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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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Seasons greetings! Carrycases & packaging

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

We are pushing towards shipment and we are doing our very best to deliver as soon as possible. We will be working as many days as possible over the festive holidays.

This is our last update before Christmas so we wish you all a fantastic festive holiday and a sincere seasons greetings to you all from the Frankenspiel team.

Here are our new carrycases.

And our foam inserts.

As well as our retail boxes.

We would like to remind everyone that in the late stages of testing, we eradicated a couple of bugs. Some of which involved the LEDs and battery indicator outlined by ‘First Look’ backer, John. H. Halpern, M.D. who received an earlier version of the FS-X. In the last month or so, we have not been able to find time to work with our ‘First Look’ backers but our team have certainly appreciated the commentary throughout the project. We look forward to talking with you all again soon.

Last week we commented on communication issues in China that have resulted in further delay and misunderstandings. The technical struggle for reliability through research and development is the dominant, root cause, what has followed are the symptoms.

We do also recognise that the detail in our updates has been scarce lately. This is because we are all working very hard on shipment and our efforts have been focused towards delivering as soon as physically possible. The fact is, our team is smaller now. This is because of tech issues and the subsequent need to finance a much longer period than we foresaw (while at the same time maintaining ongoing R&D for upcoming products). This means we have had to tighten belts.

For this reason, frequent, weekly updates do not seem to be benefiting either parties so we have decided to go back to posting updates every 2 weeks.

Your next update will be no later than 2 weeks from now, Wednesday 6th January.

All the best,

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Piotr Kula on

      I ordered one via the website too. Going to make a claim from my Credit Card today because this project is photos of random boxes. If anybody interested in suing Frankenspiel let me know, I am in UK an will be doing some legal paper work. Why, because they signed terms and conditions and we are entitled to refunds. This is just taking the piss now (all they did was throw a big party in London with out cash) Time for accountability.

    2. Danny Dierickx on

      I bet this campaign is being run entirely out of China (1st photo, hand). Look at that wall and stairs (3rd photo), look at the street (last photo).
      Somehow i can't believe those are photos taken in a "warehouse" here in EU.
      I don't believe delivery will be before summer 2016.

    3. Missing avatar

      Muggins on

      David, your hands are so lady-like!

    4. Krakucas on

      Pledged for an "early bird special" with an estimated delivery date on July 2014. To date (December 30, 2015), I have not received anything!!!!!! I have been hoping twice for a "special" Christmas gift"... Hopefully I'll receive it before Xmas 2016. Happy New Year guys!!

    5. Marcus Sundman on

      @Jason, except that we have NOT been given ANYTHING to observe. The only thing we've seen is that David has been lying to us and keeping information from us. You already knew that such practice is bad before this project started, so that didn't teach you anything.

      If David had even half a brain he would share with us lots and lots of details about the processes, problems, trials, failures, changes, struggles, decisions, etc, and in that case it would have been interesting and I most backers would certainly symphatize with him. But he hasn't, and thus we don't.

    6. Jason Emery, Jester of Valoria on

      There's nothing we can say that probably equals the stress of having a development pipeline that took so long, causing the whole business to stumble. All we'll be out is a speaker or two that might or might not have been decent.

      I consider backing this KS a worthwhile investment merely to observe what not to do when running a KS. $100 is pretty cheap for that kind of education.

      Flying to China does seem like a good idea, but it's probably past the point where it would have been valuable. That's a pretty common thing that development teams do on other KS. Probably because they're too small for anyone in China to really care about after they've stolen their IP and ideas. One reason, perhaps, why manufacturing in China might not be the deal that it used to be. Obviously the government there is trying to shift away from that to services, too, which might influence the current manufacturing companies, though we can argue how well that is going.

    7. Gustav Öst on

      I, for one, don't give a flying unicorn fuck about the packaging or the peripherals.
      Not having money to pay your supplier is a technical problem yes. It is not "preparing shippment" however.
      You shouldn't be doing R&D for other product until getting this one out the door!
      Right about now (or for the last year really) you should be flying to the physical place where problems occur and talk to them face to face. Things ALWAYS work out quickly in business that way. Manufacturers have a harder time deceiving when you're on location.

      P.S this is respectful and considerete in relation to this campaign. @Creator should consider backers advice and also be respectful enough to not blow smoke up our asses all the time.

    8. Carsten Poweronoff on

      Fellow backers, read between the lines.
      The product does not exist. If it would exist they would have posted pictures of it, not just the carry case. They are in trouble because they have to pay the carry case manufacturer and the developers ran away -> fasten belts
      If this kit of gear ever delivers, I will light a candle

    9. Crispin

      On the positive side: yay some more detail, yay for pictures, yay for seeing some finished components.
      On the other hand I think I'm more puzzled than ever. Still no speakers shown, and some very odd components; those are more like generic giftboxes than 'retail' boxes and the foam inserts go where? The fact that bugs are still being mentioned probably means mass manufacturing hasn't been approved, and it looks like a lot of manual assembly of foam and cases and even labels being affixed to boxes is going to happen outside a factory.
      Good idea to reduce update frequency, but only if the amount of detail increases.
      Oh well, stay tuned for more Tales of the Unexpected from Frankenspiel in 2016!
      Merry Christmas, all!

    10. Lucas Gabardos on

      WHEN were those "late stages of testing" ? Were those tests made on the 2000 FS-Xs you should have finished updating by now ? Was there a problem with the update ? You seemed satisfied by it in September...
      What are you doing right now ? (don't say preparing shipment)
      Please respond to those questions. Please.

      Glad to see some pictures by the way, even if they are not the pictures we asked for it's a step in the right direction.

    11. John H. Halpern, M.D.

      Should you accept this mission, these speakers will self-destruct in 10 minutes. - from Mission Impossible (Frankenspiel edition).
      At this point maybe all of us ignoring FS for like another 6 months...could have us finally surprised then that the speakers are really, REALLY close to shipping.

    12. Marcus Sundman on

      "while at the same time maintaining ongoing R&D for upcoming products" -- WTF? No, no, no! You are NOT allowed to use our money to do "R&D for upcoming products"!!!
      And stop calling yourself "our team", David.

      "our team is smaller now" -- Of course, David, because everyone despises you, because you are a compulsive liar who is beyond stupid and too arrogant to take much needed advice from others.

      "We are pushing towards shipment and we are doing our very best to deliver as soon as possible." -- This was the case already at the end of the kickstarter campaign, a year and a half ago. WHAT EXACTLY are you doing? What state is the project in? It's very, very clearly NOT in the shipment stage, and stop calling everything before that stage "preparing shipment", but tell us what the actual state is!

    13. Adrian Joss on

      I have to say I really didn't expect to see such a positive update, even I am starting to doubt myself. However why packaging and cases and not speakers. Is it really that they are still being manufactured. What is really going on?

    14. Simon Ho

      busy with the shipping, but still have technical issues at the same time... ... ..... what are you talking about ?

    15. bazpoint on

      About the most promising update in the last year. Still not getting excited though.

    16. Missing avatar

      Edoardo Bruschini on

      These people are crazy. they are sending us images of empty boxes (with ugly ugly ugly ugly handle) at the same time they confirm they still have technical issues? OMG i'm impressed...every update more.

    17. Ben Hodgson on

      > Last week we commented on communication issues in China that have resulted in further delay and misunderstandings. The technical struggle for reliability through research and development is the dominant, root cause, what has followed are the symptoms.

      An otherwise pretty positive update, and certainly a step in a better direction, but feels like this really needs some elaboration and clarification. Does this mean you are still working on the technical elements of the speaker, and it's reliability?