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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
1,083 backers pledged £84,768 to help bring this project to life.

Project overview and what’s next

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

It’s a new year.

We wish you all a happy 2017. For us, it’s a time to reflect on our journey so far.

But before we do that, here’s some other news;

New website - coming soon

For those of you who were not aware about the calamity around losing our domain, we now have a new one. - coming soon

A long story, short.

Despite completing multiple payments in order to renew the domain, somehow our hosting provider accidentally released our domain onto the open market and it was snapped up by one of our Kickstarter backers. We cannot waste time and resources, so we are moving forward with a new domain.

We are no longer accepting pre-orders until we deliver the FS-X to our Kickstarter Backers and existing pre-order customers. For those of you who pre-ordered via our old webshop, don't worry, we have all of your information saved in our database.

We are focusing on shipment. So, let’s talk about the FS-X.

Looking back

The FS-X has had countless versions since starting our Kickstarter project in 2014.

The best way to describe this process is to look at the 5 crucial stages of development.

With stages 1 to 4, a version of the FS-X was released but we struggled with various reliability issues and to make sure performance wouldn’t degrade to the point where units had to be returned. In stage 5, which is now, we have eliminated reliability issues and we are ensuring that the FS-X will be compatible with our technology platform to ensure everyone has access to added benefits and we can guarantee to provide support going forward.

We want to give you a clear understanding of what the main challengers were, why the occurred, and where we are now.

Stage 1: 2014 

Prototypes reviewed as mono speakers during the live Kickstarter project.


To validate our claims of over 100 dB and 50+ hours battery life (deemed impossible at that time).


Positive reviews from reputable sources such as HiFi World.

We successfully met our objectives and achieved what we had claimed. However, at this stage we worked with a low volume of products in order to individually handcraft each speaker. This allowed us to move forward into testing speakers built using mass-production techniques.

Unfortunately, following rigorous testing, it became clear that a mass-produced FS-X was not a simple task and we needed more time to perfect it. We encountered severe reliability issues traced to certain components. These included; incorrect values (parts were unable to fulfil their full potential) and a large inconsistency in batches of these components (some were very good, some were very poor).

We also began testing the FS-X as a stereo pair, which again created some unexpected challenges.

These problems led to the first serious delay. We were forced to revisit our original design and adapt it to ensure that the FS-X could be reliably mass produced as well as having stereo functionality.

Stage 2: 2015 

First look backers receive stereo prototypes in a Special Edition Carrycase.


To demonstrate the claims outlined in earlier reviews, and clearly demonstrate that the FS-X can work in stereo mode without exhausting the battery life.


Although the FS-X showed great potential, field testing revealed further unanticipated issues. These included; bugs in the hardware and additional reliability problems.

We had also received user feedback at this time suggesting the button sequence was confusing and unintuitive and we were taking steps in order to improve this.

Stage 3: 2016 

A ‘second look’ for some independent reviews with adjustments and improvements promised after feedback from the first look.


To carry out further field testing to confirm we had resolved issues before we published independent reviews. Eliminate on-going reliability issues. And finally, begin shipment of the first batch.


Again, a positive and promising response – but not the home run we had hoped for.

We sent out units to several reviewers before the backers. This caused a minority of backers to become frustrated with us. We took this on board and took action by cancelling the publications of over 10 reviews.

We also sent some updated units to first look backers to see if we had successfully addressed their issues. Please see below to review feedback at this stage.


Stage 4: 2016 

All issues resolved to our knowledge. Focus entirely on the delivery of the first batch.


To go full steam ahead and test our supply routes and delivery processes.


The first batch was a vital step towards refining the supply chain process and testing our delivery routes. We tested all areas of Europe, including some rural areas of Russia with successful results.

With photography and video evidence coming in from all channels, we were confident that this was it. As we confidently prepared mass scale units and packaging, reviewers and first batch backers began to provide us with disappointing feedback.

Reviewer feedback suggested that many speakers had since lost the ability to connect with each other and the playtime had degraded. This was shortly followed by return requests from a few of our first batch backers.

Backers then began to report similar reliability issues to those we had encountered at the ‘first look’ models stage. We had made the speakers more reliable, but still not reliable enough.

At this point, we faced a difficult decision – continue with the speakers as they were, and risk returns and unhappy backers, or once again work to improve the design to produce more reliable, mass-produced units. We chose the latter.

