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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

In our last update, we discussed sending 20 sets of final FS-Xs (all with the new improvements and adjustments) to bloggers and professional reviewers.

These are part of a total of 150 pre-production units produced and assembled on the line prior to actual final mass production. This is mainly a learning process, they are subject to much more scrutiny and often have to be reworked, this is done so that all potential snags are ironed out before big quantities are assembled.

We decided not to send these units to backers for the following reasons:

Reviewers just need the actual units whereas Backer rewards consist of more than just the FS-X sets, for example, 

  • Carrycases 
  • In-line controls 
  • Y-cables 
  • Fastchargers 
  • Free stands 
  • Packaging 
  • Documentation 

As there are 1,083 backers in total, it would be very difficult to pick 20 individuals to receive the first sets and then to fulfil the rest of their rewards at a later date. Also even coming up with a way to chose 20 backers which would meet with everybody's approval would be practically impossible. We met with similar issues when deciding how to allocate the ‘First Look’ units.

Some of you did suggest sending some sets to the ‘First Look’ backers again. We agree that this would be useful for everybody. Therefore, we have sent a pair of FS-Xs to ‘First Look’ backer John. H. Halpern, M.D. which will arrive this week.

Feedback from all 5 of the ‘First Look’ backers was greatly appreciated. John, however, went the extra mile when testing his set. He not only helped us to locate bugs in our software which led to a few very important improvements, but he also shared videos and audio recordings. For this reason, and, crucially, the fact that we can get a set to him quickly, we have sent him another set.

bsl100 had received the most nominations for the ‘First Look’, and we would have liked to send another set to bsl100, but seeing how long it took for the first set to arrive, it might have been old news by the time it would reach him.

We end with this comment:- 

We understand and regret that we have broken some promises but we must keep to our main, overriding promise; to deliver an outstanding speaker that will be reliable in use, and stand the test of time. To do this, we must be 100% certain before shipment.

Your next update will be no later than a week from now, Wednesday 30th September.

All the best, 

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Zooik on

      We can just forget about it. We will never see any speakers. David is a cunning cunt thatbfucked

    2. Missing avatar

      bsl100 on

      @ JHH ....

      Thank you for the quick post and feedback on the sound quality and BT reception of the 'revised' FS-X units. If I recall your previous feedbacks, there were no major problems even in the earlier units you received.

      The sound quality as far as the Midrange and Treble were concerned were not an issue as reported in detail by me and by the other 'First Look Backers'. The Bass frequencies though were not as deep or low, as claimed by the Creator, and thats something which was evident to some extent in the video that you had posted.

      The rest of the 'First Look Backers' did have other issues with the product, viz. BT disturbance, sound cut offs, power cut offs, low battery life, wired connection issues, port noise / vibration issues, distortion at higher volume settings etc.

      The 3D effect (voices and instruments floating a few feet above and in front of the speaker) you mention in your post below is something I had reported earlier as well, and this is the strength of the FS-X. As long as you feed it music which is well recorded and is of the lighter variety with no deep Bass, its representation is accurate like a studio monitor. There is a smoothness in the sound of the FS-X which is comparable to much larger and more expensive speakers. This is due to the BMR drivers being used and the tuning of the speakers which are Midrange focussed.

      I do hope that the Creators have sorted out all the issues as reported by us. As of now you are the only person we can rely on to give us an honest feedback. Though I do hope that the Creator reconsiders and sends the 'revised' units to the rest of the 'First Look Backers' as well and get a collective feedback.

      Also, I do hope that its only after internal reviews (and after the rest of the backers receive their units) that these speakers are sent out to outside bloggers and reviewers. We don't want a situation wherein there is negative feedback coming in from them and these reviews finish off the FS-X before its mass marketed. That would be a huge waste of investor / backer funds.

    3. Jovy Low on

      Update 85:
      These are part of a total of 150 pre-production units produced and assembled on the line prior to actual final mass production.

      Update 83:
      Over the next week or so we will be preparing our order files, logistics, picking and packaging. Throughout this process we will provide you with additional pictures, videos and delivery details.

      Update 82:
      We have completed our final phase of testing to ensure the FS-X is 100% ready for shipping.

      What the flying donkey happened?

    4. ra66itz on

      I agree with @bsl100 to all you said: +1

      @Sam Cleaver - I get that you are annoyed by moaners who don't understand that kickstarter is a venture capital site and failure is an actual outcome. BUT I think a big chunck of people, me included, are absolutely frustrated with the way the creator communicates. I am interested in the process and my contribution should at least grant me the access to actual information about this process. But what we get is actually just simple stalling tactics and that is what annoys me!

