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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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Other News (Demo Coming Very Soon)

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

We’ve been doing our best but we haven’t had the chance to finish the demo yet. We have started filming and we will be finished very soon.

But don’t worry, we won’t leave this update blank.

The last few weeks have given us another chance to assess just where the FS-X is in terms of performance. And in advance of the demo/comparison video (with the JBL Charge2 and the Bose Soundlink Mini), we wanted to share some of the information we’ve put together. We hope this will clear things up, especially for those of you who a little less tech savvy as others might be...

Overall, in the final phase of tuning, the FS-X it seems, has gone to another level.

  • More volume than we promised 
  • More bass than we promised 
  • More playtime than we promised 
  • More standby time than promised 
  • Lower noise floor than we promised

We’ve talked a lot about max SPL of >100dB, but we feel we need to spend some more time explaining exactly how power and performance work with the FS-X.

First of all, Max SPL volume, has come out higher than we expected. And that doesn't seem to have been at the expense of battery draw. Raw Max SPL was peaking at around 93 dB, @ 0.5 metre, we are now getting values up above the 100 dB level @ 1 metre.

Here's a screenshot with average level music taken at 1 metre. “Average”, that is, in terms of the amount of energy in the music. For the demo we are testing music from different genres - some of which were suggested by you backers in Update #50 - to demonstrate the FS-Xs capability of mastering sound at different energy levels.

Please note: don’t be fooled by the middle and right hand side figures. The display retains the max dB (left hand side), whereas the current dB (middle) and peak (right hand side) reading continue to jump about as the track progresses.

The last phase of tuning has revolved around whether and how far, to dial back max volume. Obviously more dB is better. But if getting an extra 1/2 dB means significantly reducing battery life, it wouldn’t be worth it. So we’ve been taking our time to find the ‘sweet spot’.

Playing continuously at max volume, would of course drain the battery at a much quicker pace (maximum peak is at 3A for 10ms. We haven't found actual tracks that do this and it’s very unlikely you will too, but if you played the highest power draw music continuously (pure, continuous noise), theoretically you would drain the battery in around 12 hours.

Unlike other speakers, the FS-X tracks the music being played and tunes the amp and driver in real time to deliver the best result. The software looks at the energy level in your music, then computes how to tune the matched amplifier and driver to achieve the best possible result, with the least amount of energy - giving you the best possible sound with the most amount of playtime.

Check out the short video below, demonstrating how the software is working to tune the amp and driver. On the left is the current draw and on the right is the voltage. Notice as the music is playing, both values change.

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

For this particular music, at this volume, the draw average is around 60ma (0.06) and SPL is on average, around 90dB at 1 metre. We could easily achieve almost 50 hours playtime from this (2800ma / 60ma ~ 46+ hours).

So how much playtime you get from the battery depends on the volume AND the type of music being played. And the envelope does seem to be wider than we thought. Before we were looking at 50 hours @ 70 dB (40 from Bluetooth, 10 from cable). Now it’s possible to get almost 50 hours @ 90 dB (on either Bluetooth or cable). This is a whole lot more volume than before, for the same playtime. Dialling back to 70dB (what most see as the outer extreme of the "comfort zone") will obviously see a big increase in playtime than what it was.

The FS-X has become an extremely efficient sound system where advanced digital signal processing and filtering combine to balance the AMP and the driver in real time, to provide the highest quality digital sound. All from a tiny battery, with an extremely long playtime.

As always thanks for your support, here’s an updated timeline with our projections.

Remember: we extended our projections to counteract any possibility of unforeseen slippage, we are still on target for delivery.

We'll share the demo video with you in a new update, next week. The next update after that will be no later than Thursday 16th April 2015.

All the best, 

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Steven Rowe on

      And it's the 17th........

    2. Steven Rowe on

      And it's the 17th........

    3. Edward Wilcox on

      Is there going to be an update today?

    4. Gustav Öst on

      Suggested title for next update: Lies (More Lies Coming Very Soon)
      It's good because it's also a lie. More lies are of course coming, but not very soon.

