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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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Moving Forward - A Message from the Creator

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

As you may already know, we have had a rocky month. However we are moving forward.

We have to maintain high energy levels to focus on project completion while at the same time reading the many comments and messages we get, basically accusing the project of being a scam, and dealing with personal attacks and threats to numerous pre-existing home addresses from a small group in our community.

The FS-X is real. Please ask yourselves, “why else would we continue to share updates (totalling 115 today)?" If this was truly a scam, we would have disappeared to the fabled desert island, a long time ago.

So, why are we still going?

It has never been exclusively about making a profit. Most Kickstarter projects are lucky to break even, and for this one we have been operating at a significant loss since 2015. We are continuing to do this for many reasons. The reason most relevant to you is because without Kickstarter, we simply wouldn’t have had the opportunity to bring our product to the market.

We have had difficulties as outlined in recent updates but we are still working hard on bringing you outstanding speakers - as fast as we can. Our sole focus in these coming weeks will be to progress with shipment.

Current status

We have respecified components that gave us reliability problems, and have now redesigned our board. However, we have hit a delay with our manufacturer and we can't get a firm date on when this component will be put into production - we're doing everything we can to make this happen in early January. To anticipate the obvious question, all of the other components are ready for final assembly.

We know how frustrating this is for you, please imagine what it's like for us! We've invested everything into our dream - both financially and in our hearts. We are still here, fighting to produce a world class speaker, [it has been a rocky road, we hold our hands up, we have made, and continue to make, mistakes] please continue be patient.

Our next update will be published in January. We are doing our best to prepare sneak previews of the new tech and visual evidence of progress with our manufacturers.


Finally, I know some of you are asking for refunds. I'm sure you all know how crowdfunding campaigns work and we are simply not able to offer any Kickstarter backers a refund because funds have been used to develop the product to where it is at today and to fulfill the orders. Please do stop requesting a refund. We will ship you your product.

For those of you who have already received your rewards, we will be in touch in January to organise how we can upgrade your speakers to the new platform at no extra cost.

All the best, 

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Gjerdem on

      I am loving, it is worth a visit under its new management.

      Warning: Might make you angry.

    2. Gustav Öst on

      "we have had a rocky month", LOL.
      Not like anything has ever worked out since the start.
      Can't believe I have to spell this out. The reason why people are mad is because it's obvious lies when you have three weeks to final delivery and the next update is redesigns...
      If three weeks are left and you have nothing physical to show for and you are about to redesign, the writing has been on the wall for a while, a long while.
      PEOPLE DON'T LIKE BEING LIED TO. It's like one of their least favourite things.
      I haven't made the site but if someone wants a summary i recommend
      I used to wildly swing from this being a scam and this being just managed in the most appalling way possible. I now enter a new phase. Maybe... just maybe... Is it indeed both!?
      Is it a scam that is managed in the most appalling way possible?

    3. Sami Kuhmonen on

      I still don't want anything else than what I pledged. I don't want a new design. I don't want a future proof speaker. I want the ones I pledged for.

      And why would you keep updates coming if you never intended to deliver? Because that way you can keep Kickstarter believing you're doing something and they won't kick your behinds.

      No, I still don't believe anything you say. Just quit it already and admit it. Nothing's ever coming. It's all a lie. Please just once be truthful. Just once. I know you can do it.

    4. JB on

      I want a refund

    5. Missing avatar

      Muggins on

      Oh. And I'm done with this crap. Bye bye.

    6. Missing avatar

      Muggins on

      I'll keep this brief as possible.
      Yes I've said some things here (some very rude things!) that I regret. And for that I apologise. I will say this however. Let's go back to the start of this campaign: this was a product that was "ready to go", all you needed was funds to put it into production and make [your dream?] real. Since then you have informed us of endless problems regarding the fundamental design of the speaker that needed a re-design, then a further re-design that needed further improvement that required further development that needed further re-design.

      This is my point - you lied from day one and took our money: this project was never good-to-go. That you suffered production problems was perhaps to be expected (to a degree) but the fundamental issue was the speaker was never production ready.

      [The excuse that speakers have improved during the delay and therefore you have had to improve the design to compete in the market is risible. We paid for the speaker as spec'd]

    7. Crispin

      Yes, like others here I think the alternating "they're on the way to the warehouse" with "back to redesign" reasons given to be suspicious, ridiculous, hopeless, unprofessional, ineffective, etc.

