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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
1,083 backers pledged £84,768 to help bring this project to life.

Happy New Year! 100 units

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! Thanks for your continued support.

Shipment has started. We are delivering 100 units, it is likely that some of you will receive your rewards before our next update.

This first batch will iron out any issues in our delivery process. We will then ship the rest.

Your next update will be no later than 2 weeks from now, Wednesday 20th January.

All the best, 

The Frankenspiel Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey E. Cahhal on

      Okay, so thirteen days ago one hundred units were supposedly shipped. Has anyone actually received theirs, or was the first shipment destined for Neverland? They said in their last post that some might get their speakers before the next post. Well, that is tomorrow. So has anyone actually received anything yet?

    2. Simon Ho

      next update ... .... sorry there is delay of the 1st batch of shipment ... ..

    3. Andi Gold on

      Just thought about what could be in the next update....
      Shipping issues, need another year for preparation next 100 units.
      I think that they are soldering the pcbs by hand....

    4. Gustav Öst on

      "Shipping has started" sounds a lot like "Preparing for shippment".
      I worked with shipping things. Boxing, labeling and posting 100 things takes a few hours for one person. If it's some sort of complex boxing I could see that it takes a day.
      Shipping of 100 units should be hard to catch between beginning and finishing.
      Unless doing fifty, leave to write update, do the other fifty, go to lunch.

    5. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      Another disappointing update with it being "likely that some of you will receive your rewards before our next update". The next update is potentially two weeks away. Hmmmm....

    6. Dragonbait

      If I'm not in the first 100 I'm going to have to change my delivery address as it is currently going to my office building that is being demolished at the end of the month!

    7. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Forgive me for being cynical. But if @creator had actually wanted to update us surely they'd have said:

      Thanks for all your support, we're getting there!
      - We are going to despatch the first 100 units to iron out any teething problems with shipping then the rest will follow..
      - The first 100 will be chosen by: backer number/random/by country to test logistics.
      - They will be despatched on xx/xx/xxxx
      - They should be received by xx/xx/xxxx (depending on countries/shipping etc)
      - They are being delivered by xx delivery service
      - here's a photo of the 100 units
      - here's a photo of the remainder of the stock!!

      Providing there are no issues we expect to begin shipping the remainder of the units w/c xx/xx/xxxx. If issues are encountered we'll update you asap.

      But no, another vague, unprovable, laughable statement from @creator who is either:
      - the most incompetent person of the year (legend - managed to achieve for 3 years running now.. 2014 through 2016)
      - a creative genius who can design amazing world beating products but who doesn't happen to own a camera and is unable to comprehend the feedback from his devoted public, beset on all sides by maniacal 'preparation for shipping issues' the like of which us backers couldn't even begin to comprehend
      - a liar

    8. Jeff on

      IF this is true (big if) it's not 100 backers (or FIRST 100 backers).. it's 100 UNITS. Unless I'm mistaken, each speaker is a unit. Therefore, in my case, I get 2 units as I backed for a pair.

      If 1 person backed for 100 they would get the whole thing, etc.

    9. Missing avatar

      Craig Trickett on

      Not only did the Oculus Rift come out today and asked me to remortgage the house, but Frankenspiel give good news for the first 100 units.... And I'm back 770. FUCK MY LIFE

    10. Missing avatar

      Tyler Freeman on

      I wouldn't get your hopes up as this is probably just another set of lies. If these exists, they are likely the same 'pre-production' units mentioned in past updates (85-87). I doubt Frankenspiel has the rest of the units finished and I suspect that 2016 will end with Backers still missing their speakers.

      Want to convince us you aren't lying through our teeth?

      1) Post pictures of some of the 1000 finished units, (as requested an immense number of times)

      2) Frankly explain what happened this fall to cause you to completely miss your old shipping dates.

    11. Missing avatar

      maandag on

      Still no picture of a lot of speakers. Till now only pictures of a lot of cardboard and foam inserts.

    12. Chris Means

      Are you shipping in backer order?
      Please do send us tracking #'s.

      Looking forward to finally getting the speaker.

    13. Nicolas BUI on

      At least the wait is almost over :) I hope to receive it in the first batch if the order is respected !

    14. Laurence Freedman on

      For those having problems understanding why they are only sending out 100 units, in ancient times before real tech an army would determine whether a route would work by sending scouts, not the whole army. This is the same idea, they don't want to screw up with a large batch if shipping goes wrong.

    15. Danny Dierickx on

      Ok, so some great news to be heard soon from the first 100 customers...
      And then, hmm, i wonder...
      So , what was that ? About 20 weeks of preparing shipment for 100 units ? And the next batch will be 1000 units. So that's times 10.... Will we now have 200 weeks of preparing shipment for 1000 units ?
      Reversely... 100 units over 20 weeks, that's about 5 units prepared for shipment during a working week.... Preparing shipment is 1 unit per working day ?

    16. Adrian Joss on

      If anyone receives their speakers, please post on the comments page, I might have a hat to eat.

    17. Peter J on

      @David, Are there any tracking numbers involved?

      Anyone care to share whether they received a tracking number?

    18. Chris on

      Come on Kevin Jacoby - How can you not understand this... They are shipping a product for the first time en mass and there may well be problems along the journey from systems to warehouse to consumer, so any problems in doing this with the first 100 can therefore be solved for the rest!

      Anyhow - Great news you have finally started shipping - I can't wait to receive it! Been looking forward to getting it for a long time...Fingers crossed I am one of the first 100 !! :)

    19. Missing avatar

      james on

      wow this was totally unexpected i must say, but as long as there are no issues with the speakers well done i say

      After the launch, maybe the creators would consider posting a comprehensive response/explanation of all the frustrations and set backs? It would go a long way to putting this... extended.... campaign behind it. Full disclosure, water under the bridge and all that.

    20. Michael Carr on

      Hahaha all that preparing shipment to send out 100 units. Don't hold your breath backers. Believe it when I see it. Next update will have some feeble excuse as to why the 100 units have not arrived and they will have to prepare shipment of the rest

    21. Missing avatar

      Kevin Jacoby on

      "This first batch will iron out any issues in our delivery process. We will then ship the rest."

      I don't even understand this...