Advancements in technology:

Between waiting for improved components, we have always remained on top of advancements in audio technology which opened up possibilities to expand our range of products, in addition to and incorporating the FS-X.

Since the start of our Kickstarter campaign, our technology had improved significantly. While delays were unfortunate, they did bring two unexpected benefits with them. The first enabled us to implement improved hardware, software, and functionality to the FS-X. The second was that we could incorporate relevant parts of our new technology into the FS-X and support your units far into the future.

It is difficult to say whether an average product with reliability issues would have been less damaging to our reputation than severe delays. But we are confident that our advanced, final version of the FS-X will help to repair the damage.

Here is an interesting idea put forward by one of our Kickstarter backers:

Our community appears to be a mix between mainstream shoppers i.e. people who would have been happier purchasing a speaker from Amazon, they want results immediately. And early adopters i.e. people who are investing in this for the innovation, to be a part of something new and unavailable on the market today.

In hindsight, this was a result of our team being perhaps a little too optimistic when developing our timeline. For future projects, we will ensure to keep this as well as every other aspect of this project in mind when producing timelines.

Stage 5: Where we are now


To finalise upgrading the FS-X to our new technology platform, which is compatible with newer phone and streaming technology.

To deliver all rewards and pre-orders.

To recall, upgrade, and replace the first batch.

What next?

We are currently completing the final version of the FS-X.

We know we have damaged our reputation and we need to make amends. But this project will not run into a 3rd year.

All the best, 

The Frankenspiel Team


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    1. Got scammed by KS on

      No updates? Nice scam

    2. Oliver Münk on

      I don't get the speaker
      what can I do?

    3. Zooik on

      Can Kickstarter check the logs when they actually logged into this page last time to have a look? Scammers...

    4. Missing avatar

      Tobias Pfalzgraf on

      @Hagen Gerlach: got mine _REALLY_ years ago :) they got some bugs, but over all, they work!

    5. HAgen GErlach on

      hello everyone! Just wonder if the guys still trying to produce the speaker and if someone got one already? Its June 2018.... thanks for info!

    6. Missing avatar

      Ivan on

      No speaker yet

    7. Missing avatar

      arn on

      Well .... where are my speakers ? I paid for two.

    8. ES - Chef of Phoenix Rising

      "But this project will not run into a 3rd year." will run into 4 years instead.
      I know I will never receive this speaker, but I'm curious what the excuse is for them finally abandoning the project.

    9. Missing avatar

      Orrin Bocher on

      So, 1 year later and we haven't heard a word. You are thieves disguising yourselves as good guys. You have 100% soured my experience with KickStarter and as can be seen by my backing history, I have stopped backing projects a while ago. Thanks to you guys and KickStarter. It seems to be a trickle down effect (or perhaps somehow trickle up). KickStarter cares just as much as their campaigners. What's most important is that they all get our money and we get nothing for it.

    10. Albert So on

      One of the first projects that I backed on kickstarter and 25 kickstarters later (which have all delivered, even the battery and backpack one that was 3 years late) I'm still waiting on this one. Plus no updates, I'm finally writing this one off (and I actually believed that these guys would deliver. Fat chance)

    11. John Sant on

      hehe... still waiting

    12. Mike Howens on

      Still no update, Kickstarter should refund all backers

    13. Missing avatar

      Ervin Shaun Atrillano on

      So what's the update now?

    14. Sven Hanl on

      Sehr schade das nicht passiert, so hat man sicher keine Lust mehr irgendwas hier zu unterstützen ... was ein Dreckslade :(

    15. Brent Moreno on

      Hmmm awful quiet from the crew. I mean seriously. You guys have ruined Kickstarter for me. Second item I’ve spent over $100 on and never saw a product.

    16. Lee Gibson on

      Do you think there will be another update within the year? About time Kickstarter was charged with aiding and abetting in fraud considering their cut of this.

    17. Lee Gibson on

      So those monthly updates they promised...
      Not going to happen is it...

    18. Sami Kuhmonen on

      Kickstarter replied to me and said they have contacted the creator again and they cannot do anything since it's all about the creator etc.

      I once again said that there is no point in them having any rules on the site if breaking them is not enforced in any way. They got their money, they don't care any further. Probably pressed a button and didn't even care if the creator replied. Not their problem.

      No point in using Kickstarter until they start holding creators responsible.

