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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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Production/shipping delay + new fastcharger

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)
Hi guys,

Unfortunately we have had to postpone the production run which was planned for this last week. This is due to the fact that one of our main components is late incoming, and unfortunately there is no alternative source of supply to which we could have turned.

We are told the component can be expected during this coming week, and after incoming quality control inspection, we can continue with the build. It looks currently as if this is going to delay shipping.

Obviously if we can bring things forward we will. In this connection a word about construction of the FS-X. A lot of work has gone into rationalisation of the production design, for example, the final version now uses absolutely no glue. This helps speed workflow and has reduced assembly time, which means that once on the line, your FS-X is actually assembled relatively very quickly. So actual lapsed time to run the first order is surprisingly short, and we'll be working with our production partner to make this as short as possible. 

We realise you all want to get your hands on FS-X without delay, therefore we will also try our very best to speed up the actual shipment/logistics process, so as to lose as little time as possible.

We regret this delay and hope it doesn't cause you too much inconvenience.

You will also have noticed that while we have closed down the basic colour choices we still have not locked down the accessory choices. We hope to put up the final pics of the accessories soon and then close that down very shortly after. Note: this will not impact shipment time. 

While we’re talking about accessories, our engineers took on board the comments we received when we unveiled the previous fastcharger design.

We have now been able to do three things:
- we have increased the total capacity to 5 A;
- at the same time we’ve been able to reduce the size of the electronics so we can put the two ports in a 50% smaller enclosure;
- the international pin plug system has been redesigned and is now much more robust when put in the wall plug. 

Here are some pictures: 

Old and new fastchargers with plug pins
Old and new fastchargers with plug pins
Old and new fastchargers with detached plug pins
Old and new fastchargers with detached plug pins
New fastcharger with detached plug pin
New fastcharger with detached plug pin

As you might have noticed, we've changed the colour slightly as the previous model was too much of a brilliant white. 

That's it for now.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Danny Dierickx on

      Well, it's the end of the week. Did the component arrive yet ? Has production run started yet ? Looking forward to receiving the speakers within the next 2 weeks.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tom Davies on

      If the shipping is going to be delayed will you give people the option to update their address when the revised delivery date is announced? I am currently in the UK but won't be after the 6th and will be travelling for a month, will there be an option to hold off on delivery till I know where I will be?
      Is there going to be the option of purchasing multiple plug types for the fastcharger? Which countries do you support?

    3. Missing avatar

      Darius Zaerin on

      forgot to add...if you do find a way to distribute attending backers' pledges at the launch party and need an extra hand running things i'd gladly help out. everythings been really smooth and organised so far so i'm sure you have everything under control, but if something needs doing all you've got to do is say. speak soon :)

    4. Edward Wilcox on

      SO, witht his delay, does this mean that us in the U.S. will not be getting the units till later in august? Or is there still hope i can get this before august 18th?

    5. Missing avatar

      Darius Zaerin on

      hey guys. thank you for throwing us a launch party, and with such a nice lineup! i'll def be there.
      i was thinking, if production has started by then and you're able to get the units, maybe you could give out people confirmed on the guestlist's speakers there, with proof of ID of course....might save time and a bunch of logistical hassle. i don't know how easy it'd be setting up a space and getting the right units to the event and keeping track of everything in a failsafe manner, but i think it'd be great if it's possible.
      anyway no biggie if not. than kyou again. i can't wait...both fr the speaker and to party with y'all. keep up the good work and all the very best til then.

    6. Missing avatar

      Maikel Lodewijk on

      LoL What a surprise! ;oP

    7. Marsha Tyszler

      @Frederic, do you mean a permanent corded wall plug? I think it's coming supplied with USB cords. It's no different than a standard Apple-supplied iPhone/iPad plug that also has the main wall jack and USB cord fits into that, except the Frankenspiel version has two ports instead of one.

