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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
1,083 backers pledged £84,768 to help bring this project to life.

Feedback Pt. 3

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

Over the past few days we’ve had the chance to talk to both John H. Halpern, M.D. and bsl100 who have both offered some excellent feedback.

bsl100’s recent comment has provided a good summary of our conversation. Also JHH has submitted a final review in which he found surprising results.

It is clear there remains some work to be done so that the shipped product has eliminated all of the frustrations outlined by the ‘First Look’ backers. The FS-X needs to not only sound incredible, but in operation it should be as user-friendly as possible.

We do tend to obsess about audio quality but we also appreciate that the user controls and other functionality issues are important. There's no question we're close and with limited resources, our small team has benefited greatly from the feedback of the ‘First Look’ backers.

To summarise:-

  • Simplification of power setting button clicks 
  • Bug fixes in power management 
  • Bug fixes in LED colors

We do not expect this work to cause significant further delay and we intend to provide you with positive news in our next update.

Once we have completed these final improvements, we will be able to provide you with a specific timeline and we will resume reviews with professional bloggers and YouTube vloggers.

Your next update will be no later than a week from now, Wednesday 12th August.

All the best, 

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Jh G Yoon on

      This is worst project of kickstarter
      No more backing any other project because of u!! Liar! I don't need this speaker now!
      U must refund my money losers!

    2. Marcus Sundman on

      John, what corner? I have seen no change in David's behavior. Still the same BS every time. However, I do like that some backers are acting as testers, because then we can actually get some (hopefully) honest information. But of course David does his normal despicable BS by (publicly) disregarding or even denying all real problems while highlighting positive feedback. It would be so easy to be on the level, but no, not David.

    3. John H. Halpern, M.D.

      Marcus Sundman: of course, I understand your position and well-remember just how often we weren't getting any details or were getting misleading ones. Yet, I do think FS is turning the corner with the speakers and with all of us. Will it last? Is it genuine? Since we can't just jettison the very Creators building these speakers, I am encouraging those who are really ready to try to hit them hard to just try to lessen the onslaught and see if we can achieve more that way.

      #Lewis MacQueen - c'mon, it doesn't make any sense that they have early test units that shipped out to 5 backers and they are being more responsive and inclusive with us (finally but there is room to grow too). There can be many legitimate reasons to not post the requested photos, too.

    4. Marcus Sundman on

      John, I'm gald to hear that they sound good. That doesn't change the fact that David is dishonest and outright despicable.

      "He knows any further delays will create tremendous anger and worsened disbelief."

      While delays are not good, that is not the point that most of the outraged backers have had problems with. The main issue is the spin, lies, dishonesty and deception at every turn, every step, in every post. According to David these were ready for production over a year ago, and he just can't admit that anything is wrong or faulty, that there might be some bugs or problems with something. No, it just needs a bit of tweaking to make it more perfect and then it's ready to go, just like it has been every single week for over a year now. Right.

      Let me reiterate, it's not about the delays, it's about the deception regarding the actual state of affairs.

    5. Lewis MacQueen on

      @john H, if David DEFINITELY gets it, as you say. Then I am sure he will post some pictures as proof these actually exist and in sufficient quantity to deliver. His refusal to do so only leads to further suspicion. Frankenspiel have not been trustworthy to date and there can only be one reason why they refuse to post pictures.

    6. Bryce N. McPherson on

      Bass = low frequencies
      Base = Where the rebels are.........
      c'mon we are talking about audio products here!

    7. Missing avatar

      LO! on

      Even though this has already gone on way too long, would you prefer get a well-debugged product in six months, or a buggy one in six weeks?

      I'd choose to wait for the good thing.

    8. John H. Halpern, M.D.

      Holy Smokes, Dear Fellow Backers! The sample speakers sent to me overall are just amazing. I know it really can be hard to take David and colleagues as being on the level with us, but I encourage you all to give them more support. Right now, they really are communicating regularly and responsively and with an advance date deadline for updates: we want to thank them for that and to keep improving those efforts.

      As for the speakers, they are NOT disappointing. I just today showed the speakers to a studio session musician who wants one as a reference speaker and who could not believe these little speakers produce the sound that they do: they fill a room much better than should be possible.

      In his phone call to me, David DEFINITELY gets it. He knows any further delays will create tremendous anger and worsened disbelief. I feel more certain than ever that we will be getting our FS-X's and that Frankenspiel has a unique and important product to be proud of and for all of us who helped back them to also be proud of.

