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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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Shipping / Stereo Pairing / Tone Generator

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello backers,

In this update we will be elaborating on a few things based on your recent comments.


Your rewards will be sent as gifts, directly from our Amsterdam warehouse. This will ensure no further costs will be added, such as shipping taxes.

The production units will be initially, part assembled in China. The drivers and batteries will then be rail-freighted out of China, this will take approximately 2 weeks.

The rest of the components will be air-freighted, this will take a few days. And final assembly, picking and packing will be done from our Amsterdam warehouse.

Shipping from our Amsterdam warehouse will also help to shorten the overall delivery times as much as possible. Whereas shipping the fully assembled units out of China carries some risks of further delay, mainly associated with airfreighting the magnets (in the drivers), and the batteries which will be held up for special x-ray scans.

We are expecting to have a new, accurate shipping timeline put together in your next update and more information to follow.

Stereo Pairing Video w/ Left & Right Test

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Tone Generator

We posted a short video in our last update, demonstrating the frequency response of the FS-X at low frequencies.

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Here’s another two videos showing how the JBL and Bose speakers perform in the same test.

Notice how with the FS-X, all the notes are a smooth, continuous tone. This indicates a lack of distortion.

Remember: please use headphones whilst listening to all recordings.

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Your next update will be no later than a week from now, Wednesday 6th May.

All the best,

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Danny Dierickx on

      Well.... Today is the day.... I wonder.....
      --> ""Your next update will be no later than a week from now, Wednesday 6th May"" <--

    2. John H. Halpern, M.D.

      #Hong Shao Yang. It sure would be nice if the creator again spelled out why they're not going to issue any refunds. Please read why there is no way for you to proceed with requesting a refund.

    3. Hong Shao Yang on

      Good Day,
      I would like a refund of my £50 pledge for the FS-X. How can I proceed about this?

    4. John H. Halpern, M.D.

      #Luke Osborne: FS's David in the video apology released in October, 2014 stated that they'll issue refunds if they fail to deliver. There is no promise to refund at all and so you and the others who request refunds are not going to get any since FS feels they are still "honoring" their promises to deliver. This is the long and the short of it as best as I can figure out. I'm going to start responding with this message whenever yet another Backer makes this request because FS isn't commenting, is NOT getting in touch with any Backers making these requests, and you won't get any help or answers out of Kickstarter directly so at least we can try to answer some questions for each other...

    5. Luke Osborne on

      Again, what happened to the promise of money back? I want a refund, please get in touch.

    6. Lee Gibson on

      Okay as the aren't answering questions I will. The meter is for Hz, this is a bass frequency test, and yes the bass end is smoother and with my Sony studio headphones on I can hear it down to just below 30hz, which is very good considering the size of the speakers. Impressive, though using proper audio equipment would have produced more conclusive results. This has added a little more confidence for me as the previous video just showed their competitors were louder. Now what they need to do is test, finalise, stop fiddling with the design and actually get the things out.

    7. Missing avatar

      ttan on

      Took a look at the spectrums for all 3 tones:
      - The noise floor for the FS-X was about 15db to 20db louder than the other 2.
      - The tone loudness of the FS-X was a few db lower than JBL & about the same as Bose. - The JBL sounded like it had more energy in reserve.
      - The crackling bass noise on the 2 others were likely speaker cone distortion when playing bass tones low and loud.

      Notes: Would have been a fairer comparison if the FS-X was playing 15db to 20db louder. The low quality built-in mic on the iPhone would have some impact on the test. Every 3db increase is about twice as loud to human hearing perception.

    8. Piotr Kula on

      @Chris - ", and" is not the same as " and " --- But it doesn't surprise me since they testing sound in a bathroom with make shift cardboard boxes and a bloody iPhone. When I see that the whole story about tuning sound like crap to me, what did they use,a $5 ohm meter,, beter yet, an iphone ohm meter. Whatever... if I get the speakers this will be the 2nd kickstarted out of 8 that actually sent me something...

    9. Christopher D on

      The handling of this process has been atrocious. Period.

    10. Missing avatar

      Alain on

      @Creators: Nice joke ...

    11. Missing avatar

      Tyler Freeman on

      I recently changed my shipping address on the backerkit site, I assume it is not too late and this now the address you will be shipping to?

      I find it rather odd that you can't provide an update on the shipping time line (besides "we are sorry that we’ve had to push back our projections,") before the May 4th shipping date that had already been adjusted "to counteract any possibility of unforeseen slippage".

      You keep saying you've "pushed back projections" but you haven't actually changed any projections since March 30th.

      What has been the hold up? Has anything happened in these last two weeks since you said "we haven’t been able to send all the units from China to our Amsterdam warehouse yet"?

