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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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FS-X Mono Pairing

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

While you’re waiting for the full demo, here’s a quick video we've put together to show you just how easy it is to pair an FS-X with an iPhone.

We don’t want to keep you waiting so we’ll release as much material as we can, when we can from now on.

Many of you have noticed now that we are closing in on our final delivery projection and unfortunately we haven’t been able to send all the units from China to our Amsterdam warehouse yet.

Of course we are sorry that we’ve had to push back our projections, all we can say is we’re doing our very best in these final stages and we will be sending the products to you very soon.

From now on, we’ll be posting frequent updates with more material and more accurate news on shipping, as and when we know it.

We promise from now on, if we don’t send another update every week from the last, we’ll comment in the comments section in regards to our progress.

All the best, 

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Ben Hodgson on

      "we are sorry that we’ve had to push back our projections ... we will be sending the products to you very soon"

      That seems a fairly throwaway mention about a rather key piece of information, which you don't seem to have mentioned in any other updates or comments. Care to expand on this? If you're pushing dates back - again - I think we all deserve to know what the changed schedule looks like.

    2. Joscha Haering on

      A pairing video? Are you serious? And it's even a shitty video. I really hope the speaker isn't as bad as your (terrible quality) videos and your (even more terrible) customer "support". My expectations are getting lower and lower with every update you make.

      (And who the hell would support you in another Kickstarter campaign?)

    3. Missing avatar

      Matt Cook on

      We don't want your shit videos, we don't want your bullshit excuses, just get your thumbs out of your arses and get the speakers delivered. Your customer service is disgraceful. Would suggest you just put all efforts into get the speakers to the backers.

    4. Lee Gibson on

      And Stereo pairing? On Android as well?

    5. John H. Halpern, M.D.

      Creators, you actually start off this update writing, "While you’re waiting for the full demo,..." Ah.. NO, WE ARE NOT WAITING FOR A VIDEO. We are waiting for these speakers!

      So, why the need for the video? I have a much more cynical explanation: ONLY YOU GUYS NEED/WANT IT. And why? Because you have the same stale information on your company webpage and that video is important for your advertising... there is nothing important for us in this video.

    6. Missing avatar

      M.Y DJ on

      :/ I thought that April fool's day was celebrated on 1th April only ...
      In fact, that joke is not that funny :(
      Another summer without the final product in out hands ?

      - 50% on your next FS-Sub unit for the veeeeeeery patient backers of your first horrible KS campaign will be a fair deal
      (if this second product could be "quickly" delivered, I mean not in 10 month or an entire year)

    7. Missing avatar

      Alain on

      @Randy: My mistake ....

    8. Randy Philipp on

      @Alain, I do want to note that the logo on the speaker is the new logo.

    9. Randy Philipp on

      Oh, here we go again with promises of "more frequent updates", the same story have been hearing for months. "We'll be better, honestly. I know we messed up before, but this time, our word is good." I have to agree that a pairing video that last well under a minute doesn't make it look like you put much effort into this. Can we get an actual update?

    10. Missing avatar

      Alain on

      @Craig: Ok, my mistake. Sorry @Creators

    11. Missing avatar

      Craig Trickett on

      it is the newer logo I thought? The old one had the image of a head I think.

    12. Missing avatar

      Alain on

      @Creator: Why we can see the old logo you are not allowed to use in this video ? This gives us the impression that you have done the video with the speaker used for the launch party or even an older one. Bad job guys ....

    13. Edward Wilcox on

      Ok... This was extremely disappointing, really a pairing video? This is bull. I could have done that in 30 have lost the little faith I had remaining. I have been trying to be positive, but when you give such crappy updates... Give us some hard info. Dates? Real video of the unit playing Vs trying to show something we already know, it pairs...

    14. Missing avatar

      ttan on

      And please don't block the stereo speakers (and their led activities) while pairing, like you did in this video.


    15. Missing avatar

      ttan on

      Can we have a similar video of wireless STEREO pairing in action?
      Followed by a quick stereo channel test to hear the stereo playback in action?

      No need to make an elaborate demo; a short simple video would suffice.

    16. bazpoint on

      You could've made that video 100 times less annoying just by selecting a song on the iPhone, and clicking play. Even if it only played for a few seconds to end the video. Why not? In fact why don't you take 5 minutes out of your lunch break and do that now? Go on, I dare ya.

    17. Missing avatar

      Alain on

      @Creators : Show us pictures of differents parts of the speaker in China factory, show us something else than bullshit please.

    18. Marcus Sundman on

      "From now on, we’ll be promising that on every update we will promise that from then on we will be transparent and honest. Honestly."

      Don't you understand that even the most gullible of backers already see that every single thing that you say is just hot air and you trying to spin? Such as "unfortunately we haven’t been able to send all the units from China" when it's clear that you haven't even started the final production! Had you started the final production you would be certainly share this detail with us. But you haven't. So it's absolutely certain that you have not started the final production. So why would you then talk about not "been able to send all the units" as if you had been able to send *any* units from the final production? It is extremely clearly more spin and dishonesty, which you continuously promise to stop doing, yet continue doing.

      Instead of saying that you will be transparent and honest, how about, you know, actually being transparent and honest?

    19. Lewis Purvis on

      Bit of a slap in the face really guys. Haven't even updated your already creeping projections, let alone put out a comparison video! madness. This video shows us nothing more than the same way every other bluetooth speaker on the planet connects to a smartphone, and has simply been provided i assume to alleviate pressure from yourselves. I guess an update is better than none. Even some figures on some more techy aspects of the design usage would be a better thing to share with your backers if your goal is simply to give them something in an update that isn't bad news...

    20. Missing avatar

      Craig Trickett on

      Are you serious? It's taken you that long to produce a video 30 seconds long just showing it pair to an iphone? From memory we saw that almost a year ago! Hell I even saw videos during the campaign of a working FS-X but that was obviously a steaming pile of horse droppings.

      You also say in the update that the devices haven't arrived in Amsterdam from China yet... you then fail to say:

      Have they left China?
      What is the cause of the delay?
      How long is the expected delay?
      Why didn't you say about this before?

      I agree with Robin. More and more ridiculous now. Sadly though, I've been checking this page several times a day hoping that you decide to improve communications.

    21. Rob Sánchez on

      This is becoming more ridiculous with every update. Too bad really, I would have loved those speakers.