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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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Carry case / reviews

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

A reminder of what we are preparing:

  • Backer reward and address database (BackerKit is now closed and we are preparing shipment. If you want to edit your address, please private message us your new address on Kickstarter. We will then edit our database manually and our team will make sure it is delivered accordingly). 
  • Logistics 
  • Picking and packaging 
  • Delivery

Throughout this process we will provide you with additional pictures, videos and delivery details.

Carry case

Remember the carry case?

The carry case for the FS-X was inspired by the original FS-1 carry case. The FS-1’s carry case was admired for its robust quality and ability to stand the test of time, all while exhibiting a stylish exterior.

We have worked hard to find a way of maintaining the stylistics and quality of the old FS-1 carry case while remaining cost effective and being easy to produce.

The FS-X carry case is waterproof (not “hold-under-a-tap-proof!”), it is protected against minor spills and light rain. It is also shockproof, so, if you are out and about with your FS-X, we can ensure that it will be able to withstand any bumps or small drops.

Now, the delay with development has meant that we have had the opportunity to further improve our carry case.



Key improvements:

  • Higher quality, more durable material 
  • Strap (thanks to Marsha Tyszler for this suggestion)


Please note: we will be resuming professional reviews while we are preparing shipment. We would like to stress that this will not result in any further delay of shipment and it is something that we can achieve in parallel.

We have built 120 new stereo sets which are now being thoroughly tested and put through their paces. They all incorporate the improvements and adjustments noted in last week’s update.

The first batch of 20 sets is ready to go, and will be sent immediately to bloggers and professional reviewers.

If you would like us to contact any appropriate blogs for professional reviews, please let us know in the comments.

Your next update will be no later than a week from now, Wednesday 23rd September.

All the best, 

The Frankenspiel Team


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    1. VictorJ on

      This is just BS.

    2. Jay on

      People are generally too harsh with their comments, but I don't think that bloggers should be the first people you ship to. Backers should be your #1 priority.

    3. Missing avatar

      Andreas Hamm

      First you're saying that Marsha had that straps idea... well not really. I did and you wanted to come back to me and you never did. Proof:…

      Then you're sending it to reviewers first. Really?! This is like the example above: you'll get back to your backers when you might think it's an appropriate time to do so, which tends to be never.

      You're ignoring the backer comments for months, not responding to any of them. I've already sent a post-funding issue report to Kickstarter (go to the campaign, scroll all the way down and report it to Kickstarter), because I'm really fed up by everything you've done in the past months and if you read my comments in the chat mentioned above, you'll see I've had a different attitude 6 months ago.

      @Adrian Joss: Since they don't respond to your or my comment anyways, why are you waiting the 48 hours? Next update is next week, that's more than 48 hours.

    4. Adrian Joss on

      HA Ha Ha 20 speakers to go to bloggers so they can say how great they are, increase the pre orders on speakers that will never arrive. May I suggest that if any blogger review is posted before you receive your speakers, please be sure to comment on the reviewed page. Might make Frankenspiel think twice, but i doubt it.
      I have gone out and purchased a hat made from sugar paper just in case, but i am sure it will just disintegrate over time. What happened to the photos of the 1083 speakers in a warehouse awaiting shipping.
      @Darius I commend you on your optimism.
      Come on David respond. they await my call 48hours remaining.

    5. Crispin

      Thanks for the update and great to see you are now beginning the refinement of QA processes and getting ready to ramp up production.
      Like others I'm puzzled why you would send the first units to reviewers if you now feel they are ready (and you aren't using the reviewers as another quality check). Shouldn't the first units go to backers? After all, we are the ones who funded your product, we didn't do that so you could send units to other people... I'm not intending this comment to be rude, I'm genuinely puzzled why you would seemingly intentionally disrespect your patient backers even further, or is there another reason for this approach that you haven't mentioned?

    6. Gustav Öst on

      "We would like to stress that this will not result in any further delay" - I would like to stress that your credibility when it comes to delays is a bismal.
      I still do not believe that you have got the hardware near you.
      There was a picture a very long time ago showing a room waiting for the speakers. I would like to see those boxes filled with speakers.
      One box with 9, possibly 12, speakers visible is not the 1800 speakers you need for backers.
      Why doesn't shipping start now? What needs to be prepared?
      Put reward in box. Print label. Ship.
      You seem to have no further actions to be done before shipping.

    7. Missing avatar

      Darius Zaerin on

      It's a nice update with some substance, Thank you. Great to see some finished units.
      Some feedback; a timeline with specifics is still missing. How long do you expect it to take for all units to be out the door.
      Next, speaking of waterproofing, have the speakers got their IP certification?
      If I'm honest, I kind of preferred the old carry case, but that doesn't matter at this point...if the material has better qualities then that's a good thing, so thank you.
      What kind of testing procedures are you performing? It would be interesting to see. Testing the first look units didn't go so well.
      Finally, and I know I'm hard on you and unpleasant (deal with it) but what's the point telling us to communicate with you in the comments when you have ignored them entirely so far and shown no signs of reading them? It's kind of another joke really.
      Please start responding to our legitimate questions. Now you have something to deliver maybe you'll feel confident enough to pull your head out of the sand.
      As for your request, I read and follow the android authority and Engadget blogs. Android authorities credibility has gone downhill a bit, they have become a bit of an advertisement site, but reviews from either of them would be very interesting since I have an idea of their standards, although richer sounds and advancedmp3players would also be good and are maybe more thorough when it comes to audio.
      Thanks guys, look forward to hearing from you - it doesn't have to wait till next week.

    8. Lewis Purvis on

      Every update is a slap in the face! Send the units to the backers!
      Erm timeline?
      Can we have some dates?
      How do you not know what time your completed units will be delivered? or the parts to be assembled at least?
      The backers do not care about the Bloggers/reviewers etc. I understand that we asked you to be honest and transparent and thank-you for doing that, but we want to know your plans as far as how long it will take your backers to get their units , based on current timelines and availability of parts etc...

    9. Missing avatar

      VHF on

      @stack.reverse() +1

      "Please note: we will be resuming professional reviews while we are preparing shipment. We would like to stress that this will not result in any further delay of shipment and it is something that we can achieve in parallel."

      Except sending the first 20 units to reviewers instead of backers is by definition a delay, unless you are simultaneously sending 20units to backers as well?

      And if everything is ready to go, where is our timeline and estimated ship date? Seriously. 6 months ago I was contemplating backing the sub (I know, nuts). Now...

    10. Missing avatar

      stack.reverse() on

      "The first batch of 20 sets is ready to go, and will be sent immediately to bloggers and professional reviewers."

      Why not to the first 20 backers?