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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
1,083 backers pledged £84,768 to help bring this project to life.

1st batch

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

The 1st batch arrived in our warehouse yesterday, here are a few photos of how they are delivered to us. To save space, cost and for maximum protection we have and will be shipping them in our carrycases.

We have experienced 0 breakages but to further safeguard your rewards, we will be using our special packaging when shipping to you over the next few days.

In our last update we commented that the first batch of 100 units will iron out any unexpected issues in the delivery process. This was planned so that we could test run all of the elements in the supply chain before beginning to send larger quantities. It turned out there were a few problems, this resulted in the goods taking longer to reach our warehouse.

In spite of the issues, we have learnt from what we might call, the ‘preliminary scout’ to test the route. We have now corrected issues with our partners and the revisions we have had to make should ensure the system is robust from now on. Our next shipment will be bulk quantities.

Your next update will be no later than 2 weeks from now, Wednesday 2nd February.

All the best, 

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Edward Wilcox on

      Or... is this just the first 100? That were supposed to have been shipped?

    2. Missing avatar

      Darius Zaerin on

      what assholes. that is all

    3. Ben Hodgson on

      Also worth noting "we have and will be shipping them in our carrycases". This implies some have already been shipped. Anyone received theirs?


    4. Missing avatar

      Alister Perrott on

      I don't see how you can claim to have ironed out all the issues in the delivery process when you haven't actually delivered any speakers to your backers.

    5. John H. Halpern, M.D.

      Update 98 did appear to show more cases than 48 on pallets maybe still in China as well as thin outer blank white paper's appalling how disorganized this all is. WHAT HAPPENED TO ANY SEMBLANCE OF A TIMELINE???

    6. John H. Halpern, M.D.

      Btw the photos show a total of 48 cases. And that means they allegedly ship then with no actual printed box? Ya know...the stuff you see on the outside on a retail shelf that is usually thrown away but quite necessary especially as advertising? With every update the opacity increases.

      Next update: "we are experiencing a further delay as we intend to construct the outer shipping boxes in-house to surround the cases. It will take time to put a proper crease in the cardboard by hand and we aren't very good at origami construction of an actual three dimensional box so do bear with us..."

    7. Patrick Okane on

      i will have to write this speaker in my will so maybe my future unborn child can get use out of its taking that long to deliver

    8. Lee Gibson on

      @creator - So you're now giving everyone speaker cases for free? In which case would you like to refund me the money I paid to get the speaker cases!

    9. Danny Dierickx on

      Yes! My analysis of the photos in update 98 was correct, the boxes were still in China. That explains a lot about the absence of photos in previous updates... The factory in China was unable to supply photos because of lack of units.
      These photos look more like the boxes are in the EU/UK. (?)
      As i read the update, the FS-X's are already in the carrycases, as shipped from China. And supposedly none of the FS-X's broke during transport. (0 breakages)
      So the issues they encountered during shipment.... I can only suppose they were held up at the duties office. (huh huh he said "duty")
      Lets see how long it takes for them to ship the boxes from were they are now, to the first 100 backers. (but actually less as some ordered 2)

    10. Missing avatar

      Mike D on

      I'm not mad... I'm disappointed.

    11. Marcus Sundman on

      David has been a couple of weeks, or even a couple of days, away from shipping. In the last update they were already shipping. In this update they are a few days away from shipping, in 2 weeks they will provide exact shipping dates shortly, and 2 weeks after that they will be shipping very soon, etc. These same lies have continued since the very beginning.
      Here are some highlights from the 1st year:

      May 5, 2014
      "Successfully raised £84,768 with 1,083 backers"

      July 14, 2014
      "we are still on schedule to deliver [...] by the end of July, exact dates to be confirmed shortly."

      Jul 27 2014
      "we have had to postpone the production run which was planned for this last week"

      Aug 8 2014
      Launch Party

      Aug 18 2014
      "We are still unable to give a precise date, but we are now only a few days away from being able to do so. We have been doing intensive testing of the electronics circuits to ensure no repeat of overheating occurs, and that your FS-Xs encounter no long term reliability problems. These tests are going well and are almost complete."

      Sep 3 2014
      "We're pleased to give you a shipping date."
      "The evaluation and thorough testing of the new components has now been completed and we couldn't be more satisfied with the results. Our production partner is now in a position to begin final assembly and does not expect any further hold ups. They will start shipping at the end of this month."

      Sep 24 2014
      "we are now planned for the first week of October"
      "However, in brighter news, we have no more tech problems."

      Oct 7 2014
      "Our team has been working hard organising and preparing these warehouses in the last few weeks and are standing by"

      Nov 17 2014
      "The Integration of the software update to the Bluetooth chip is complete and is now in final testing."

      Dec 1 2014
      "we will be in production before Christmas"

      Dec 15 2014
      "we will be in production before Christmas"

      Dec 29 2014
      "We are however still on track to ship in January 2015."

