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Soft neoprene carrycase

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)
Hi everyone,

The soft neoprene carrycase prototypes are done, so we thought it would be a good time to show you the first pictures.

The carrycase is constructed from a high quality waterproof soft neoprene which is 4mm thick. It’s equipped with a black zip and the FS-X is protected when closing the zip by a “skirt” which shields it from the zip and also ensures additional waterproofing. When not being used the soft neoprene enables you to flatten it out so it doesn’t take up much space in storage.

The form is shaped to fit and protect the FS-X. After it’s been stitched the case is cured, so it will keep it’s shape. The back of the case is reinforced and there’s a loop for a caribiner, which is attached securely to the top of the case.

This prototype is not quite the finished version yet.
The few changes we need to make to it are: 
- the zipper handle, which will be in a black rubberised material; 
- inside the lid there will be a pouch for the cables, also made from soft neoprene, to protect the FS-X from being scratched by the cable connectors; 
- on top of the lid there will be the new logo, but more on that later; 
- when you insert the FS-X and close the zip it’s not as easy and fluent as it could be. The fit is just a tad too tight right now, so we’re working on adding a couple of millimetres, this should cure the problem.

Hope you like it!

Best regards,

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Tony H. on

      the case is really a poor rendition of the proposed CAD/draft drawing proposed. This is something I can get with HK$10, 1/12 of 10 GBP.

    2. Missing avatar

      Josh Green on

      How come there is a speaker with a logo on it does that mean copyright has been sorted.

    3. Missing avatar


      Yes :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Maikel Lodewijk on

      I think people don't like the price/quality... They had expected more for $10... If you made this case when you asked $5 people would have liked it I think.

    5. Frankenspiel Ltd. Creator on

      @ Giles Smith: Glad your pleased with the update. We’re trying to see if we can also add a loop on the inside of the case. Soft neoprene carrycases are usually made for flat objects (e.g. laptops and tablets). We’ve had a difficult time getting the design right because the material is very bendy and flexible. So we don’t think the FS-X would fare well if in the carrycase and then hung up with the lid open. If you want to play your FS-X in the carrycase you can play it with the lid closed, we’ve tried this and it does muffle the sound a bit obviously, but it is acceptable. So you could still hang it with the lid closed from your bike’s handle bar and play music while riding. 
The reason the protective skirt is attached to the top is that it’s easier to close the carrycase without risking any damage.

    6. Frankenspiel Ltd. Creator on

      @ bsl100: Thanks for your comments. Here are our thoughts:
      1. Adding cardboard would not strengthen the structure. The structure of the carrycase takes it’s shape from the form of the FS-X. When we’ve added a couple of millimetres to the final version, it will fit the FS-X perfectly.
      2. The design of the carrycase doesn’t lend itself to adding feet to the bottom. Because the case is made of soft neoprene it is easy to clean and you can easily rinse it off with water as the material is waterproof.

    7. Frankenspiel Ltd. Creator on

      @ Marsha Tyszler: Yes, you’re very right, we’re still working on the logo. When it’s ready we will share it with you in an update.
      Happy you like the soft neoprene carrycase prototype.

    8. Frankenspiel Ltd. Creator on

      @ Tina Green: Yes, there will be a logo on the carrycase. Most probably on the top.

    9. Frankenspiel Ltd. Creator on

      @ RL, Nihal Castelino & Simon Ho: Sorry you guys don’t like it. Guess it’s a matter of personal taste in the end. We always promised to do the carrycase in soft neoprene and maybe soft neoprene isn’t the sexiest material on earth. Just take a look at most soft neoprene laptop cases. But it does the job, it’s very practical and offers extra protection to the speaker. What would you change or do to improve it?

    10. Simon Ho

      yes. it is Ugly and looks cheap

    11. Missing avatar

      Giles Smith on

      Thanks for the update. Pleased with the progress. Suggestions for tweaks to the design. As mentioned before, I was hoping for an internal loop in the hinge so the case could be hung up with a speaker in it without the lid closing over the driver.
      Secondly, the zip seems quite low down the body of the speaker. If you did hang it, how susceptible is the speaker to being toppled out?
      Finally, I could not see any protection between the lower section of zip and the body of the speaker to help prevent scratching on removal; I think this would be a better place for it than by the top zip.
      Thoughts and comments please!

    12. Missing avatar

      bsl100 on

      @ Frankenspiel...

      1. Can you make the lower portion / base a bit more flatter and sturdier with an internal cardboard sort of support.

      2. Add four feet at the bottom. If you want to play the speaker in the case with the grill facing upwards, it will support the speaker and the case wont turn dirty.

    13. Marsha Tyszler

      @tina, they said the logo will absolutely be added. However, they had to change their logo because of a copyright dispute, so maybe they're still working on designing the new logo.

      @RL, I think they want us to get the basic picture. It's not a finished example. The design itself is exactly what I was hoping for, but it seems they are still working on the details that will improve the look. I am curious -- what would you change or add to make it more worth your expectations? Maybe they'll still be able to take your suggestion into account!

    14. Missing avatar

      Josh Green on

      Will there be a logo on the case?

    15. Missing avatar


      Sorry to say that but the bag looks cheap not worth £10 and not match with the high-end FS-X. :(