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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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Delivery estimates / deadline to change your address

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

In this update we will be providing you with estimates for delivery and a deadline for changing your address.

In our previous update, we explained that we will be shipping 1000 units with all of our adjustments and improvements to our Amsterdam warehouse and 3 other fulfillment partners before the end of this month.

Our Amsterdam warehouse team and fulfillment partners will then be handling delivery for each region upon receiving the new units. They will also be handling customer service and delivery tracking during shipment to ensure this process runs as smoothly as possible.

For information on the warehouse location for each region, please visit Update #87.

To recap, we are shipping the FS-X units to our Amsterdam warehouse and other fulfillment partner warehouses in 2 batches. The 1st batch will be shipped before the end of this month and the 2nd batch in November.

Here are our estimates for final delivery from our warehouses, to you:

Deadline to change your address

Our fulfilment partners need to lock down our customer databases, logistics and shipment plans. Therefore, please private message us with any address amendments by Sunday 25th October.

Remember: please only message us if you want to change your address. To view your current address and details, please login into your BackerKit profile.

Your next update will be no later than a week from now, Wednesday 28th October.

All the best, 

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Andi Gold on

      Is the first batch ready or not?
      Its almost christmas and still no speaker to be under my tree....

    2. Lewis MacQueen on

      @jeff, the updates mean nothing, as yet there is no proof that anything said in an update is fact, it would b very easy to take a picture of the 100 units that they say they have ready but so far nothing. A picture would do a lot to restore faith but they chose not to. The fact that they haven't tells a story in itself. If I was David I would be posting pictures till we were begging him to stop. The only possible reason not to post pictures is that the products don't exist

    3. John H. Halpern, M.D.

      +1 Crispin. I agree-- they are offering weekly updates and describe steady progress. Every update is another opportunity to also answer more questions, too.
      I will be posting more on the test set I have. Speakers traveled well and performed just fine while in Iceland...

    4. Jeff on

      I am not in any way giving Frankenspiel ANY props at all in any of this... They have been absolutely horrible in letting us know what is going on.

      I will say however that after all of us complaining we never heard from them... they went overboard and decided to post an update every two weeks.. regardless of any news (which is why we always get utter nonsense updates).

      A better idea would have been for somewhat regular updates, but not on a rigid schedule regardless of any actual news. Even if that update was a "this project is not working out".. because unfortunately.. this is Kickstarter.. you ARE NOT buying a product... you are backing a company.. and the product is a "thank you".. if they succeed.

      Complete honesty from the beginning would have solved all of this. Their continuous lies just digs a hole that requires more lies.

    5. Crispin

      Thanks for the update! Really good to hear no more delays are foreseen. Any chance of some photos of the final accessories to tide us over for the next month, in the next update maybe?

      @all: Let's try and keep it positive, yeah? Yes we've been lied to in the past but Frankenspiel has clearly made a big effort to improve and so far the message has been consistent so no reason to keep up with the venting at every single update; that doesn't encourage them to step up. Let's reward good behaviour and only condemn the bad stuff, is my opinion.

    6. bazpoint on

      How are you shipping this batch? By sea? From China? Because that would put actual delivery to backers a long way off. If you are shipping by sea you could at least let us know the name of the boat, since many can be tracked online now so that would be interesting. Not gonna hold my breath though.

    7. Gustav Öst on

      Let's see what "this will cause no significant delay"-reason that will cause significant delay will creep up next update or the one after that.
      All I know at this stage is that the only certainty is that every timelines breaks. Horribly.

    8. Mike11111 on

      Since these weekly updates have started, all that has happened is I now expect every Wednesday, without fail, that I'll be lied to at least once. It has made me much less trusting, and probably affected my personality too. Due to this change, I'm considering suing Frankenspiel for their part in it to the tune of around £10 million. I feel we're more likely to succeed in a class action law suit, so if anyone else would like to get in on the action, please email me at