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Final mould modification

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)
Hi everyone,

We're back! Actually we never went away, it’s just that we didn’t think you would have appreciated an update just for it’s own sake, without any real information contained in it. 

So to keep you posted on what’s been going on we now have team members in China.

One of the first points concerns their visit to the mould and plastics factory, to check on progress with the micro USB mould modification. Here are some pictures for you, which they took while on their visit there, showing the mould taken apart and the modified micro port. 

The mould modification was complete and has been tested by shooting a few samples in raw plastic stock. The following picture is of one of the first samples to come out of the test shots.
Please note that the dark marks on the plastic are residue from the mould modification. The reason for doing test shots apart from checking the micro aperture is that this is the best way to clean the mould of any residue. 

As you can see from this last picture the mould mark is still visible, we did say that this wouldn’t be the case with the actual production models, but we’ve had to reconsider. It has been reduced in size though and what we could do to cover this mark is to also add the logo at the back, for now this is just an idea. 

Also related to the plastics is the finish which is a UV coating. One of the main features of UV coating is that it increases the scratch resistance of the surface finish of the FS-X. While testing, our team members tried to scratch the treated surface with a key and it didn’t have any lasting effect on the surface. 

The next step of the plastics (including the frontframe plate) is to shoot the colour samples, so we can provide you with accurate pictures for you to use in your review of your final colour choice.

To end, the feedback from our team is that no issues have immerged which could affect the shipping date. In the next few days we will be updating more regularly as the team has a very packed schedule.

Best regards,

The Frankenspiel Team 


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    1. Frankenspiel Ltd. Creator on

      @ Marsha Tyszler: Thanks for your thoughts. We are absolutely committed to making the FS-X not only a great product but also a great looking product! And as we said to Peter, the mould mark will not be visible in the final product.
      About the logo, we’re stil finalizing it and when we’ve got a bit more time we’ll do our best to tell you how we came up with the name of our company. :)

    2. Frankenspiel Ltd. Creator on

      @ Peter John Caldwell & Draupnir Einarsson: Whatever we do, in the final product the mould mark will not be visible.

    3. Frankenspiel Ltd. Creator on

      @ Giles Smith: We’re still finalizing the logo design. It will most probably retain the same shape.

    4. Draupnir Einarsson on

      Why cant the mould mark be on the inside?

    5. Marsha Tyszler

      @Frankenspiel, thanks for the update! I love your factory pictures and watching the process unfold. It's a unique opportunity, and it's very much appreciated that you're taking the time to explain everything.

      In the scheme of your grand efforts to perfect each and every detail of the FS-X, the mold mark is minor in my own opinion. It is fortunately positioned in the back, so it won't be visible in most cases.

      Here's the thing, though. Most moderately priced and high-end electronic products do not have any visible mold marks. Those products that do have a mold mark are generally (for lack of a better term) cheap electronics where companies do not want to spend time, money, and effort to fix such details like a sinkhole in their plastic or other imperfections -- and I'd hate for people to see a mold mark on the FS-X and (wrongly) assume that it is lacking in quality as a result.

      I'm not understanding what exactly is preventing the mark from being smoothed over in your case . . . of course, I have a limited knowledge of injection molding, but am aware that it can often be repaired by hardening the plastic, among other thing. I was reading an interesting article that gave all kinds of possible fixes to general mold mark (also known as mold sinking) here: I'm certain you've been doing everything you can to remedy the problem, but as I stated above, consumers can be harsh -- even when it's not warranted.

      If you were to cover it with a logo, how would you go about doing that in such a way that it won't appear like you're covering something? Won't that be hard with a depression in the surface? If it's not done flawlessly, again, you'll fall into the same boat as above where people will judge the FS-X's sound by its cover.

      Giles Smith also brings up an excellent question. How's that logo thing going? I sure hope that you'll end up with an edgy, unique logo. I miss the old logo because it was perfect for your brand's name, which is a cross between "Frankenstein" and the word "spiel" which can be translated as "play" and "game." The old logo represented both so fittingly, so I'm curious what you're going to replace it with! Come to think of it, I'd love to hear how your company even ended up with such a cool, quirky name anyway! ;-p

      @Peter, lol . . . I'm next in line to get the second!

    6. Peter John Caldwell

      Putting your logo on both sides sounds good. However, maybe the mould mark will diminish as the mould is used again and again. If so, I'd be happy to have one of the first ones showing the mark!

    7. Missing avatar

      Giles Smith on

      Thanks for the update. Any news on the logo legal debate which could affect the look of your product?