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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
1,083 backers pledged £84,768 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Gustav Öst on

      Could @Creator please tell everyone working on the product that no photos are to be taken and published.
      That way a misunderstanding can happen that will lead to photos being taken and published.
      Bracing for next update where shipping slippage will have to be admitted...
      Hopefully 2016 will be the year I can bring speakers along on vacations and into the kitchen as I hoped for two years ago.
      @John HH
      Don't you start pretending things are going great now too. Progress, yes. Seems like the firmware hasn't been loaded yet. That will take place before assembly most likely. So...

    2. John H. Halpern, M.D. on

      Hi Adrian Joss. I'm NOT David. Cmon! But I have the most favorable perspective because so far I'm the only Backer who's gotten to play around with the latest iteration of the FS-X. These speakers seem to address all issues reported by the five backers who got the first prototype sets...that's called progress and argues strongly in support of the Frankenspiel team achieving this project's goals though way behind original schedule.

      Spilling negativity and suspicions into the public is in my opinion furthering the unfairness going on. We backers should want to see what we backed succeed. Someone recently reported that they requested a refund and got it. If you have no hope then maybe consider jumping off. But try not to spread more hurt: I'm certain all evidence shows these speakers will get delivered and they are very well made and perform well. Posting complaints in the comments section of third party reviews...It just reads paranoid, mean spirited, and airing "dirty laundry" that non-backers don't need to read and that's not being fair to Frankenspiel. Yes, you've got VERY STRONG reasons for doing that but it's not the way to go. Since I am the only backer with a set of speakers that are very close to what will finally be released I felt I have a responsibility to share what I know in those third party comments...and that is even while accepting your concerns absolutely should get clearly answered.

      I really hope we start to see some large factory production photos in the next update. That would seem so easy to do and would help so very much...

    3. Adrian Joss on

      @John HH "all evidence points to a roll out of the speakers including all of us getting what we backed" Really! well please just send or post JUST ONE piece of evidence. I also noticed you tried to post a more positive comment on the review pages to counter act mine and @BAZ, would not be surprised if you were David himself, would explain how you got a speaker LOL

    4. Lewis MacQueen on

      There is only 1 possible explanation for not posting pictures of the FSX in large quantities, so far there has been NO evidence that these exist and progress is as far as the updates claim

    5. John H. Halpern, M.D. on

      Lewis Macqueen - oooOOH! No of course I'm not in on anything. I agree that paranoid suspicions absolutely will remain in the "high" category with the FAILURE to send photos as requested a gazillion times. I, too, have been quite clear to FS/David that lots of real photos and of production at scale are necessary. I had hoped the Creator would have posted such photos by now...
      Even so, all evidence points to a roll out of the speakers including all of us getting what we backed.

    6. VictorJ on

      Your welcome :P

    7. Missing avatar

      Kerry on

      Rickrolled with style (and enjoyed it)! Thanks Victor J.

    8. Marcus Sundman on

      @Kevin, you know what update number 100 will say. That they're finalizing the logistics.

    9. Missing avatar

      Kevin Jacoby on

      Waiting for the update number 100. Maybe (maybe...) shipping?

    10. Peter J on

      @Victor J - MEAN! ;)

      I can't even be bothered to read the reviews... and this update is all about the reviews that weren't meant to be (yet).

      Pictures or Video or it didn't happen.

    11. Lewis MacQueen on

      @John H, I'll have whatever you're smoking "Everything points to no fraud", how can you say that? "EVERYTHING points to a fraud"
      No Pictures
      Previous sham companies
      updates with no substance

      I'm beginning to think you're in on it

    12. Johann Taljaard on

      I hope / trust we will get it eventually. I just cannot understand why it can be so difficult to get some photos or videos of assembly?
      And updates do not really have any substance either :(

    13. John H. Halpern, M.D. on

      A lot more was clarified in this update. I think it is a good proof of fixing the greater collaboration between backers and the Frankenspiel team that those units earmarked for industry/reviewers instead will get sent to Backers.

      Everything points to no fraud, no loss of backers' money, and a great product that will get sent. Let's try to help support that...
      -JHH "under review"

    14. Adrian Joss on

      What the latest update translate to is:
      oops we got caught by backers sending out reviewers speakers, so lets say there was a mistake on behalf of the reviewer and they should not have posted there reviews..

      how on earth could the reviewers post the reviews ahead of time, if you did not send out the speakers. I have never met such a bunch of incompetent people. You get busted on every single lie you tell but you continue to tell them.

      The real sad thing is, I believe these speakers are the dogs bo**ocks, that blow the completion out of the water. @Creator if you had any sense what so ever you could in fact sell your technology to a speaker manufacture for more than you are ripping us off for.

    15. Sarah on

      What about waterproofing and the IP rating? Your user guide doesn't mention anything about it and neither do the reviews.

    16. Jeff on

      Shocked... still working out logistics... still not sent. And.. as though nothing was sent to reviewers.. apparently they WERE sent to reviewers.

      Utterly shocked that I don't have them!

      I have remained mostly quiet on here beyond last weeks "I'm shocked" comments.

      And I still say.. you can avoid all the negative comments by simply NOT LYING