be able to hear it in person at the launch party, would it be possible for you to put up a video of the product in action.

    6. Lewis MacQueen on

      Thanks for the update, can we have a timescale for delivery, are we talking weeks or months