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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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1st batch out for delivery! Final batch coming soon

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

We can confirm that a few first batch rewards have been delivered in France, Austria, Netherlands, and Germany. For other countries, they are out on delivery.

Thanks to backer, Roms, for posting photos on Imgur of his delivery.

Some of you have also received tracking numbers, we are working with our partners to distribute tracking numbers to all backers in the first batch.


During the festive season in China, it is common for factories to shut down. It will take us a little while longer to reorganise our partners, reassemble our supply chain, and get things moving again for the final batch.

We are saddened to delay shipment for the final backers but we are pleased we were able to deliver a small percentage beforehand. The first batch was a vital step towards refining the supply chain and testing delivery routes.

Your next progress update will be no later than 2 weeks from now, Wednesday 2nd March.

All the best, 

The Frankenspiel Team


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    1. Tom Salmans on

      #277 but never had a shipment code, mail or something like that! I would like to receive my Frankspiel!

    2. Rob Sánchez on

      ???ADDRESS CHANGE???
      ???ADDRESS CHANGE???
      ???ADDRESS CHANGE???
      ???ADDRESS CHANGE???
      ???ADDRESS CHANGE???
      ???ADDRESS CHANGE???
      ???ADDRESS CHANGE???

    3. Missing avatar

      Rommel on

      when will i get my speaker

    4. Per-Ingemar Andersson on

      I just received a tracking id :)

    5. Joscha Haering on

      Hey Roms,
      thanks for letting us know that you're real ;-)
      But I'm sure you understand why all of us are still sceptical. So first batch seems to be ready. The rest comes in a few months...

    6. Per-Ingemar Andersson on

      Backer #90 in tracking id received :/

    7. Missing avatar

      Tyler Freeman on

      Hey took, its time for your (bi) weekly update full of lies!

      Frankenspiel announces they have now delivered the only units of the speaker that have ever existed and will enter further radio silence until all of you go away.

      the October 14th announcement's 1000 units that they spend 4 months preparing shipment on don't exist and never did. If they did, they'd be lying about preparing shipment instead of lying about having to wait for the festive season in china to end.

      See you all in two weeks for more lies!

    8. Martin on

      @roms: other backers also posted photos of their speakers in the main comment section. So I guess something is really happening. I keep hoping and waiting.

    9. Missing avatar

      Roms on

      @Joscha & @Martin, I love the conspiracy theory stuff :-) I could try and argue that I actually am a real person and backer, but I'll just let you wonder

    10. Joscha Haering on

      The Photos on imgur have been uploaded 1 hour before this update was postet. I don't want to be the anti-guy all the time but this looks a little bit strange to me.
      But good for you that it's chinese new year and you have a reason why the shipping and production is delayed! ;-)

    11. Missing avatar

      Emma Halliday on

      How do I change my address - I have sent an message but it's not been answered....

    12. Martin on

      A photo of the shipping sticker on the box would be nice, to see that the box was actually shipped by a logistics company. Name, address, tracking number, etc may be blacked out of course. Without that, one could assume the photos above were made by Frankenspiel themselves.

    13. Missing avatar


      What about the other colors? As I said before, happy to take black if you're having troubles doing the other colors

    14. Dragonbait

      My worry is that I have moved addresses since the backer kit was locked down due to the delays, and they still haven't responded to my messages about my new address!

    15. John H. Halpern, M.D.

      Wow... this update is filled with vagueness that telegraphs a LOT LONGER WAIT is in store for everyone else... How long? Who knows! I guess not even Frankenspiel knows. I am glad to see that some backers are receiving speakers... I hope we do hear positive feedback on the FS-X from more than just me now. In the meantime, gosh this update reads ominously... No timeline? No ability to confirm a date certain by which all those speakers will ship? How about by the end of Summer 2016? Or how about by no later than Christmas Eve 2016? Something/anything would be better than vague apologies of delay that backers already knew on their own or were able to predict. Still... this does appear to be an important turning point for delivery to your Backers and on that front CONGRATULATIONS!

    16. Marsha Tyszler

      Can anyone confirm where the email confirmation is sent from? Is it from a Frankenspiel email address, the carrier, or the fulfillment company? I just want to know the exact email to make certain it doesn't go to my spam folder (AOL is temperamental like that, lol).

      I look forward to getting and reviewing mine. I'll post a link for all to see. I'd love to hear some reaction from people who've received theirs! Thanks!

    17. Chris Means

      I look forward to getting my speaker...and liking it so much I buy more.

    18. Fernando Jasso

      Hi Frankenspiel,

      I emailed you back on Feb 5th regarding my shipping address change, however never received any confirmation it has been updated and I can't change it on backerkit because survey is locked down. I need to update my shipping address, as I will be moving at the end this month February 29th. I have sent my new shipping address via private message via kickstarter and your website.

      Backer # 486

    19. Rob Sánchez on

      ???ADDRESS CHANGE???
      ???ADDRESS CHANGE???
      ???ADDRESS CHANGE???
      ???ADDRESS CHANGE???
      ???ADDRESS CHANGE???
      ???ADDRESS CHANGE???
      ???ADDRESS CHANGE???

    20. Missing avatar

      Gjerdem on

      So the rest of the speakers haven't even been built yet.

    21. Peter J on

      "first batch was a vital step towards refining the supply chain and testing delivery routes"
      Haven't you built and sold speakers before?!

    22. Jason Emery, Jester of Valoria on

      Wow, this has been a crazy ride. I suspect everyone has learned a lot from this experience, not the least of which is the Frankenspiel team.

      I'm still waiting for a few other kick starters from around this time to ever ship. If they ever do. But that's how it goes. More of a social experiment.

      On the whole, though, Kickstarters have proven to be excellent 'investments'. I'm playing with my newly-arrived Dwarven Forge tiles right now, warm at night with the BedJet while sleeping on a Zotto. What a bizarre way to buy things, though. Patience is key. :D

    23. Stevens on

      Backer #87 from The Netherlands, nothing here yet.

    24. Rudy Stoffers on

      Here in the Netherlands... Nothing... No package, no tracking nummer...

    25. thomas on


      My backers number is 180, when is my frankenspiel getting shipt

      greetings thomas

    26. Missing avatar

      Bjarte Odin Kvamme on

      I can confirm that I have recieved a shipping number, estimated delivery date is tomorrow. Will post some feedback then. Now I am just waiting for my other speakers (ordered from their website), as I don't expect them to be shipped in the first batch!