      It would be nice to receive these, but after 2.5 years I have to say my expectations of getting them to be zero at this point.

    8. Laurence Freedman on

      Call me gullible, mislead, or just plain stupid, but I still believe in the FS-X. I've seen a lot of scams on KS, and been the one who sadly helped to fund a few. Personally, I'm willing to wait if it means being one of the first to own a pair of the supposed "fake speakers." To the group of people who operate Frankenspiel, keep in there (though I do agree with a few that photos of the components you already have is a necessity if you hope to renew any morale in the project).

    9. Michael Carr on

      For the commenters saying stuff about preorders from the website. You obviously don't look at it very often. Through sheer incompetence frankenspiel lost control of it and a backer @maandag got it and is posting the updates and the bullshit were fed on a not so regular basis directly to the website. So anyone going there can't preorder however if they dig a bit further they could preorder from the other site creative genesis I think it's called Again well done @maandag

    10. Missing avatar

      Gjerdem on

      Translation: "People keep bugging me so I have to keep pretending this exists".

      The updates vary wildly from "speakers ready in warehouse" to "need to redesign" and anywhere in between.

      It's dead. But please do keep pestering this lying so-and-so, the updates are still funny.

    11. bazpoint on

      Maybe a scam, maybe not a scam but just a horribly mismanaged mess. Either way, there is no money left, so it's utterly pointless to keep going on about refunds. Even if they did have speakers to send us, I very much doubt they have the funds to even send out the parcels. Unless a whole bunch of suckers throw good money after bad for pre-orders on their website, the project is dead.
      I can't quite believe there are commenters on this thread still believing and criticising us regulars for being negative. I wish I could meet some of you, I have a lovely bridge I could sell you!
      If Frankenspiel really wanted to shut us up, or at least quieten us down, how about some photos? They've just stated all the components except for the boards are ready. Photos then? Photos of cases? Photos of components? Not just one or two, but the hundreds of them that supposedly exist? No? No, I thought not, because it's all a fiction.

    12. Missing avatar

      Wolfgang G. on

      We've seen pictures in the past, and some got their speakers - this is no scam.
      Although they had a lot of problems, I really honor that they still go on - it would be much easier to jump the ship, as some other kickstarters did. I hope for us and for them that this looong chapter can be closed soon and they can go on, finally earning some money with their hard work.
      Anyone who can't understand these problems they faced: just don't invest in technology kickstarter projects. This is not for you.

    13. Missing avatar

      Joris Geurts van Kessel on

      Please stop lying Mr. Frankenspiel. Do you really think we still believe any of it ? You can keep my money and my speakers I hope you have fun with them. Scammer.

    14. Edward Wilcox on

      I am not shocked by this news. In prior communications you should have been more transparent and said it isn't ready for shipping or I don't see a reason why it can't be shipped in Nov. So we won't being seeing this speaker anytime soon huh? Share some bloody photos please. FYI I have two projects that will never be delivered and are so hopelessly out of date but they still update every so often with fake messages. I hope you are not the same.. Aka agent Smartwatch and a pen mouse... Still have hope on this one and arist espresso machine. At least arist is going to ces...

    15. Missing avatar

      ananias on

      ah come on. how many more fake messages are you going to write? Just refund everybody and move on. We should maybe also consider legal actions.... I have bought another speaker long ago since you are not delivering.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sungmin Kim on

      additionally I post the series of your scam message. ( it's summarized by @maandag.)