      Editing video does not take this long. Just show us a damn picture! Anything that proves something actually exists. It's so weird that you don't admit there is nothing or show something.

    5. Adrian Joss on

      I have to say I am very disappointed to know that you seem to be spending my backer funds on your sub woofer. what has the sub woofer got to do with any of your backers at this time. I fully understand what it is to be a backer and i know the risks, but you are increasing the risk of failure spending our money on another campaign you have not yet launched. I will be surprised if any of your backers back your sub woofer campaign when you have failed on every level of this one. bunch of cowboys.

    6. Danny Dierickx on

      Well, we're officially past "next week" (your words) , where is the demo video ?
      And your timeline "Beginning of April : Release of the demo video" , we're the second week of April , i think that officially means that the beginning of April has come and gone....
      And what about the setting of the production date ? If during the beginning of April to mid-April all the FS-X have to be produced , that means 1572 individual units .
      As far as we know , production hasn't started yet and "mid-April" is in 7 days....
      Can we get an update, including the video, STAT !!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Robert Carrico on

      Now that it is "Beginning-April" has production in China started?

    8. JB on

      Esbjörn Rundberg I strongly agree with you. Though I'm obviously not surprised about the dealines not being met.

    9. Missing avatar

      bsl100 on

      @ Creator.....

      A little disappointed about the comparison video not being put up. Appreciate the communication and information.

      In the short video, the speaker seems to be playing quite loud, though the lower notes don't seem to be 60Hz as claimed in the frequency response specs. It seems more like something in the region of 100Hz.

      Looking forward to hearing the comparison video next week.

    10. Missing avatar

      Tom Davies on

      I don't get what you're trying to prove with the video, it looks like you've got you supply set somewhere between 3.9 and 4v and its just naturally flickering between the two because your supply doesn't have the resolution.
      How would.the amp.have any control over the voltage supply other than dragging it down if your current limit is set too low, which it doesn't look like it is in the video.

    11. Marsha Tyszler

      @Piotr Kula, I've wondered the same thing about some audio tests being done on a mobile app.

      @HaykeKookt and others, like @Dragonbait said, you can't ask for refunds on Kickstarter. This is unfortunately not a store where shipping dates are firm , and thus, you can't ask for your money back if you're not satisfied. Kickstarter explains the "estimated shipping date" in their FAQ's/Help Section/Manual, which can be read on the following pages:





      When I was new to Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other crowdfunding sites, I fully read about crowdfunding both on these sites and from outside resources so that I'd fully know what I was getting into. For each campaign, I not only read the provided resources carefully, but I do extensive research beyond that. I participate actively in the campaign, I try to find out whether I'm giving money to a reputable source (ie: checking if a business is established, reading about the people working for the campaign, etc.), and then I ask detailed questions to the campaign manager. This helps me know whether I think the project is viable, will be completed at some point, as well as whether the campaign is trying to steal my money (I was a part of the infamous, crooked LUCI campaign). I determine all of this before the campaign ends. If I have any doubts or major issues, then I pull out my money before that date; however, once the campaign closes and my money is taken, I'm all-in -- and while I hope that the product will eventually reach me around the projected shipping date, I fully understand that even a wonderful, responsible campaign may need to delay several times and/or may even be forced to shelf a project altogether if there are too many issues that can't be worked out (and no, money is NOT returned to backers in that case).

      Although most backers prudently do the same thing, there are still many people who don't seem to do their homework and then try to pass off their dissatisfaction to the campaign/s they backed. And that's just a shame because it hurts the campaigns' (many of which are small businesses, new businesses, and/or individual people) images, wallets, etc. when backers start complaining over things that they ought not be complaining. Furthermore, it distracts campaigns from their tasks at hand when they have to respond to various such complaints.

