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Update on fastcharger (2 x 2.1A) and Y-cable.

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)
Hi guys,

Here’s a quick update on the fastcharger and Y cable.

Update on fastcharger
It’s obvious from the feedback we’re getting that a 3.1A (2.1A + 1A) capacity fastcharger isn’t really seen as something very useful. It’s unbalanced because you can’t charge your FS-X(s) and/or device(s) at the same speed. So we’ve decided to spec the fastcharger at 4.2A (2x 2.1A) supporting simultaneous charge. This version will be slightly bigger than the 3.1A version. We think that this solution is a far more useful add-on and hope that you’ll agree. 

Update on Y cable
We’ve had questions about how the Y cable and the external in-line control could be used at the same time. Our design would allow you to choose to use any kind of 3rd party Y cable (this also applies to the 3.5mm analog cable which is included with every FS-X), however since quality and specifications vary we can’t guarantee that any and every cable will work together with our external in-line control. We don't want to force people to buy our stuff, what we mean is that we can guarantee that our products will work together.

Your comments and your responses have helped us clarify important aspects of the design and we hope what we’re proposing meets most if not all of your requirements. 

Best regards,  

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Jeff on

      How would I go about adding this if I already pledged for 2 Black?

    2. Peter John Caldwell

      Excellent- exactly what I wanted.

    3. JB on

      Im also in for two free cases instead of a line control!

    4. Jay on

      Thank you for listening, it's great to see such a positive response!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Lin on

      What was the charger adaptor head be?

    6. Alvin Wong Kee Choong on

      Great news on the fastcharger, will be supporting that one but agree also that i was hoping for clarity on the neoprene case if it was 2 cases provided if the stretch goals were avhieved for people like myself who ordered a pair before putting the pledge in

    7. Laurence Freedman on

      Have you considered the pretty consistent question/suggestion of offering 2 of the neoprene cases (once the stretch goal is achieved of course) for those who have pledged for a pair of FS-Xs? And @Sam, my guess is yes.

    8. Sam Camacho on

      So, this is probably a dumb question, but can on fastcharger charge 2 FX's at the same time?