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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
1,083 backers pledged £84,768 to help bring this project to life.

3rd Stretch Goal Reached! + free additions (and choices).

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)
Hi backers!

We've reached our 3rd stretch goal of £76.000! 

As you know later this year we’re planning to introduce a miniature subwoofer.

Subject to reaching this third stretch goal we will ensure that all backers who have pledged for an FS-X will have the capability built in to their FS-X(s) to form a 2.1 system i.e. 2 stereo FS-Xs with subwoofer. In other words we will add provision for the FS-X to work with a future Frankenspiel subwoofer.

We’ve thought about adding another stretch goal but it doesn’t seem realistic because of the time left.

But we now have more than a thousand backers supporting us! Many thanks to all those who've pledged. We really do appreciate it!
So we would like to celebrate this by taking on board some suggestions of backers as free additions:


We’ve had requests to include stickers with the FS-X: 

- Left & Right (for stereo pairs)

- Kickstarter logo

- I’m a backer 

- Frankenspiel logo

High quality silk screen printing (on the back of the FS-X)

We understand that there are quite a few backers that would like to have something on the FS-X casing indicating that they are backers of this project! So to thank backers we will give the option of having “I’m a backer” silk screen printed in Kickstarter green on the back their FS-X.

Frontframe plate

There have also been requests to have a black frontframe plate instead of the chrome version. As a free option we are adding the ability for you to choose between the standard chrome frontframe plate or a black frontframe plate.

Wondering how we’re going to inventorise all of your requests?

As you might have read on the comment page, for instance, we’re going to work with the BackerKit platform. So when the campaign is succesfully funded it will enable us to make the whole process a lot easier of sending surveys asking which colour FS-X, add-ons, other options you want with your FS-X and also eventually where to ship your FS-X to. Some of you might move to another address in the meanwhile so we want to make sure you receive it.

Once again thanks to all you backers for your active involvement, comments and suggestions!

Best regards,

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Luke Osborne on

      Congratulations guys, awesome project and so cool to hear that you'll give the option on the front plate colour. You're doing awesome work!

    2. Missing avatar

      bsl100 on

      @ Frankemspiel......Frontframe plate :

      I have a query about the frontframe plate. Is it metal chrome or plastic with chrome finish.

      A couple of points:
      1. Could you also do a speaker body and frontframe plate colour mix. For eg. A black body with a grey frontplate and vice versa. It looks cool on the Minirig speakers.
      2. As mentioned by others, if you can put up pics, it will be help us make up our minds.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ruben on

      Is the black plate something that only backers will be able to do? Something like that would be cool but I actually like the look of the chrome. But something in that spirit instead of "I'm a backer". That means nothing to people.

    4. JB on

      WhAt Ellery said but this also counts for some other add-ons which we haven't seen a real picture of e.g.the neoprene case. So it would be nice to see how these will look like together and whithout silk screen prints etc.

    5. Kaniawati Zainal Abidin

      Awesome!... & love it ;)...

    6. Missing avatar

      bsl100 on

      + 1 @ Ellery and Marsha

    7. Marsha Tyszler

      Wow, thanks! Now that's the way to celebrate a great campaign! :-D

      I also agree with @Ellery below. Even if you can't show a prototype, maybe you can at least post a mocked-up illustration so people can get the general idea of the look? It'll help people make the best choice and not have any regrets later on. Hope so!

    8. Ellery Turner on

      All this sounds great, and it's been a great campaign. Hopefully you can put up a picture with the black front plate some time in the future