      I just don't think right now is the best time to further beat the Creators up.

    9. Marcus Sundman on

      "we intend to provide you with positive news in our next update"
      That's not what we've been asking for. We have been asking for THE TRUTH!!!
      You're saying now that you're fixing bugs, but you have not even acknowledged that there is anything wrong in the first place. You never admit anything, always just try to spin it, to lie more, to deceive, to buy more time. I don't think I've ever hated anything as much as your personality, David.

    10. Missing avatar

      sergio lopez on

      Ok, i was patient, with my trap set and i was patiently waiting like the rest, you have my 80 pounds, but now i am going to give you my opinion about you and your team, with that you can say that you 'have it all from me' including my patience.

      You David, and all your team are bunch of useless scammers who wouldn't be able to construct speak even with a Lego set, the community gave you 84000 pounds, which is more than the double than you asked for this scam, I am not blaming you for stealing 84000 pound legally from us, I blame this amazing website who encourages people to put money in dark wholes, without any kind of warranty if we will see our money back or the stupid thing we bought, because 'this is not a shop, this is for ongoing revolutionary projects blablabla'

      I if could, i would call the police on you and accuse you of stealing, sadly police will laugh at me.

      I have never ever in my life seen a team who is unable to develop a project in 4 times more time than PROJECTED.

      Because let's face it, if you have a stupid product like yours that you want to put here on kickstarter, i assume, all the engineering plus planning plus checking prices of manufacturing etc etc and all those things which i dont know nothing about are done BEFORE putting the project in the website, not changing it in an ad hoc fashion based on 'feedback' 9 months after getting the money

      YOU SHOULD OF HAVE A PROTOTYPE, which was already REVIEWED BEFORE putting the stupid thing in this fantastic website, so when the money gets in the only thing you need to do is get going with the things you had ALREADY PLANNED.

      Tell me that you and your ludicrous team of minions have done that, please tell me that.

      I am going to put all my effort, that your name, and the name of your company buzzez loud enough on internet to ensure, you can never get any kind of contract again, fortunately for me i dont not have to give much proves of my version of the story to convince people, your work and the work of your minions speaks by itself.

      All this FACTS leave to only 1 possible conclusion

      1)You are a scammer, since the beginning, which is kind of ok since we are unprotected by this website
      2)You are a loser, like all your team, that cannot construct a speaker even with a lego set and more than the double of the money needed an 4 times more time

      Whichever it is of the 2 of them, is not relevant, the good thing is that God, punishes without stone or stick, and this my dear useless friend, will be following you the rest of your miserable life like the hunter of lion cecil.

      So welcome to the first day of the rest of your life

      PD:in 2020 when you and your minions finish the speakers, please lower your pants and underwear, and place them inside that whole you have there, i think they'll fit perfectly

      ! last thing i see a comment in the website saying 'Be respectful and considerate'

      That message it's for you, not for me

      Good luck in the audio systems market, I foresee you a great success in the future, for you and for all your family.

      So long loooooser

    11. Missing avatar

      Kevin Jacoby on

      Read on the update:
      "We do not expect this work to cause significant further delay and we intend to provide you with positive news in our next update."


      Guys seriously!! Hahahaha I laugh so bad.
      As if your guys had a clue on delay and how long stuff are going to take...

      Seriously. You are the most ridiculous compagny I ever had to deal with.

      What a joke guys...

    12. Jh G Yoon on

      Finally August but still can't hear about shipping WTF ! I guess this project is fraud i can't believe u guys anymore will ask my credit card issuer for refund SUCKS!

    13. Gustav Öst on

      Enough of the "professional bloggers and YouTube vloggers".
      We don't care. I understand it's important to you @Creator but the speaker I would like to receive is unaffected by this.
      Also. PHOTOS!
      Packaging, components, chargers... anything you have a few of.
      Prove that you have the speakers. That they are shipped from china.

    14. Lewis MacQueen on

      How about giving us something positive to go on, photos of the components, covers and chargers. some proof that you are at least close to finishing this.

    15. Jan-Willem Ruys on

      Looks good - happy to see you guys still going at this with such energy! Hope issues are minor and you can soon ship, sit down and have that well earned cold beverage of choice!

      By the way - my other Bluetooth speakers, even the expensive ones, drop out now and again - it's the nature of wireless communication I guess. For pure audio quality I'm planning to go wired anyway.