    19. John H. Halpern, M.D.

      I meant to take a photo of a guy who looked like David selling peanuts with a monkey on the street. He needs to earn enough this way so he can pay off a shipping fee for our speakers. He had to economize and so now the speakers will be housed in a special Mexican adobe recipe he learned while cleaning horse stables. I think the marketing angle is "we source our parts internally."

    20. Lee Gibson on

      No we didn't want the speakers immediately, but within a year or two would have been good.
      You could have sent out kits and I would have built it myself in that amount of time, hell I should have kept the kit you sent and fixed the issues for you.

    21. Lee Gibson on

      I wish I hadn't returned the review pair, even though one of them broke.
      At least I would have got something.

    22. Edward Wilcox on

      Lets see... we are over half way into 2017 and still no new update.... lets call this a dead project and another kickstarter project that was a scam.

    23. Hong Shao Yang on

      All the Creator had to do was provide photos of production in order to get his website back. Instead, he forms a new webpage.
      I'm happy to see more reporting by the Creator. I also stand by my review that he re-posted (again) in this update.
      Can we please have photos of production?
      Can we please have a specific timeline?

    24. Missing avatar

      Peter Johnstone on

      Hi, i wish i knew what the Frankenspiel was like, as i still have not recieved my funding reward! !!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Tyler Freeman on

      Hey, at least it looks like he finally got tired of lying to us? That's something, right?

    26. HAgen GErlach on

      Former President: Yes we can!
      Frankespiel: Yes we can!
      Results? unsufficent!

    27. Missing avatar

      Mads Bendixen on

      "We know we have damaged our reputation and we need to make amends. But this project will not run into a 3rd year." - Mission failed!

    28. Zooik on

      And they left with the money

    29. Martin on

      @Marucs So the third year is now over. Perhaps that means, the campaign is over now and there is othing more to see here.

    30. Marcus Sundman on

      "this project will not run into a 3rd year"
      It's now May 2017, which means the project is currently in its 4th year.

    31. Pitt Pirrotte on

      Me the same - excited and now very deceived. Bring it on or call it dead!

    32. Icy Dong on

      I was very excited when I back the project three years ago... which now looked like a joke
      May I know if I can naively believe I can get back my money?

    33. Sami Kuhmonen on

      So, any update on "will not go into third year"?

      Reporting to Kickstarter, once again...

    34. Martin on

      "It's dead, Jim" - Dr. Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy

    35. Tom Salmans on

      You guyes stole a lot of backers money. You are a shame for Kickstarter!

    36. Missing avatar

      Mads Bendixen on

      2 months since the last update. There's no way in hell you can repair your "reputation" after this.

    37. Matthew Dearden on

      You suck. You stole a lot of money. Your a scam artist. I challenge you to prove me wrong (4 years no speaker). Kickstarter these guys make you look bad.

    38. Henrik Norberg on

      "To validate our claims of over 100 dB and 50+ hours battery life (deemed impossible at that time)."

      At this time it seems even more impossible, since we have 0dB at 0- hours battery life.

    39. André Tinga a.k.a. Mr. Cobra on

      The clock is stil ticking, and so it became march 2017....

    40. Lee Gibson on

      Lets make this simple.
      Where are my speakers?
      I will be starting proceedings to recover my money, when the banks come knocking on your door wanting the money paid to you back then you will find this is an issue.

    41. Missing avatar

      Luke Pierce on

      These updates provide paragraphs and pictures, mountains of words and graphics that say absolutely nothing concrete or tangible. If only they would put that much effort into actually delivering some sort of product.

    42. Tiben on

      Thank you for this update!

    43. Missing avatar

      Ben Hubbard on

      Safe to say, still no speakers...

    44. LordMatsu on

      I still haven't received my speakers either :/

    45. Ahmad Nasrallah on

      3 years passed yet i get nothing!!!

    46. Matthew Dearden on

      3 years later I now talk to my speakers and it plays my music around the house without me even getting my phone out or pushing any buttons. (I bought and referbed a house since I backed this)

      I have accepted the fact that you have scammed me and everyone else. Your business name is beyond repair as are your speakers and reputation.

      You missed your window of opportunity to create a great business that could of set you up for life. I just hope you feel some kind of guilt for scamming people's hard earned cash.

      PS. Don't bother posting empty updates. Your just making yourself look like a tit.