      Now you are saying "The production units will be initially, part assembled in China". It sounds like progress as gone backwards from "we haven't finished shipping from china" to "the final units have gone into pre-production" to what now sounds like "we haven't started partly assembling production units". If this isn't the case, you should provide clear status updates (as opposed to: "here's a video, we are sorry that we’ve had to push back our projections", which isn't really a status update at all.)

      I still have hope that we will receive the awesome speakers you are making. Based on the above however, I'm starting to think this is going to be one of the few failed kickstarter projects that I've backed. I second the request by @ttan for the sharing of shipment tracking numbers, or anything else you can do to provide us with proof of progress.

    12. Missing avatar

      ttan on

      Can you please share with us, the shipment tracking numbers for both the rail-freight & air-freight cargoes to Amsterdam, on or before the next update?

      Thank you.

    13. Gustav Öst on

      "The production units will be initially, part assembled in China."
      "will". WILL.
      Meaning they are not yet assembled. Two weeks for shipping after that. Maybe two weeks for assembly after that. Then shipping to us.
      Since this represents an unknown time until assembly in China and then the other steps that means we're at LEAST a month away until @creator can ship it from Holland.
      This MUST have been known for a while now. At a minimum a month. Around update 56.
      The time management of this project will go down in history. It must receive awards for the poorest estimation of time use ever recorded. Have been looking like the "La Sagrada Familia" project for a while now.
      They must be running out of cash as well. Paying salaries, R&D and production costs for a year now.
      I highly doubt I will ever receive my units.

    14. Missing avatar

      Tyson Barkman on

      I actually want my money back now...May 4th was suppose to be the shipping it's going to be some where in June? July? Again.

    15. Missing avatar

      bsl100 on

      @ Creator.... Another update with no specifics on delivery. Just some vague mention about trains and warehouses and batteries and magnets and x-rays.

      @ Backers... All three seem to have some usable Bass around the 65-75 Hz. The FS-X does seem to go lower, but as Gabardos Lucas and Crispin mention, its because they have recorded at higher sensitivity and volume for the FS-X and hence you hear the background hiss.

    16. Missing avatar

      Craig Trickett on

      Thanks @GABARDOS LUCS, so the lower the value is better? and we dont want the high value? Is that right?

    17. Lucas Gabardos on

      @Craig and Graham They are trying to show how low the FS-X can go, so the lower the value you get the better. The three speakers can go up to 20kHz. Here is a graph to help you understand what those Hz values mean :

      @Lewis I think the FS-X video was recorded with a higher volume so we could here the otherwise inexistent bass which makes the background noise louder. I may be wrong though.

    18. Crispin

      Thanks for the update, always great to hear how you're getting on and to get the latest info on the timeline!
      I think I agree with the comments below: the recordings are quite different, it sounds like the recording sensitivity is much higher on the FS-X example (yet still sounds quieter) and the frequency ranges being demonstrated are different between each product.
      Would not the purpose of a comparison demo like this be to have an equal environment and test parameters for all products so they can be objectively contrasted? Otherwise we are comparing apples and oranges.
      Still, I appreciate the generous intent, hopefully you can make another attempt while waiting for that train from China! :o)

    19. Chris on

      Hey Piotr Kula .... Try reading the whole sentence..... "which will be held up for special x-ray scans."

    20. Missing avatar

      Graham Wilson on

      I second what Craig and Lewis say, not only does the the FS-X sound very hissy when there is no hiss on the comparison JBL or BOSE but also why is the range so limited on the FS-X compared to the others ?

    21. Missing avatar

      Craig Trickett on

      85hz seems the max for the FS-X where as the JBL gets 138hz and the BOSE upto 109hz. I have no idea what this means... but noticed the difference. Maybe someone can explain?

    22. Missing avatar

      Craig Trickett on

      Although this video of the FS-X doesn't sound good or bad (lets face it, it's only a tone generator) I did notice the values on the screen of the phone go much higher for the JBL and the BOSE speakers. Does this not mean that they handle a bigger range and therefore sound better / clearer.

    23. Lewis Purvis on

      Thanks for the update guys. Can you explain the big background hiss on the video with the FS-X? it's not coming from the fs-x right? Doesn't seem to be on the JBL or Bose videos...

    24. Missing avatar

      Craig Trickett on

      Thank you for the update @CREATOR. Could you explain why there is a delay? We as backers understood that you expected to have these delivered to us on or before the 4th May. Now the next update will be here after that date however we've not been told any reason why. Also based upon your details in this update we are at least 1 month away from them being sent to us (I base this on 2 weeks rail travel plus 2 weeks to construct the speakers in Amsterdam).

      Any futher details you can give on reasons for this delay would be great.

      Thank you

    25. Piotr Kula on

      "mainly associated with airfreighting the magnets (in the drivers)" What does that mean? Can we not take these speakers on flights due to risk of damage... or?