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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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Button sequence demo

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

Over the next week or so we will be preparing our order files, logistics, picking and packaging. Throughout this process we will provide you with additional pictures, videos and delivery details.

We will be resuming professional reviews while we are preparing shipment. We would like to stress that this will not result in any further delay of shipment and it is something that we can achieve in parallel.

Button sequence (improvements in user experience)

We have recently simplified the operation of the FS-X in the interest of improving the user experience.

Please find below some demonstrations of the improved FS-X. It is not only more seamless in its control, but there are also clear improvements in the ease of use; something the ‘First Look’ backers will be able to instantly identify.

Please note: LED colours; blue is for Bluetooth mode, red is for when Bluetooth is off.

Dual pairing 

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Key improvements: 

  • Quick press to turn on, rather than an extended press 
  • FS-X flashes blue to indicate the master-left-channel

Dual mode demo (Jason Derulo)

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Key improvements: 

  • No cut-outs (within range) 
  • Minimal delay

Single mode wired / Bluetooth demo (Jason Derulo)

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Key improvements: 

  • Seamless control between wired and Bluetooth operation

Please note: changes to the user interface (button sequence) do not affect performance. They will simplify operation and as discussed with the ‘First Look’ reviewers, they will ensure that the FS-X is easier to use.

Changing your address

We have received several emails and messages enquiring about changing your address.

BackerKit is now closed and we are preparing shipment. If you want to edit your address, please private message us your new address on Kickstarter. We will then edit our order file manually and our team will make sure it is delivered accordingly.

We will announce the deadline for address amendments in the next update which will be no later than Wednesday 16th September.

All the best, 

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Danny Dierickx on

      Interesting stuff @Jeremy , thanks for that link.

      So in the 2012-12 archive there are these 4 records : , , and , ..... (created 2012-03-20) and (created 2012-03-20) running from Zaandam (Holland, Wibautstraat 207, apt 2). (created 2011-10-17) and (created 2011-10-18 , EXPIRES 2015-10-18 !!! ) running from Wormerveer (Holland, Vondelstraat 68, apt 4).
      So apparently some extended planning has been done.

      All 4 sites registered to Bart Broer.
      The status for also states : "clientTransferProhibited". Hmmm.
      Luckily it also states his phone number : "Registrant Phone: +31.634016171"

      I wonder if there are any backers who live near these places.... From what i can see on google streetview i think Wormerveer is the place to be. (looks like the same type of windows as in the button sequence video)

      I'm not asking for a witch hunt here, but hopefully we can get more info from a first person meet, than from these silly updates.
      As far as we know, there exist only 10-12 of these devices. (5 first look backers and himself, all stereo, 12 pieces)
      As long as we don't receive any definitive proof that there exist MORE than these 12, ...., i think we should forget about ever receiving these speakers. (based on the intel we have now)

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on


      Same domain owner, so yes, I'd say so.

      So, let's think about this. Product marketed by the same person has already existed since 2011 or so. Introduce new product and kickstart it, pretending to be a different company making a brand new device. Print up some new cases for existing old stock and send it out as if it were new product? Am I getting warm here?

    3. Adrian Joss on

      I am really confused to why it has taken so long and your continued BS. Sounds like you already cracked this or had a better product back in 2012 see this Which article
      They look identical, and with all our money sounds like you are going backwards. If you already had the technology and manufacturing this should have been a walk in the park for you. If we do not receive our products, I think it will be easy to prove deliberate fraud here.

    4. Danny Dierickx on

      Exactly as expected and predicted. I rest my case.

    5. Gustav Öst on

      I still do not believe that you have got the hardware near you.
      If someone else reading these comments remember a post saying something like "we got the hardware from China", please point me towards that.
      There was a picture a very long time ago showing a room waiting for the speakers. I would like to see those boxes filled with speakers.
      Why doesn't shipping start now? What needs to be prepared?
      Put reward in box. Print label. Ship.
      You seem to have no further actions to be done before shipping.

    6. Jimmy Stiers on

      Again no shipment date? C'mon guys...

    7. Missing avatar

      Craig Trickett on

      I'd like a video showing the speakers at a wide distance apart from themselves. e.g. 5 meters or so. Also in this video can you show the location of the phone in comparison to the speakers. This was the main problem for me. At any reasonable distance apart, the cut outs in sound would start. With the speakers close together it was more reliable but still occured.


    8. Peter J on

      Will there be any paperwork in with the units stating the exact specs, expected frequencies, range, instructions etc?

    9. Lee Gibson on

      Yes I was on android. I as a tester would like to have seen the same. I ended up not doing a video as one unit died on me, it was probably a button issue though that unit acted very differently to the other one which worked correctly and I have highlighted it to Frankenspiel.

    10. Missing avatar

      Lennart Prelle on

      I'm missing the "specific timeline" as you announced in the last update. I also need a date or a month so a know if I need to change my address!

    11. Missing avatar

      Dave Fowler-Timms on

      Thanks guys.

      All of your demos to date have shown the FS-X working on iPhones. Would you be able to show it working satisfactorily on Android phones, whether there are any functional differences and what they are?

      Thanks again.