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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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China Pt. 5 (An Update from the Creator)

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

Our time in China is coming to an end and I’ll be flying back tomorrow evening.

We’re very happy to have closed everything down and we’re excited to move forward with the last stage of the project.

Like we said in our last update - we’ve entered a partnership with a fulfillment company, SKU Group, who are extremely efficient and experienced. They will also be dealing with customer service enquiries so you’ll have a number to call and an address to email in the event of any delivery complications.

Remember ‘Surface-mount Technology’ (SMT)? SMT is the method we’ve been using to produce our electronic boards.

Below is a picture of a sample of our new boards, successfully mass produced for the first time. And the 2nd is a picture of some of the reels that go into the machine to transfer the components onto the boards. Some of these reels will have enough (often minuscule) components to make over 1000's of boards.

Before this month, we’ve had to solder the FS-X components onto each board by hand! So this is a big step forward for us.

Of course, we’ve only shown you the back of the new boards, we just don’t want to make it any easier for our competitors to copy our hard work!

We use standard electronics off the shelf, but there is no component supplier or design house who is able to design and supply our modules. These have been designed in house with careful consideration of each and every component - all 150 of them!


We appreciate your comments about the colour scheme of the fastcharger in our update before last.

Here’s how the new fastcharger will look, all we need to do is add our logo.

Backers ‘First Look’

A member of our team has been in touch and we will be delivering the units for testing before the end of June.

These stereo sets, along with those to be sent to our bloggers and vloggers, will be delivered in special packages similar to these below!


We’re locking down the BackerKit choices today, following this, credit cards will be charged for those of you who have yet to pay for your add-ons chosen after the Kickstarter project. 

We were interested to find our top 5 countries by amount of backers and thought this might be of interest to you too! A big thank you for all of your continued support.

Great Britain - 278 

US - 182 

Germany - 128 

Netherlands - 67 

Australia - 54

We received pledges from 58 different countries so thank you to every single one of you. 

Here’s a reminder of our timeline: 


David returns from China (Thursday 18th June)

Test & review of production FS-Xs by reputable blogs

Finalising project in Amsterdam 

  • Final assembly of all FS-X units from components 
  • Packaging of units and accessories in gift boxes to be sent worldwide


Delivery of all units to backers

Your next update will be no later than a week from now, Wednesday 17th June.

All the best,

David Archer and The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Jason Emery, Jester of Valoria on

      Hi Jason Emery ;)

      Yeah, I had to go back and realize I had already ordered two cases. The funky way they worded that 'free stretch goal' made it sound like a discount on a separate sku.

    2. Dragonbait

      I'm hoping our patience will be rewarded with a discounted rate on the Base Speaker KS when it starts!

    3. Marsha Tyszler

      Seems like things are coming together!

      I assume the charger won't have those grid lines, correct? I'm just trying to understand why part of the fast charger is still blue. It just makes it look cheap because it doesn't match anything in the color scheme of any of the FS-X's available color choices. Can you explain why you can't make that piece black too? Like is there some technical reason that you're not expressing? I'm also curious why the plug adapter sticks out well beyond the power box itself. And I hope that the plug won't get stuck in the wall when it's unplugged. I've had this happen with adapters that are separate from the power supply to accommodate worldwide power outlets. It drives me batty (if I may borrow that expression from your countrymen, lol)!

      Hope you had a safe trip back! Be in touch!

    4. Jay on

      Hi Jason Emery ;)

      I popped on to add a fast charger as well, only to discover I already added one - it was so long ago I completely forgot I had done it ^_^

    5. Missing avatar

      Robert Morris on

      Would be asking to much for you to consider compensating everyone for their patience and understanding, by providing everyone with a fast charger?

    6. Jason Emery, Jester of Valoria on

      Thanks! I popped on to add a fast charger. Probably for the best, as a halfway decent dual-charger is going to cost at least that much, anyway.

      Now for the long wait to put the actual speakers through their paces.

    7. Missing avatar

      Alain on

      @Creators : This update make me feel a little more confident ...
      But it's just boring when you talk about your "Hard work". You failed to your first challenge -> Relations with backers.

      But I hope things are going well next month. I feel a little bit like last year at the same time .... waiting for my pair !!!

    8. Peter J on

      Still hoping to get these for my birthday in July... :)

      Can we get another update with links to all the b/vlog sites when the units have gone out?

    9. Frankenspiel Ltd. Creator on

      Woops, thanks @Miguel Van de Casteele! We did mean Wednesday 24th June.

      All the best,
      The Frankenspiel Team

    10. Missing avatar

      Maikel Lodewijk on

      Thank you guys for all the pictures! The unit really looks slick... I like how it shows us backers all the little details and give us an inside look...

    11. Miguel Van de Casteele on

      I think you meant 24th of June ;-)