      oct 12 2016
      I know that many of you are disappointed that we have experienced significant delays with this project, and we are very sorry to have let you down. However, I want to reassure you that we are still working hard on bringing you outstanding speakers ... We are now working as fast as we can to deliver all units by November 2016.
      sep 14 2016
      We will be a few weeks late on delivering the final batch
      aug 17 2016
      We recognize that from an outsider's point of view, our recent updates come across slightly mad. We appreciate that you may find what we are doing hard to understand, but there is method to our madness.
      jul 20 2016
      There are no reasons why we shouldn’t be able to deliver in early September 2016.
      may 25 2016
      We can now confidently announce a deadline for shipment: JULY 2016
      april 27 2016
      We regret to inform you that we have had to push back shipment of the final batch for another 4 weeks
      april 6 2016
      We are pushing towards shipment for the final batch. We need another 2 to 3 weeks until we can return with a timeframe for delivery.
      dec 16 2015
      Our team is working very hard on shipment and we will be working as many days as possible over the festive periods. Of course we will try, but it is unlikely that we will be able to ship before Christmas.
      oct 21 2015
      Here are our estimates for final delivery from our warehouses, to you:
      1st batch 16th to 30th November
      2nd batch 1st to 18th December
      may 6 2015
      July: Delivery of all units to backers
      Mar 5 2015
      Mid april to 4th may: Delivery of units to backers
      dec 1 2014
      We are sorry to say that we won’t be able to deliver the FS-X before Christmas. Although we will be in production before Christmas and although we will do everything in our power to get your units to you ASAP, it’s not certain we can ship the units before the New Year. For this reason, we prefer to say that shipment will begin January 2015.
      sep 24 2014
      Coming soon to a warehouse near you, hundreds of FS-X speakers! ...
      As we speak, our team is preparing the warehouses from where your orders will be fulfilled...
      Sadly we’ve got another slight delay, this time with our production partner. They are very busy in the run-up to Christmas, working with many other products of other manufacturers and have had to put our production back a few days ... However, in brighter news, we have no more tech problems. Hooray!
      sep 3 2014
      We're pleased to give you a shipping date ... Our production partner is now in a position to begin final assembly and does not expect any further hold ups. They will start shipping at the end of this month.
      jul 28 2014
      We're throwing you a party!
      To say thanks for all of your support over the last few months, we're throwing you a party, here in London, UK to celebrate the success of the FS-X Kickstarter project.
      jul 27 2014
      Unfortunately we have had to postpone the production run which was planned for this last week.
      june 2 2014
      the feedback from our team is that no issues have immerged which could affect the shipping date

    17. Missing avatar

      Sungmin Kim on

      Shut up! I just want refund.
      How long do I have to believe your scam message?
      your today's update messages are exactly same with that messages two years ago.

      So, Shut up! I just want refund.

    18. Missing avatar

      Mike D on

      The continued updates are to create an illusion for the pre-orders you still offer on your site. That is the answer i get when I ask myself.

      Since this campaign, I have purchase a nice set of bookshelf speakers for my house, and a ue megaboom for on the go. I made up my mind 2 years ago that this speaker was never coming and i am extremely happy with my other purchases. With that said, I would love to be proven wrong and eat my words.

    19. Dragonbait

      Chris summed up my thought exactly.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey E. Cahhal on

      Thank you, Frankenspiel, for this most needed update. While I do feel that you have made MANY mistakes through this campaign in both product delivery and full disclosure of information, I believe what you said, that if you were truly trying to scam us you would have disappeared long ago. Keep working away and we look forward to the next communication (or possibly delivery?) in January!

    21. Chris on

      Thanks for the update. Very humble post. For what it's worth I don't believe it is a scam and I do believe in the end I will get a great product. Yes it's been a long time but the reaction from some people on here are just absolutely abusive and uncalled for. Looking forward to the photos and receiving the speakers.

    22. Georg Torstenson on

      I think we are part of a psychological experiment. And this makes me feel quite good!

    23. Frederic Detienne on

      I really appreciate your updates. Yes, they are scarce, lack some practical info and there has been a million problems and delays but I respect that you did not vanish like others would do.

      A little early but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope 2017 will finally bring you success.

    24. Missing avatar

      Mads Bendixen on

      "The FS-X is real. Please ask yourselves, “why else would we continue to share updates (totalling 115 today)?" If this was truly a scam, we would have disappeared to the fabled desert island, a long time ago."

      Because we see no evidence of any progress. It's just goes around in circles with your updates and no proof. From "soon shipping" back to "manufactoring" or similar status. You're not being honest with us and than is what pisses people off. It's been 2,5 years since the estimated delivery back in July 2014.

    25. Tom Hancock on

      You could easily put a lot of backers minds at ease by sharing some photos of *anything*, cases, hardware, production line, whatever!

      This update is completely empty,

      I honestly don't know why you continue to update, why not just write a post mortem of what went wrong, and draw a line under this whole thing?


    26. Peter J on

      WTF? From a delivery date in november back 12 steps to manufacturing?!
      What are you doing? Stop making crap up and be honest! Or get your "team" to read from the same page; Get it together!