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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
1,083 backers pledged £84,768 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Martian Cottingham on

      Pretty bored of this now, please confirm the shipping date and send the speakers out, disappointing doesn't cover this project.

    2. Che4ter on

      Hahaha 2000 Stickers and you show us one box? Always the same sad stories

    3. Danny Dierickx on

      Well, at least the box (boxes?) and manuals have the correct/updated Frankenspiel logo on them.
      I really believe that what I said earlier, and someone else too (don't remember who), that this is just 1 person doing all this after work. Hope to see/receive my pair of FS-X's before Easter though....

    4. Jay on

      Let's start a KS campaign with your idea: "Buy a pack horse for Frankenspiel to speed up FS-X delivery time." We could add a comfy cushion as a stretch goal!

    5. Missing avatar

      Alain on

      Updates are getting shorter and shorter. Does it means something?

      David, you lack imagination near the end of 2015?

      Good luck for next funny update.

    6. Lucas Gabardos on

      Can we have more pictures of boxes and user guides please ?
      And maybe one of the transportation truck if it's not to much to ask...

      Also do you have a date for the launch party of the subwoofer ? I think many people would to attend, it will be such an amazing product to go with a pair of FS-Xs !

    7. Gustav Öst on

      "There are 2000 stickers for our retail boxes"
      2000 speakers for the boxes would be better.
      If I could only choose between stickers and speakers...
      Though one...
      Nope. Gonna have to say speakers this time.
      By this time I'm expecting coordinated drones delivering each speaker to each backer at the exact same time all over the world! That would explain the preparation time. Complicated stuff...

    8. Adrian Joss on

      @Mailkel The london address the company is registered to have no details for real addresses, David has given the fictitious company address as his own. His Facebook is false, why on earth do you think the Amsterdam office will be correct.

    9. Missing avatar

      Maikel Lodewijk on

      Ok, when the next update doesn't show any shipped units I'm going to visit their location in Amsterdam (Krab Elektra) someone cares to join me? If we don't get the pictures we are asking for, we are going to take them ourselfs!

    10. Adrian Joss on

      P.S Who on earth keeps clicking the like button....REALLY?

      I must also say, I love how creative they have been in the large photo, that random bit of cardboard really makes the photo look so much more believable.

    11. Adrian Joss on

      Why not send a photo of 2000 labels or leaflets, even that would be a start. I am getting to angry from the point of view that that are still racking in money from pre-orders that customers will never get. At what point do we start legal action, even though that will be hard as David is so elusive..

      Is everyone really willing to believe that speakers are coming, at what point do you believe they won't, mean while loads more people continue to get ripped off.

      Is there a lawyer among us?

    12. Michael Carr on

      Absolute f****ng joke. I'm passed pissed off its actually getting funny now.

    13. Missing avatar

      Gjerdem on

      Instructions, page 1:

      "Imagine a speaker in front of you."

    14. Missing avatar

      VHF on

      I've figured it out. One of the team is trekking from China to Amsterdam with an FS-X to save shipping costs to the warehouse. Then he will trek back to get the next one. I'm willing to buy a pack horse for him to speed it up a bit. Anyone want to pitch in and maybe get some kind of cushioned saddle for comfort?

    15. Missing avatar

      VHF on

      You cannot write this stuff. Comedy gold!

    16. Missing avatar

      anthony edmonds on

      So they finally spent some of our money on a camera to take photos of a couple of boxes with some labels and and leaflets they hastily knocked up on a computer, to delay telling us that it was all a big lie, and they used the rest of our money bailing themselves out of a time share in Nicaragua.

    17. John H. Halpern, M.D. on

      The only thing worse than this threadbare update was I feared no update at all and what that silence would then mean. If that had happened then all those who have become complete doubters would be correctly saying a big I told you so (oh and they have every justification to say that anyway when things are left like this!). Instead we have a useless update and big ? on what if anything will occur at any point. Dante walked through limbo and hell faster...

      This update is another big letdown. It doesn't have to be that way and we all know that except for apparently Frankenspiel. Fixing this with backers isn't so complicated as to require an advanced degree in sound c'mon get on with it!

      If we aren't going to get to see photos of thousands of units/manufacturing of them: can we at least see photos of the speakers in the different colors they are to be produced in? There has been zero info on the champagne and white colored speakers. Things just don't add up right. And they should take Adrian Joss up on his kind offer to help them send everything out.

    18. Jeff on

      Who wants to start the new year with a class action law suit?

    19. Ben Hodgson on

      Next Wednesday: Our team is preparing shipment. Here is a picture of the postbox that we will be putting your shipments into.

    20. Miguel Van de Casteele on

      Am I the only one suspecting we might be a part of a new kind of social experiment that examines just how long people can be strung along with insulting updates?

    21. Jeff on

      @Chris Means..... hahahahahahahahaha

      Forgetting if this every actual does ship.... to be in time for Christmas it would most likely have to ship today. And that's just in the EU. To ship to other locations (I'm in the US)... this is going to be held up in customs.

      Once again.. if it actually every ships... which I doubt.

      Despite Kickstarter being just that... a kick start to get a company off the ground.. and you are NOT purchasing a product... I can see a class-action law suit based on simply the updates here... which are pretty much lying to the people who gave them a "grant"

    22. Melkin on

      Hahaha! Those guys are geniuses! Their way to ignore us and basically say us "fuck you" is so magical!

    23. Missing avatar

      stack.reverse() on

      @Jeff: update #45 is also about preparing shipment. That was 15 months ago...

      But your second statement is true: Most. Prepared. Shipment. Ever.

    24. Peter J on

      One low res photo of two different boxes and one (maybe two) sets of instructions. You've out done yourself! Well done.

    25. Lewis Purvis on

      This is not what we want!
      Why don't you have a shipping shedule yet?
      why don't you tell us exactly when the units will be rolling out. None of us care about the shipping labels.

      The last shipping estimate was on oct 21st. the estimate said that the first batch would be sent out between 18th to 30th of Nov... i guess that didn't happen!?

    26. Jeff on

      Preparing shipment for 6 months.. Most. Prepared. Shipment. Ever.

    27. Chris Means


      Can we expect actual delivery by Xmas?

    28. Missing avatar

      Filip Murmak on

      Now we have seen everything but the actual units.