      Feb 19 2015
      "April: Delivery of all FS-X units from China"

      Mar 30 2015
      "April: Delivery of all FS-X units from China"

      Apr 17 2015
      "we haven’t been able to send all the units from China to our Amsterdam warehouse yet"

      Apr 22 2015
      "the final units have gone into pre-production and we are expecting to receive some solid dates shortly"

      May 27 2015
      "May: Completing pre-production and build of units for test & review"
      "May: Delivery of all components to Amsterdam warehouse"
      "June: Final assembly of all FS-X units from components"

      Jun 3 2015
      "the final stages of the project in China have been progressing well"
      "June: Final assembly of all FS-X units from components"

      Jun 24 2015
      "We’re moving onto the final few weeks of the project and everything is coming to a close!"
      "June: Final assembly of all FS-X units from components"

    12. Marcus Sundman on

      @Tyler, on the 14th of July 2014(!) David wrote that they were about to ship ALL the speakers in 2 weeks. David is a compulsive liar. The updates are completely pointless, because they are so clearly just lies upon lies.

    13. Missing avatar

      Tyler Freeman on

      Is this a performance art piece?

      On October 7th you said:

      'In September we completed in house testing of 40 line-assembled units with all the new software adjustments and improvements. We are about to ship another batch of 100 and we are currently in the process of updating and testing the first bigger build of another 1000 units.'


    14. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      John I have to say I enjoy reading you get pissed off. The Syd reference too. All good. Thanks!

    15. Gustav Öst on

      It's like a Monty Python thing!
      -Show us pictures of the speakers.
      -Here are pictures of stickers.
      -No, no. Show us pictures of the speakers!
      -Ahhha! YES! Here are pictures of the cases!
      -NO! No! Not the cases! Show us pictures of the bloody speakers!
      -Yes, now I see! Here are several boxes of cases!

    16. John H. Halpern, M.D.

      Minus the photos... This update reads with such potential promise/excitement why I almost was going to write Fyltge "from your lips to God's ears."

      With photos: it reads like a huge grand lie.

      I don't even understand the stuff about shipping problems. Is it that no backers have received any because you forgot to mail them? That definitely seems like a really big problem. Speakers still in China? And no one has a camera over there? Why sabotage yourself with all of us like this again and again and again?

      You should reach out to Adrian Joss. Seriously.

      This is bizarre behavior but what do I know about that? (Ahem... That's called SARCASM!!!). Stop fobbing us off: the truth shall set you free.

      This is indeed the very best KS campaign ever so far with no actual delivery of the backed final product to anyone. But if we backers ever have a Frankenspiel party because so many friendships have started through commiserating about what isn't happening here: amusingly... David and the rest of the alleged Frankenspiel team why I don't think you should show up. Well unless it's like Syd Barrett popping in as a surprise during the recoding of Dark Side of the Moon... Next update please include a photo of the dribble cup under the chin. Is anyone actually home in there? HELLO???

    17. Lewis Purvis on

      Just open a case and show us a unit!? How stupid do you think your backers are? Unreal!

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      god I love these guys, "The Frankenspiel Team". I can just picture a board meeting over there.

      CEO: So, have we shipped yet?
      CTO: Boss, we have had an unfortunate delay from China, it was unavoidable. We'll update you about this no later than 2 weeks from now.
      CFO: Boss, everything is fine with our accounts, although there is a slight delay in filing our books, we should have it all sorted soon, I'll update you no later than 2 weeks from now.
      HR: I have to go write another update (swigs tequila for strength). See you no later than 2 weeks from now.
      CEO: Think I'll go for a swim.

    19. Crispin

      Thanks for the funny comments, guys. I was all frowny and jaw-droppy while reading this update but I had some genuine laughs thanks to your comments.

      Once we move from confusion, disappointment and anger into acceptance, it really does become quite a bizarre-bordering-on-ludicrous situation from a backer perspective, doesn't it?

      I may even miss this banter when the campaign is over... (ha! who am I kidding, this isn't going to end until we reach the Kickstarter maximum updates threshold!) ;o)

    20. Fernando Jasso

      haha :p We're getting cases Yay!!

    21. Missing avatar

      anthony edmonds on

      If you had a product that you were proud of and you had in your possession, would you not want to show it off, instead of a generic box full of generic cases that supposedly house said product??? Just tell us that there are no speakers and stop wasting our time.

    22. Philipp Duswald on

      Haha another funny Wednesday=)

      Why didn't you just open a few of the speakers to show us it is not only empty cases?
      You guys make even the biggest believers questioning the existence of the speakers:D
      (I alrdy accepted my money is gone a long time ago)

    23. Peter J on

      Zero breakages? So, you opened them all to check? Didnt that just undo all the time saved by having them shipped in the case?

      Full of it!


    24. Ben Hodgson on


      I don't think the real speaker I've bought in the two years since I backed you will fit in that carry case unfortunately, but at least I'll have a prop to use when I tell them the story about how hilarious this whole thing has been.

    25. Simon Ho

      wow !!! 100th update !!!!
      but still can't see a photo of the speaker ... ... .. Amazing !!!!

    26. Zombieversteher on

      BTW 100th update nice one ....

    27. Zombieversteher on

      buhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha best Kickstarter ever:D Entertainment every time you guys bring an update that is only telling us there are shipping problems XD.

    28. Joscha Haering on

      Are you serious? Those aren't photos of speakers. The photos only show carrying cases. You're doing the impossible: Losing more trust of the backers with every single update.