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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

‘First Look’ backer, John. H. Halpern, M.D. has received his new pair of FS-Xs with all of our adjustments and improvements.

Here are his first thoughts:

We are pleased with this initial feedback and we look forward to further feedback from John.

We understand that ultimately, when you receive your rewards, you will have your individual verdicts. But we hope that John’s feedback and feedback from the future reviewers will reassure you that we have resolved the issues in the previous FS-X model.

After reading the comments from our last update, we wanted to ensure that John received his new set before the professional reviewers and bloggers. This way, John can verify that our adjustments and improvements have been completed and potential hype from future reviews is justified.

Please note: feedback from John, professional reviewers and bloggers are not a cause to further delay. We are preparing shipment, all other activities can be achieved in parallel.

Your next update will be no later than a week from now, Wednesday 7th October.

All the best, 

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Danny Arborak on

      Does it come with a wall charger (120 volt )?
      My computer was stolen, all I have is an I Pad.

    2. Missing avatar

      Alexandra Bertomeu-Gilles on

      How do you report a campaign?

    3. Gustav Öst on

      Stop saying "We are preparing shipment".
      Not having produced the speakers yet, there can't possibly be things to prepare for three weeks.

    4. Chris Means

      @Erik Jensen,
      Kickstarter is not a store. Many of us back projects in the hope of receiving the intended item, but that doesn't always happen, and almost never happens within the projected time frame.

      It is a bummer.

      Obviously, the project creator is held to a certain standard, and those standards have since been improved, but are not retroactive. IANAL but you will probably have some legal options available to you, but only if it can be proven that the project creator was deliberately deceitful, had no intention of fulfilling the project goals, and has not tried to meet the project goals.

    5. Missing avatar

      Erik Jensen on

      In my bank (in Denmark) is there no a problems at all. If order a something and I did not recieve it. The rules is just simple is that. No discussion! Its not first time (or last) i ask my bank for a chargeback on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, (or other companies) but theese two sites are worst ...

    6. Missing avatar

      Andreas Hamm

      @Erik Jensen: The problem is that you didn't pay Frankenspiel, you paid Kickstarter, which then paid Frankenspiel. So if you would follow that, you'd make more stress for Kickstarter than Frankenspiel.

      In addition to that your advice works in the UK, not everywhere else.

      @everyone else: just report this project for post funding issues.

    7. Missing avatar

      Erik Jensen on

      Now its time to contact your bank to make a chargeback. There are no problem at all you payed with credit card or PayPal. Just descibe the sitation on a formular. Then theese ugly guys can talk business with all the different banks later...

      Here are a link that describe how to get a easy chargeback from your bank. Notice that there are some difference how to get your money back from your countrys banksystem but they all have to make you a full refund immediately under these condition.

    8. Edward Wilcox on

      Two more notes. I have held on hoping you @creator will deliver a great product. You are over a year overdue! I don't mind the delay, but stop shining us on with empty updates. Let us know a shipping schedule.

    9. Edward Wilcox on

      Um... When are we getting our speakers guys? Please let us know a date. I had wanted this for two trip already and I have held off on buying other products that are here now and for about the same money. The longer you hold on to this speaker, the less innovative this product will be.

    10. Missing avatar

      Alister Perrott on

      Clearly you don't feel able to give us a detailed timeline for delivery of our rewards, but could you at least tell us how far your preparations for shipment have progressed?

    11. Che4ter on

      What are you doing the whole time? Are the speaker already in production or are you still testing and fixing bugs?

    12. Adrian Joss on

      @JHH. Please can you read the comments below and on the other comments pages and still tell me you are convinced this is still going to happen.

      Every body really needs to report this campaign to Kickstarter. We are dealing with a bunch of crooks that have no intention of sending out speakers. I really do not mean to insult any backers here but I think most just refuse to give up believing in frankenspiel which is admirable, but however futile. All the lies contradict themselves, last weeks update was full production not commenced, this weeks update was we will continue to ship in parallel, this means when speakers go to bloggers and reviewers that some backers will also receive theirs. @bsl100 I have to commend you on your positive attitude and coolness towards @creator.

    13. Missing avatar

      bsl100 on

      @ Creator ......

      You are adding insult to injury. Pathetic update, No feedback of note, No timelines for delivery process.

      You have not responded to any of our comments. Just a one directional monologue from your end which does not respect our sentiments.

      JHH has had the products for a week and you give us a copy of a one liner he has posted about the product. The product could have reached other First Look Backers by now and all the backers could have had a clear picture whether these products are actually ready for production. But, again we have to rely on your updates which IMHO are really meaningless pieces of non-info.

      You are also trying to cover up about sending the speakers to professional reviewers and bloggers by stating that you were waiting for JHH's feedback. ARE YOU SATISFIED with his one liner comment to NOW send it to these reviewers ?? Pathetic cover up to say the least.

      I was hoping that you have mended your ways and have listened to our suggestions when you called us up. Now I just feel that all my earlier doubts seem to be correct. You seem to have sent me and the other 'First Look Backers' your pre-production units which you had at the beginning of the campaign and also at the "Party". These were sent to us to buy more time and you continue to do so by giving us these meaningless updates. I feel it is an injustice to all of us who have spent time and energy in reviewing the earlier units. I can also say that you deceived us by informing us that you would send us the updated product once it was ready.

      I am an avid follower of most of the new speakers which come out and can tell you that your technology is already old hat now. It has no novelty anymore. There are speakers out there which can outperform the FS-X in most departments. True wireless stereo tech has been brought to some good speakers now, while you continue to give us meaningless updates.

    14. Jh G Yoon on

      please refund! or will report my credit card issuer in this week
      i can't wait anymore u sob

    15. Missing avatar

      Erik Jensen on

      Bla bla bla, nothing news, just the same few prototype speakers, as seen long before Kickstarter launch on different names, now maybee "upgraded" with electronic from welknown brand speakers we already can buy in a shop, just to show some "documentation for progess". No pictures, no videos, no documentation for production from the factory, no mold, no cabinets, no nothing, just same procedure as last year, just to continue the strategy stealing money from new people that don't know the horror Frankenstein history

      Bla bla bla... Preorder now!

    16. Marcus Sundman on

      You were supposed to do "all other activities [...] in parallel" such a long time ago that those things were supposed to be ready over a year ago.

    17. Joscha Haering on

      This is not an update. It's just a Screenshot of an old comment.

    18. Missing avatar

      VHF on

      @Sarah +1

      This is an even poorer effort than I expected from the team.

    19. Missing avatar

      Alexandra Bertomeu-Gilles on

      Any idea on when we should receive them please?

    20. Sarah on

      Another empty update without a timeline. Just reposting comments from John is not really an update imo.