    5. Missing avatar

      bsl100 on

      @ Creator ........

      Its good to know that you have the first batch of speakers ready to go. Hope you have sorted out all the bugs which we as 'First Look Backers' had reported and have taken our suggestions.

      I also appreciate that one of the 'First Look Backers', JHH, is getting to test the FS-X and you had also considered me. I don't understand why you had such a delay in the shipment reaching me the last time. I have received couriers within 4-5 days of dispatch from the UK earlier. You could look at some faster courier companies and reconsider about sending the FS-X to me. In fact, I would recommend that all 5 'First Look Backers' get a set if you plan to get an honest feedback across. It would ensure that there is no element of bias (with all due respect to JHH).

      Now for the part of your Update which I personally feel no company in their right frame of mind should or would be doing; and that is to send your pre-production units to professional reviewers and bloggers. How can you possibly think of sending your speakers to them if you feel the units are not ready to be mass marketed. These guys will skin you alive if there is some bug which has not been fixed. It would have been different and acceptable if you were sending them to another company or team to do independent testing.

      Also, you owe it to ALL your backers here to let them have the finished products first, before you send it to some outsider. We, THE BACKERS have INVESTED in this project and not some outsider.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sam Cleaver on

      This has got to be the most negative Kickstarter I've ever been a part of, whilst Frankenspiel share some of the blame for the way it started out, the constant barrage of abuse from other backers is ridiculous. There are people commenting on this where most of their comments across the whole of Kickstarter have been abuse directed at Frankenspiel. Yes they screwed up but the fact of the matter is, product development takes time, they are trying to work to a new timeline and it's clearly not in their interest to extend it any longer than it has to be. Just chill out and enjoy some music in a month or so's time.

      The sad truth is that even when the moaners receive their speakers they most likely still won't be happy and will be demanding a "refund" (hint: it's a reward). Projects fail all the time on Kickstarter but fair play to FS that despite the massive about of negativity, they've kept going with it.

    7. Raimis Juodvalkis on

      It is sad that I made an mistake and backed this project. Its more sad to read these "updates" and understand that I will never receive my speaker. I considering to sue the company. We need to gather pool of people an file the law suit agains them.

    8. Marcus Sundman on

      Last summer you were planning on making the carrycases, in-line controls, Y-cables, fastchargers, etc. in a couple of weeks. Now you've had more than a year, so howcome they are not ready? They should have been ready for over a year now.

    9. Jimmy Stiers on

      I thought you guys made some progress, but now it seems that you only got 150 (pre production) units ready? At this pace I expect to get my speakers by the end of 2017, and that is when everything goes right. Pffft....

    10. Lee Gibson on

      To put it simply, with the units I received it would have caused serious negative press if I'd created videos of audio cut outs and a unit that stopped functioning completely. But that's okay, I'll be creating footage of the finished units and if they don't work as advertised I'll be leading the charge to make the inadequacies known.

    11. Simon Ho

      with the current speed of progress, I don't think we can get this speaker even before 2017.

      this never ending testing is ridiculous .

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark Taylor

      I hope that you are better acoustic engineers than business people. One thing most competent engineers understand is project planning and management, but you seem to just be lurching from one issue to the next with no underlying plan. From what I can tell, the only commitment you have made to your backers and stuck to is to communicate on a weekly basis, although in doing so you further illustrate the reactive and chaotic way this project is happening and the somewhat patronizing and defensive tone you adopt with your backers. It's hard to tell if things are quite as disorganised and reactive in your business as these updates imply, or that you have a plan but are scared to share it with us. There is a truism that bad news does not improve with age, and maybe you should take that on board, come clean and give us the date that we all want - when you plan to ship. Do what all professionals do, break tasks down to detailed levels, estimate conservatively and build in sensible contingency, take into account labour, raw material supply, manufacturing lead time, testing, QA, seasonality etc. and spit out a date. Even if it is some way off, in my view it would be better than what you are feeding us now.

    13. Peter J on

      Could you please answer a few questions...

      How many of the 100% ready to ship, final finished units do you have ready made and waiting in a warehouse or in a garage in the UK ready to ship?

      How many of the Carrycases, In-line controls, Y-cables, Fastchargers, Free stands, Packaging, Documentation do you still need to produce? A percentage would be fine.