      @Frankenspiel, how long will the USB cords be? I am supposing Frederic is worried about needing an extension to reach awkward plugs (which may be why he's thinking that you swapped a corded plug for the plug that attaches directly to the power supply brick ... I thought your plan was always to avoid a third long cord, unless I imagined that idea by coincidence from the get-go, lol). And whether or not that's the logic that prompted Frederic's comment, it leads me to hope that maybe you'll supply a heavy duty USB cord that is a bit longer than the standard ones -- after all, many of us may have times where we need to charge and listen at the same time, which would be tough or even impossible with a standard length USB cord.

      As for the plugs themselves, I'm curious as to how you're handling that. Gazer sent out its rewards 6 weeks ago, and no matter where each backer lived, every unit came with 4-5 common worldwide plugs. Like your charger, theirs was designed with swappable prongs that a user could unscrew and screw in a second. Granted, as the first electronic photo-video stabilizer/Gimbal, their invention is more likely to be packed for worldwide travel. However, with the FS-X's small size, it wouldn't shock me if people wanted to take them along on their travels for various purposes. So I don't know what you'll provide standard with the plug purchase, but it would be handy if you'd make the non-standard prongs available for purchase. I'm pretty sure that since you developed your own charger, the worldwide prongs would not be a standard size part that could easily be purchased anywhere -- which makes it all the more important unless you could devise an "all-in-one" possibility, which tend to be crappy because they easily break or don't make proper electrical contact.

      I appreciate that you are taking the time to perfect the charger. For me, the smaller size and higher amp capacity were most important. I don't quite understand the problem with having a brilliant white charger (which I assume is the same shade as Apple's), especially when it now seems quite yellowed now -- but maybe you're seeing something that's not photographing as nicely. But overall, I appreciate the time and thought you've put into it because I tend to get most annoyed by my gadgets' chargers that have odd shapes, are heavy, are crappy, stick out from the wall way too much, break easily, etc.

      As far as delays go, it doesn't seem like it will be a huge one. I know bsl100 asked for you to venture a guess assuming the stars align ... but I know you probably hesitate to provide even an approximate figure until you know the missing parts arrive at the factory. Other KS's I backed have recently fallen in that trap, which is angering some backers because they feel like they're being strung along even though that isn't the case -- those campaigns couldn't control a number of outside factors like tardy outside suppliers, tooling machinery that broke and needed repairs, etc. And for situations where a campaign is doing all it can to rectify the issues, it becomes clear who are the backers that are truly vested in the startup they backed vs. those who are in it for the item itself and could care less about the company's future. Those of us in the former group are fine with delays so long as we are kept informed, whether due to an unforeseen problem or for making improvements to increase the products' quality. So I get your hesitation and why you didn't venture to state a specific estimate. From the way you put it, it sounds like the delay wouldn't be more than 2-4 weeks tops if all goes well. (Nobody will hold you to it later on if it doesn't work out that way, lol.) Even if you prefer not to say a date, I commend your bravery for being immediately forthright about admitting a problem! It must be scary not to know how your backers will take bad news. Some campaigns try to avoid telling backers about problems in the hopes that all their issues will magically work out without causing a delay, and when it doesn't and they must confess, backers naturally become livid for the lack of upfront honesty. It seem everyone who has been vocal in your campaign want to see your innovative invention come to market, and we want you to achieve it without cutting corners to make it happen. And so, even if we might initially be disappointed about waiting a bit longer for the FS-X to arrive at our doors, it's surely a sacrifice we are willing to make for the greater good. :-)

    8. Frederic Detienne on

      But it seems we've lost the cable power connector in the process ?

      Thanks for the update!!

    9. Missing avatar

      bsl100 on

      @ Frankenspiel....

      1. How soon would you be able to ship assuming you have the components in the coming week? Can we have a specific date for shipment?

      2. You still haven't updated the IP ratings yet. Is it going to be IP64 or IP65?