Frankenspiel FS-X: the Bluetooth speaker that can!

by Frankenspiel Ltd.

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    1. Piotr Kula on

      This is a project worth backing, where the bar is set so high, that it sets new standards for everybody else!

    2. Kirill on

      Not because i want to compare but more like encouragement, if the guys at Outdoor Tech can get their speaker to be IPX6 in everything, you guys can too. extend the funding period maybe because ipx1 id very fragile, 4 is the bare minimum if u plan to use it outside your porch. life happens and you don't want a random fat kids cannonball to ruin your speaker of this quality. also the bluetooth upgrade is a must. id rather pay a bit extra and know my stuff is safe then barely use it cuz im worried all the time. sorry if im being annoying :P