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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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Testing complete

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

We have completed our final phase of testing to ensure the FS-X is 100% ready for shipping.

In our next updates we will be able to provide you with more pictures, videos, a specific timeline and we will resume reviews with professional bloggers and YouTube vloggers.

We will resume reviews whilst we are preparing to ship. This does not mean we will be delayed by further reviews, rather it is something we can achieve in the meantime.

Following our last update, we can confirm our final position on a few additional functions and specs.

Range of dual mode

When operating the FS-X in dual mode, the range has now been extended from 5 m to 8 m.

Power controls, button sequence (simplifying in the interests of user experience)

  • We are dropping the ‘power saving mode’ selection. Automatic power saving mode is now implemented instead (refer to previous update). 
  • Default setting will be around 100 dB (for most music). 
  • When using default setting and operating at 50% on your device’s volume control, the FS-X will deliver normal listening conditions at around 70 to 80 dB. This will extend battery life up to 60 hours, instead of 50 hours. 
  • There will be only one power boost mode, taking you up to 110 dB (for most music). This will give a battery life of a minimum 20 hours, depending on the music type and precise volume setting. (E.g. Higher dB, less playtime. Lower dB, more playtime.)

Please note: changes to the user interface (button sequence) do not affect performance. They will simplify operation and as discussed with the ‘First Look’ reviewers, they will ensure that the FS-X is easier to use.

We will be releasing a video to demonstrate the button sequence in the next update/s.

Your next update will be no later than a week from now, Wednesday 9th September.

All the best, 

The Frankenspiel Team


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    1. Danny Dierickx on

      Hmmm, i see the spinmeisters are at it again.
      We won't see this speaker in our hands before year's end.

      --> "In our next updates"
      Ask George Takei might say : Oh my !
      Plural? Not 1 update? I assume we have to read this as at least 3 more updates/weeks before shipping will start.

      --> "100% ready for shipping"
      Really? 100% ? And you still need plural "updateS" for this? Not just 1 ? I can't believe this number.

      --> "we will be able to provide you with more pictures, videos"
      Yeah right.... If i recall correctly you didn't provide anything so far, only reposting the video of a first look backer and (almost) claiming it as if you did any effort on it.

      --> "In our next updates" and "a specific timeline"
      Hah! A "specific" timeline, good luck with that.
      So what can this mean... Will you provide us a timeline in one of the plural "updateS" ? In the 1st next update, the 3rd, ... ? Or should we read this as plural as well ? Multiple and ever-changing "specific" timeline....S ! (see what i did there? plural!)

      --> "preparing to ship"
      Oooooooh greeaaaatttt.... There going the route of Micro$oft Windows.... "Preparing to shutdown", "Preparing to configure", "Preparing to move/copy/delete files", "Preparing to install", "Preparing to prepare", ....

      --> "resume reviews whilst we are preparing to ship" and "does not mean we will be delayed by (further) reviews"
      Wait, what? You're going to hand-deliver FS-X's to the reviewers? You're not going to ship them? Or will they also have to wait for the preparing to end?

    2. Missing avatar

      VHF on

      Excellent news! 100% ready to ship! So we should all be receiving our speakers at the same time as the reviewers etc and should be seeing reviews of the speakers coming out as we have them in our hands. Because frankly, if they are 100% ready to ship, and if the reviewers are not causing a delay to our shipping, there should be no difference in when we get ours and when they get theirs right? If we don't get a dispatch notification before we see reviews, I will be livid, and it would be totally unacceptable - it will be the last nail in the coffin of trust for me, and regardless of how good these speakers are, you can forget about me backing your subwoofer, and can count on some bad press from me and no doubt countless others backers. Why p*ss off your backers even more by getting some units to external reviews first?You will lose a lot that way. Most of us are no longer interested in seeing videos/pics particularly if it is now production ready. THINK ABOUT IT. Rant over...for now

    3. Sam Taylor on

      You say in the first line they are "100% ready for shipping" so it'd be nice if you shipped them now :) thanks

    4. Edward Wilcox on

      Yeah... I have been pretty patient also. I want my speaker guys. I had wanted another one, but I am holding off till I get the one I already paid for. Please let us know when these are shipping....

    5. Jovy Low on

      I've been patient so far with this project. Haven't said anything, but this can't go on and on without anything concrete.

      Can we please have pictures that the Speakers are with you and are near to shipping condition?

      Not even a video. Just a picture. Of the Speakers. Not just one item. Like boxes filled with them.

      Please? I've trusted you guys since the beginning and even with the delays. But this is really pushing it.

    6. Missing avatar

      Richard Sutton on

      In updates 75 and 76 they said "Once we have achieved positive results, it will take approximately two weeks for your rewards to reach you." They've sorted out the bugs so our speakers should be with us within a fortnight! Right?

      Unless of course it's another of David's giant porky pies and they haven't even started manufacturing the pcb's yet.

    7. Gustav Öst on

      I still do not believe that you have got the hardware near you.
      If someone else reading these comments remember a post saying something like "we got the hardware from China", please point me towards that.
      There was a picture a very long time ago showing a room waiting for the speakers. I would like to see those boxes filled with speakers.
      Why doesn't shipping start now? What needs to be prepared?
      Put reward in box. Print label. Ship.
      You seem to have no further actions to be done before shipping.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dave Fowler-Timms on

      Guys, I am not interested in pictures and videos - I know what the FS-X looks like and the sound on the video is only going be, at best, as good as whatever I'm listening to the video through. It may be something you could use for marketing to the populous but please don't waste time on them until us backers have our kit.

    9. Lewis Purvis on

      Ship them!!!!
      Just Freaking Ship them!!!
      When they are on their way you can worry about video demos, just ship the damn things!

    10. Jh G Yoon on

      so when u ship them ?