Frankenspiel FS-X: the Bluetooth speaker that can!

by Frankenspiel Ltd.

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      Andreas Hamm

      I recently had the first real failure (means no delivery of a product) in one of the KS projects I've backed. The creator had a deal with a company called bluegiga, which just released a new BT chip. The KS project was about bluetooth in-ear headphones and as far as I remember, the chip has a very long range. Is that too late for considerations in your circuit design? Here's the link to the websige and this chip is still on the frontpage.

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      Craig Trickett on

      Well done guys, I'm so excited. One question though, I thought the original advertised spl was 100db? It's only a minor thing but just thought I'd check to clear up any confusion.


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      Andreas Hamm

      @Craig: Take a look at the original sheet and the info given here. David was talking about the flat SPL, which was 93 dB, yet the ITU-R 468 SPL was 100 dB. Maybe they'll show us the sheet with the new SPLs soon.

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      Craig Trickett on

      Being a complete novice is have no idea on the difference between these spl's could someone clarify it for me?

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      bsl100 on


      Some speaker manufacturers are now using SPL readings instead of RMS data. The SPL readings of normal bookshelf or floorstanding speakers are usually done at 1m or 2m. As small wireless speakers are not able to reach the levels of the above, there is a trend to show SPL readings at 0.5m.

      SPL readings are 6 dB higher at 0.5m as compared to 1m. The issue with all this is how this sound is delivered. Around 90 - 100 dB can be achieved at 0.5m with smaller speakers. But, the sound quality delivered at that volume or sound pressure levels is not necessarily full-range. Its pretty subjective. For eg. if you cut down bass levels, a speaker is able to go louder and deliver higher SPL levels. It does not have to struggle to deliver the bass frequencies and hence all its power is used to push out the midrange and higher frequencies.

      Lets say you sit across a large room and place a small speaker at the same distance as a regular bookshelf or floorstanding speaker, you will hear the voice of the singer and instruments from across the room from the smaller speakers. But, its the larger speakers which will be able to deliver more of the lower frequencies out to you and sound full-range.

      Having said this, I would really be keen to see and hear the FS-X in action. As long as it can deliver quality sound, the higher SPL will only act as an added bonus.

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      Craig Trickett on

      Ok guys, I thought I'd take 5 minutes out to link up some youtube videos to the tracks that David has given as good testing tracks. Please see below

      James Blake - Retrograde…

      Audioslaves - Doesn't remind me…

      Adele - Someone like you…

      Ellie Goulding - Lights…

      Imagine Dragons - Amsterdam…

      Charlie Haden and Pat Metheny’s - First Song…

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      bsl100 on

      Great work Craig..

      All this makes it difficult to wait for the speaker. Am really keen to hear how these songs sound on the FS-X. From the reviews, its clear that these will have beautiful and smooth midrange higher frequencies. Acoustic material is really going to shine on these. Its the bass department which will be the real test.

      Its going to be the first true-wireless stereo set up that I will own. Cant wait to see this tech in action.