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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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‘First Look’ Video & Other News

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

We’d like to say a big thanks to John H. Halpern, M.D. for sharing a video of his ‘First Look’ units, testing various music clips.

A reminder from our last update, all ‘retail’ units will have airtight gaskets and all ‘retail’ units will be varnished with UV coating (the ‘First Look’ units were only spray painted), this will ensure they are harder wearing and more scratch resistant.

You can see from JHH’s video he tests some limitations of the FS-X. For example, introducing the special edition case between the left and right units in dual mode. To be clear, small objects like this will work fine but if you were to use dual mode between walls or doors you will experience cut-outs. This is a limitation imposed by Bluetooth technology.

Another limitation imposed by Bluetooth technology is range. Slightly more power will be used on the master (left channel) in dual mode, this is because it has to both transmit and receive. For this reason, when dual mode is in operation, wireless range will decrease to around 5 m, instead of 10 m (in single mode) between your device and the master FS-X.

In other news, we are considering introducing a special cable to our webshop once we have delivered your rewards. This cable will allow you to pair up with a buddy or add another set to use 4 FS-Xs at once, creating a wall of sound.

If this sounds interesting, please let us know in the comments. We will of course offer a considerable discount on arrival to Kickstarter backers and early adopters.

We are in the final phase of testing to ensure the FS-X is 100% ready for commercial purposes (testing was reopened after our software changes and bug fixes were complete).

Once we have completed final software testing, we will be able to provide you with more pictures, videos, a specific timeline and we will resume reviews with professional bloggers and YouTube vloggers.

Your next update will be no later than a week from now, Wednesday 26th August.

All the best, 

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Craig Trickett on

      Hey @Nick Martin, just wondering, did you get the "brick" speaker through the post? Don't get me wrong, the FS-X does sound better. But considering the price difference I'd really expect it to. Sadly, the first look edition of the FS-X I was sent made it unbearable to listen to for any length of time due to cut offs in sound.

      The trusty brick has been running in my bathroom for a couple of years now and hasn't faulted. No it doesn't have 50 hours of battery life but tests of the FS-X show that doesn't either. Nor do I mind charging it up if I'm going out somewhere for the day. Realistically, 14 hours would give two days of pretty solid music playback.

      In short, my thought was £15 with next day delivery included for the Brick... plus two years use playing music in my garden and bathroom vs £80 for two FS-X and a two year wait.

    2. Missing avatar

      Lennart Prelle on

      FYI: This video is not viewable from Germany

    3. Nick Martin on

      @Craig - I just ordered one of those speakers from Amazon. They sound amazing & the price is just a giveaway! I'll let you know what I think - I get it on Friday so will post here.

      @Creator - I think @Craig should be taken up on his offer of testing the latest version of the speaker. He sounds like he has the knowledge to be able to offer an authentic review. You might be missing a trick there. I also add my concern for the lack of photographs of stock - perhaps you'd be kind enough to rectify this at your earliest convenience. Also, I suggest you read a link from one of the Guys in the main comments section who has cut & pasted your Updates - in date order - with your constant promises of delivery dates! It's farcical! Truly! You sound like a bunch of amateurs playing at the big boys games! And certainly somebody that has got way out of depth with their original Project. Good Luck!

    4. Missing avatar

      Mikel Larrea on

      As commercial strategy, you should send the FS-X first and then announce any other gadget to be used with them. No one here (not me at least) is going to buy you a subwoofer or cables until they see the FS-X in their hands.

      The video is great but the @creator can't have the credit of this. A photo of a batch of FS-X and a realistic timeline for testing and shipping would be "nice" for the next update.

    5. Missing avatar

      Craig Trickett on

      Just a thought here, I was a First Look Backer and was asked to return my unit once it had been tested. I did this and was told I would have a new set sent to me within days. Seeing as you are now at the stage of testing again, can you send me a new "test" set so that I can verify that the issues have been resolved? I accept that this will not be a full consumer version e.g. paint work etc but it should have the issues ironed out.

      I'm happy to report back any issues I do find and also return the units when my full consumer version is ready.

      This would re-instate confidence regarding other backers too as it shows that your claims of fixes and testing are true.

      Many thanks

    6. Gustav Öst on

      I believe @Darius has adheared to the "Be respectful and considerate." clause on an appropriate level at this time.

    7. Missing avatar

      Bjarte Odin Kvamme on

      Such anger from some of the backers.

      Timeline is busted well and beyond again, but I guess that is to be expected. Just hope they get here before christmas :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Darius Zaerin on


      the only good and valuable stuff in this update was achieved by a backer, and anyone following had already seen it! some stupid cable is another dumb hypothetical idea that should NOT be occupying your time and minds. get one speaker working, then two together as promised, then get your next idea working before you dare to mention it. as it is it was the only substance from you in this weekly update, and it is SO irrelevant your audacity to make even the crumbs you provide such trash is one again infuriating!
      your excuses about bluetooth that you're trying to slide under the table by waving your fantasy cable around is still BS. GOOD bluetooth devices have a range of 40m+.
      finally, the status report, the ONLY THING WE WANT TO HEAR, was LITERALLY the exact same text as last week. F*** you too

    9. Gustav Öst on

      Pictures. Software doesn't have to be tested and/or done for hardware to be photographed.
      Show us there are more units than just the test units.
      At least address the concern that backers do not believe that hardware has been produced.
      Also. Don't care about blogs and vloggers. Last one wrote an article like he hadn't touched one.

    10. Missing avatar

      Filip Murmak on

      Craig: to be fair, most bluetooth chips use very high audio compression in order to achieve such flawless transmission. The sound quality is usually bellow average then. The more quality, the more data transmitted.

    11. Missing avatar

      Craig Trickett on

      Yes thank you John for your video. As a first look backer, my issue was more to do with putting the speakers either side of a 5m room and then having cut outs in sound when people walked in between. This didn't involve doors or walls or anything like that. John's video simply demonstrates the speakers at around 80cm distance, no where near the 5m range. I currently have a single bluetooth speaker that does work through walls and my phone can be around 20m from the speaker. It only cost £15 roughly. With this in mind, I hate hearing comments about the nature of bluetooth range.…

      I really hope that the consumer version of these speakers does include fixes for this issue as I've been dying to get my hands on a replacement set of FS-X since sending back my first look set.

      As for the new cable, I think the idea is great. Sadly though I think it has the massive downside that is that you would need four FS-X speakers. At around £40 a speaker, thats £160 plus the cost of a cable. Thats a lot of money considering that you can get wireless surround sound systems for similar.

      I agree the FS-X is portable etc, but lugging four speakers around and then having to use a special cable etc doesn't make it too portable. Why would I have four speakers like this on the beach, or in a park etc?

      Finally, until I'm happy that two FS-X can work as I would expect across a 5m room, I'm not going to double my investment into another pair.

    12. Peter J on

      That's really weird, they sound just like the speakers I already have on my desktop... ;)