      Please take some photos of the units in their current surrounding, not a box of 20 on someones doorstep (ok, not a question but a request).
      Please take a photo with the most recent newspaper date so we can see when it was taken.

      Video of the units would be nice. 20/30 seconds? Not a lot to ask.

      How long before the first fully ready fully packaged, accessories 'n all units get sent to backers?

      I imagine you are still working on the Sub instead of finishing off what you started so, How far along is this project?

      Why have you continued on the Sub project then the FS-X still needs so much attention?

      If 1000+ people post and repost these questions do you think that will persuade you to answer any of the above questions?

      Is there anything anyone can do to help speed things up?

    14. Che4ter on

      And again no shipping date -.- This is so annoying, I don't care about the reviews. Just tell us when you start mass production and shipping.

    15. Missing avatar

      Craig Trickett on

      I personally want the creator DAVID to know that I resent his lies. I was one of the first look backers and was promised that when I return the faulty unit i would have a replacement sent to me within a day or two. There was going to be a face to face meeting to do a swap but then this was cancelled for some reason and instead I was asked to post my speaker back. He also told me that he wasn't able to recreate the issues at all on other speakers so it must just be mine.
      Months later I have not received any further communication, or a replacement set of speakers. Comments from other first look backers suggest it wasn't just my set that were faulty at all either

      It may sound like I'm throwing my toys out of a pram, however this isn't a miscommunication or lost message on a website... I was lied to on the phone plain and simple. I would have much preferred to have kept the faulty set of FS-X than be continually lied to like this.

      Not only was I told that I would have a replacement set within a couple of days, but several updates have said that testing is complete.... and yet over the course of a month, we are no further forward. In fact, despite BLOGGERS getting priority access to these units, they haven't been identified as yet.

      In many ways, I would love for Frankenspiel to say, sorry chaps it's going to be at least 6 more months... at least then I can get on and find another speaker for the time being. Either that, or my money back, or god forbid, a set of FS-X on my doorstep in the next couple of weeks.

      None of these options are going to happen though. Lets face it they haven't over the past two years.

    16. Crispin

      Thanks for addressing the comments raised regarding your previous update about the first 20 units going to reviewers instead of backers.

      What you've just said in this update makes sense and I get it. Having said that, I suspect you might benefit from some PR advice, as you could have prevented a fair amount of stress (in others and likely also yourselves) simply by saying in your previous update: "Our next step before mass production is to do a small manual run to test our assembly and QA processes. To get some additional professional eyes across them we'll send 18 of these first 20 sets to some audio reviewers, while we finalise all the extra accessories that we need to include for the retail packs that our backers pledged for. To thank backers Dr Halpern and bsl100 for their above-and-beyond feedback we'll be sending them a gift of the remaining 2 sets, with our sincere gratitude and appreciation - help like theirs from our backer community is just as valuable to us as the financial investment you all made."

      I know your specialty is audio engineering, but hopefully you can now see that decent external communication can also play a large part in a successful campaign...

      Good luck for your final few weeks, and I will cross my fingers that a shipment date is planned for inclusion in your next update.

    17. Rob Sánchez on

      Finally a little bit of honesty. You should really write more honest updates more often.

    18. Missing avatar

      ttan on

      With what this update has just described, it appears we are in the alpha test phase of this project. And possibly, very early beta testing phase beginning now. Assuming they are happy with this beta test, the out-of-beta testing will probably start next year. So, factoring in Xmas break and Chinese New Year production shutdown AND they produce the rest of the accessories in parallel with these testing stages. IMO, March would be the very earliest they can start any mass production started. This is, of course, assuming absolutely nothing else disrupts the progress. But sadly, with most project financing, the longer the project delays, the more money is needed for it. And, I fear, financing is probably the main issue the are or have been facing for quite a while now. So, in summary, if it does get delivered to us, it should be quite some time away.

    19. Missing avatar

      maandag on

      This is not an update, this is just a defense to some of the critisism and questions in the comments of the update of last week you ignored till now. Can you please give a serious update? Is there nothing you can say about a timeline?

    20. Missing avatar

      Emma Halliday on

      Just please tell us when we are likely to receive these - this side of Christmas of 2015 or Christmas 2016 would be a start. Mine was suppose to be a present for a birthday last Autumn!

    21. Gustav Öst on

      Finally an admission to that you are in fact NOT preparing shipping since you DO NOT HAVE the units yet!
      How can you say that you are preparing shipping when you do not have the units?!
      Are you running around in a warehouse with pretend speakers putting them into imaginary boxes?
      Always lies!