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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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    1. Got scammed by KS on

      It's time for the shipment confirmation in todays update! Photos and Videos are welcome

    2. Adrian Joss on

      Thank you John, it seems at long last the frustration has got to you and it now shows in your response. It is so clear that David reads these comments as he picks certain bits out of them in his update.

      David I am happy for John H to relay information back to us, he comes across as honest and with integrity. Please David pick up the phone and speak to John. right now he seems the only one that is still quite supportive of you, at least have one ally.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alain on

      Why some people "like" this kind of update ?

    4. Danny Dierickx on

      "Preparing shipment" can take a lot of time, even 6+ weeks.
      Let's say he's alone, he's got a day job, and on top of that this kickstarter has 1500+ to be boxed and shipped.
      Think about it, thats a LOT of boxes to fold, fill, tape, label, ...
      I'm as frustrated as the next, but we gotta be realistic also.
      Count in the terrorist attacks.... These boxes could be mistaken for bombs... Right ? ;-)

    5. Danny Dierickx on

      @Gustav : your comment made me smile, it made me think of the song "Niggas in Paris"

      1: Got my niggas in Paris and they going gorillas!
      2: I don't even know what that means
      1: No one knows what it means but its provocative
      2: No it's not...
      1: It gets the people GOING

    6. Lucas Gabardos on

      You obviously read the comments so please respond (without lying or telling only half-truths).

    7. Lucas Gabardos on

      @Frankenspiel Would you be so kind as to provide some pictures of the 1000 units that you supposedly finished updating and for which you have been preparing shipment for weeks ?

      Has there been an unforeseen slippage in the delivery dates ? Admitting it despite the fact that you said there wouldn't be is better than not talking about delivery dates anymore.

      Could you confirm in a straitforward way that you have in fact updated a 1000 units which are ready to be send ?

      What about the other 1000 units you were planning to update ?

    8. John H. Halpern, M.D. on

      No photos...really??? C'mon! David, I stressed how very important photos are for backers when we last spoke. A ton of comments also basically are begging you to do this, as well. So: yikes!! This sort of vague update generates infinite gobs of bad blood. It's behavior like this that gets some backers ready to trash you on comment sections at reviewer websites, too.

      You don't have to wait until next week's update either... Post photos pronto!!!! I certainly won't post anything supportive at third party reviewer websites about how great the prototypes are that I've been testing until backers get more detailed updates and critically photos that show large scale manufacturing or evidence of 100s+ speakers already made. For you think the pushback of negative public comments have been vicious to-date, I think this update triggers "Release the Kraken!!" level tsunami of protest.

      If you'd respond with immediate access to you I'm sure one of the backers, including myself, would be willing to serve as an ombudsman to liaison between you and backers. This dynamic has to change all around.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tyler Freeman on

      Oh look. Another update full of lies that doesn't have pictures. Is anybody surprised?

    10. Missing avatar

      Maikel Lodewijk on

      How many times do we need to ask for pictures!???????

    11. Sarah on

      In update 89(Oct 21) you gave the following delivery estimates: 1st batch 16th-30th November and 2nd batch 1st-18th December. We're now 18th November and nobody has received anything yet! You said there wouldn't be more delays and yet you are STILL preparing shipment. I have remained pretty hopeful, but I'm seriously fed up with your empty updates which give no new useful information and your evasive language. Your updates prove you read the comments, so why are there still no pictures of production or a bunch of speakers?

    12. Missing avatar

      Craig Trickett on

      Working hard on preparing shipment??? I'm pretty sure this has been the same message for the past 6 weeks. What is there to do? Your logistic companies are all in place and setup. You've confirmed this. So what is there still to do? Especially seeing as the logistics company deals with the logistics.....

      Please put us out of our misery and just confirm that these are never coming. Then we can all stop checking this page and can write off the amount we backed this project for.

    13. Gustav Öst on

      "The team is working very hard on preparing shipment"
      What the hell does that even mean?! You've been preparing shipping for 6 months now.
      You've gotta be one of the most prepared ManuFacturers in the world by now.
      Also, let me take this time to put in a new request. Pictures of more than 9 units would be nice.