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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)
Hi backers!

Quite a few of you have suggested having add-ons for the single & pair FS-X pledge reward tiers. This means that backers of these pledges can add additional funds to their current pledge to receive more products.

Your patience has been rewarded. Finally the add-ons have arrived!


1. Y cable
Black 3.5mm line-in Y cable for analog/cabled true stereo operation. Length = approx. 1.5m.

2. FS-X soft neoprene carrycase

Black soft neoprene carrycase (holds one FS-X) and has a rubbarised Frankenspiel logo symbol on the top and the logo text (also rubbarised) on the front (bottom right corner). At the back of the case (at the same height as the zip) there will be a loop to attach a carabiner (for ease of carrying).

3. Fastcharger

Black fastcharger with Frankenspiel logo. It has two USB ports, one USB port will support 2.1 A and the other support 1 A. The USB ports will be on the same side of the fastcharger. So you can charge your FS-X and your device (smartphone, tablet, MP3, etc.) or both FS-Xs at the same time. If you choose 2 fastchargers you will have the ability to charge both your FS-Xs at 2.1 A and also charge 2 other devices.  

- The pictures of the carrycase and fastcharger, included in this update, are design drawings.
- As you can see the carrycase is sporting a non zip look. Note that the carrycase WILL have a zip, but right now we’re still finalising the colour and style of the zip. The same goes for the colour of the elastic band of the pouch (for carrying the 3.5mm line-in cable and the micro USB charging cable). 
- Currently we don’t have a design drawing of the Y cable.
- As soon as the carrycase, fastcharger and Y cable protypes have been made, we will put up images for you to see. 

Add-on prices:
1. Y cable: £5
2. FS-X soft neoprene carrycase: £10
3. Fastcharger: £15

Every add-on will be shipped together with your pledge reward.

Included in the standard shipping costs:
Backed 1 FS-X?
Everyone who pledged for one FS-X can add to their pledge, without adding extra shipping costs:
-1 carry case
-1 fastcharger

Backed 2 FS-Xs? 
Everyone who pledged for 2 FS-Xs can add to their pledge, without adding extra shipping costs: 
- 2 carrycases 
- 2 fastcharger 
- 1 Y cable 

Additional shipping costs:
If you’d like to add more accessories to your pledge reward than than the amounts listed above, we would like to ask you to add additional shipping costs:
- £2 per extra fastcharger
- £2 per extra carrycase
- £1 pound per extra Y cable

How to add add-ons to your pledge:
To increase your pledge by the cost of the desired add-on(s):
- Go to the FS-X Kickstarter page (login if you aren’t already) and press the Manage Your Pledge Button. If you have not pledged yet it will say Back this Project.
- Increase your pledge in the Pledge Amount box by the total of the add-ons you want to add to your pledge (and if necessary any additional shipping cost that might apply).
- Do not change the pledge reward tier you pledged for, unless you want to change this, of course, while you are in this screen. You will then need to add the total amount of your add-ons to the amount of your (new) pledge reward tier.

Identifying your add-on request(s):
Once the project is officially funded, you will be sent a survey in which you can specify which add-ons you want to have.

We hope you like the add-ons! 

If you have any questions about these add-ons please get back to us with a message.

Best regards, 

The Frankenspiel Team 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ulises Cervino Beresi on

      I just upped my pledge by £25 (a Y cable + 2 cases) however I couldn't leave a note saying what the extra money is for. Mind taking note of this somewhere? :)

    2. Frankenspiel Ltd. Creator on

      @ Giles Smith: Thanks for your comment! Well, (as you might have seen from the design rendering) if the grill is facing upward and the lid of the carrycase is open you will be able to play it from within the case and it won’t degrade the sound. We’ll look into the option of adding a loop on the inside.
      The Y cable will have 3 male 3.5mm connectors. The length of the cable from the device to the first speaker will be 0.5m and between the first and the second speaker 1m.

    3. Frankenspiel Ltd. Creator on

      @ Yun Ki Lee: The 3.5mm Y cable isn’t an off the shelf cable. In designing this external in-line control we’ve had to take care that it integrates with the existing electronic circuits and that their operation doesn’t reduce any functionality or introduce any distortion in the audio path. You could choose to use any kind of 3rd party Y cable (this also applies to the 3.5mm analog cable which is included with every FS-X), since quality and specifications vary we can’t guarantee that every and any cable will work together with our external in-line control. We don't want to force people to buy our stuff, what we mean is that we can guarantee that our product will work together.

    4. Frankenspiel Ltd. Creator on

      @ Laurence Freedman & Alvin Wong Kee Choong: Thanks for your comments, they were very useful and helpful!

    5. Frankenspiel Ltd. Creator on

      @ Alvin Wong Kee Choong & Neil: Yes, there’s a pouch in the top of the case, which already fits the standard cables (3.5mm line-in cable and the micro USB charging cable) and will also fit the external in-line control. We’re still finalising the design of the case and will try to make also the Y cable fit inside.

    6. Frankenspiel Ltd. Creator on

      @ Lee Gibson: The FS-X will be water- and dust- resistant to at least IPX4. It is a modular concept, the basis of which is a single speaker and is meant to be used outdoors, in demanding situations, and a single case made of shock resistant neoprene makes sense. This way you can use and transport them seperately. There’s is no compulsion to buy this case, we simply offer it as a useful add-on. And if we reach our second stretch goal (£66.000) FS-X pair backers can get a free carrycase if they choose next to an external in-line control.

    7. Frankenspiel Ltd. Creator on

      @ bazpoint: Thanks! Glad you like them!

    8. Missing avatar

      Giles Smith on

      Can you pse describe the proposed Y cable layout? Will it have 3 male 3.5 mm connectors or one female and two male? Is the length quoted being the distance I will be able to separate the speakers or the distance from the speakers to the controlling device? Many questions and I hope you have the time to answer them!

    9. Missing avatar

      Giles Smith on

      Will the sound from the speaker be degraded if it is used from within the case? If it is used in the case when secured to a bike or rucksack with a karabiner, the lid will not stay open with the securing loop in its current position. Any chance of a tweak to move loop so lid can be flipped back open or put another loop on the inside of the hinge?
      Other than that, good design.

    10. Missing avatar

      Yun Ki Lee

      I've got some Y-cables from high street electronic shops for roughly the same price, will the quality of your cable be different?

    11. Missing avatar


      it has a pocket inside the cover

    12. Alvin Wong Kee Choong on

      Good comment on the fastcharger can we have a fastcharger with 2 2.1 A USB slots?

    13. Missing avatar

      Neil on

      Is there a pouch/pocket in the case? Hopefully, if there is one, it is somewhat expandable because I want to keep my cables and smaller things in there.

    14. Laurence Freedman on

      @Andreas, "Everyone who pledged for 2 FS-Xs can add to their pledge, without adding extra shipping costs." Does that answer your question?

    15. Missing avatar

      Andreas Hamm

      Just a question: For the 2 FS-X pledge, do I need to pay extra shipping costs for 2 cases and 1 charger? Just want to make sure, that the description is a logical AND, not a logical XOR.

    16. Laurence Freedman on

      Just curious, why didn't you design the Fastcharger with dual 2.1A USB ports?

    17. Alvin Wong Kee Choong on

      Neoprene case design might consider some additional room within the cover to also put in the y cables rather than flushed based on existing design?

    18. Lee Gibson on

      Great. Two speakers needs 2 cases. This neoprene costs though. Can you fit a waterproof zip?

    19. bazpoint on

      Sweet, pledge updated for 2 cases and the cable. Can't wait!