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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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Preparing shipment

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

At present, there are no changes proposed or anything adverse to report. Our team is working very hard on shipment and we are expecting plenty of progress for next week’s update.

For information on our packaging, fastcharger, user guide and reviews, please visit for our recent updates.

If there are any further developments we will be sure to share this information with you immediately.

Your next update will be no later than a week from now, Wednesday 16th December.

All the best, 

The Frankenspiel Team


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    1. Adrian Joss on

      Go to main comments page for real update

    2. Adrian Joss on

      Ha Ha ha ha No comment,

    3. Missing avatar

      Gjerdem on

      This is almost funny enough that I don't mind losing my money. Almost.

      Is it even possible to type (well, copy/paste) these updates with a straight face?

    4. John H. Halpern, M.D.

      Who ever heard of updates getting less and less specific/detailed as "progress" is made? This is beyond bizarre!

    5. Missing avatar

      Guillermo Álvarez on

      This project has come to a point where I would prefer no updates at all until there are real news rather than waiting full of hopes Wednesday after Wednesday. The carrot and stick approach Frankenspiel is following right now is very cruel to us, backers of the project.

      So please, FS-Team, while I was one of those advocating for weekly updates, the case of meaningless information one update after another leaves the idea of better stop torturing our hopes and post something when (or if) there really is something. And well, if after sometime there really is nothing, we could think on ways to take action or not. But this hopes-killing week after week is moral torture, seriously.

    6. Danny Dierickx on

      Oooh, ooooh, ooooh, i'm exited ! Plenty of progress in next weeks update ! Woohoo !!!
      Well, i do wonder, when he says "working very hard on shipment and we are expecting plenty of progress for next week’s update", what does he mean ?
      --> They're "working very hard on shipment and we are expecting plenty of progress" , that can be mentioned in "next week’s update" ?
      Or on the other hand, does he mean:
      --> They're "working very hard on shipment" and then there's "plenty of progress for next week’s update" ?
      I do so hope it's not the latter, because then that means still preparing shipment, and something else will give plenty of progress to the update....

    7. Missing avatar

      Tom Paridaens on


      Google is your friend:

      But please don't do anything you could be regretting later on.

    8. Missing avatar

      Emma Halliday on

      When, when, when, when, when, when, when, when.

      This update provides zero info - please guys why do you continue to treat us like idiots? I'd like to know if we will ever see these speakers - and if it's possible to get a refund as I don't believe we will.


    9. Crispin

      What exactly is being worked on? Technically you've been working on shipment since the day after the campaign ended, so the point of these updates is to drill a little into the details, give us a 'peek behind the curtain' so to speak.
      I've tried to keep positive, but even my faith is being eroded by the lack of any meaningful information, dates or a simple photo. Of anything, really. Heck put a picture of a lolcat up, just so we know you have the technical ability to post a photo.
      You do know that not giving people this basic info mean everyone assumes the worst, right?
      The current theory in the main thread is this is all a psychological experiment to see how long people last with minimal positive information - I'm starting to believe it!

    10. Missing avatar

      Mikel Larrea on

      Impressed with this update. Is this a joke?

      I think that there are no speakers. And this leaves me two options:

      a) They are manufacturing it in china these days, and to do so, they try to gain time.

      b) They are trying to gain time not to deliver anything and run away with our money.

      Both explain the lack of batch photos, but I don't know... I'm just writting my frustration with this project.

    11. Missing avatar

      VHF on

      When you say 'no changes', what about the changes to your delivery schedule? I'm really looking forward to receiving my FS-X in the next 9 days, as update #89 was the last delivery estimate in which the latest time to receive the speaker is 18th December. As there are no changes to anything, I assume this is still what's happening?

      I'm now going to go and crack open a nice bottle of Malbec to eat with my own liver, which is a bet I made in 1976 when I first suspected that FS-X will never come. I think it's time to accept the outcome.

    12. VictorJ on

      Wat is the adres in Holland again. Time to go to Amsterdam and make a visit over there

    13. Peter J on

      "working very hard on shipment". What?
      Are you struggling to find a post office or something?

      Oh yeah, and, WHERE ARE THE PICTURES?!

    14. Sarah on

      How about giving a delivery estimate?! This isn't even worthy of the name "update"

    15. Mike11111 on

      Unless you're shipping using unicorns as couriers, what could there possibly be left to do?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
      1. Put speaker in box.
      2. Print Label.
      3. Affix label to box.
      4. Drive to Post Office.
      5. Pay for shipment.
      6. Pat yourself on the back you little trooper, you finally did it.

    16. Missing avatar

      Filip Murmak on

      Update #100, January 6th 2016:


      there's nothing to report.

      All the best,

      The Frankenspiel Team