      I'm not trying to point a finger just at you, but this seems to repeatedly come up in the comments of various updates, not only for Frankenspiel's campaign but nearly every campaign I've participated in. At the end of the day, you're taking a chance on a company/individual's crowdfunding project when you give them your money. There are no guarantees that you'll get exactly what you hoped for on the promised date. Crowdfunding is a really awesome concept, but it's not for everyone. People needing a particular item, like speakers, by a certain date, should buy from a store. The item you eventually get from a project is meant as a thank you gift for essentially trusting a campaign by giving them your money upfront without guarantees of their success. They aren't even required to give you anything in return, but most campaigns that are developing tech and goods really want backers to have their items first.

      Please understand that many novel items are being developed through Kickstarter projects. The FS-X is one of them -- as this update shows, its specs are going to blow the competition away. People who back companies are here for more than just getting their hands on the technology first. We want to help shape a product through our input as potential users, We are interested in watching the development process unfold. We want to give small businesses and brand new items succeed by giving them our collective money because they may be having trouble securing venture capitalists' money that would allow them to develop prototypes, tooling, developing companion apps, hire design/advertising firms, and/or manufacture their inventions (Bragi's The Dash is an amazing example of such a situation). There are tons of reasons we do it, but getting the rewards is last on the list of reasons. We totally appreciate the rewards we get and proudly show them off to everyone . . . but we are mostly here to collectively give a good idea and business a chance to flourish. Anyone who is most concerned with delivery dates should consider whether they really ought to be backing crowdfunding projects. Perhaps some people wishing to become early adopters would be more suited to waiting until a company opens up the option of pre-orders (which typically have a more solidified delivery date) or waiting until it fully goes on sale.

      I've explained this elsewhere and I'm saying it here too since I've seen many comments about this. I'm hoping my explanation will help you understand the purpose of crowdfunding and will help people see that KS isn't a movement, not a store. Please be a part of this movement for the right reasons -- we need lots of wonderful people like yourselves to take part in supporting these kinds of projects! :-)

    12. Marcus Sundman on

      Please, if I want to drain the battery in around 12 hours then please, please, please let me drain the battery in around 12 hours! I very seldom need more than 2-3 hours, but I almost always DO need as much volume as I can get. So please don't limit the output (which I need) just so that I can get longer playback (which I don't need)!

    13. Missing avatar

      Esbjörn Rundberg

      The schedule start to look really tight, especially with the issues so far to meet even the seemingly easy parts as presenting a demo video. Especially the delivery times are suspiciously short, mid-April to mid-April. You probably don't want to start the next campaign before a significant majority of the current backers have their units or you might experience significant negative backlash.

    14. Marsha Tyszler

      I'm sorry you couldn't complete filming, but this is still a very useful and promising update! The figures are improving as you continue testing?! Holy smokes! The last set of published figures were well above the industry standard for this sized/priced speaker, so seeing an improvement from that is huge.

      I just want to clarify something: do the above results represent testing on a single speaker or a paired pair? And do the numbers change depending on whether one or two speakers are in use and how they're paired to each other (ie: Bluetooth vs. wired)? I'm also curious how the figures might change with the subwoofer added to a single or both speakers.

      I would also like to ask another question. In the past, I think there was talk of developing a companion app (mobile/desktop) to control the speakers, streaming services integration, an EQ/sound enhancement (ie: like Audyssey iOS app, etc. Is that still planned? I hope so because it's a useful feature that other speaker brands offer. If you haven't already, have a look at the iOS apps of major brands and see what they offer along with reading user feedback -- like Audyssey, Bose, UE, Sonos, JVC, BBE Sound Inc., Denon, Bongiovi DPS, Radsone Inc., and many more big players and indie developers with apps for speakers and/or sound enhancement. I think you could build a superb mobile app that could at some point be ported to PC/Mac. I'm sure there are backers (like me!) who would even help beta test your apps! Anyway, I'd like to hear some more about this if you have any details to share like plans, platforms, minimum OS/specs, features, screenshots or video demos, planned release date, etc. I know that you must do one thing at a time, but I'm hoping you didn't decide to nix an app that would make the FS-X an even more attractive buy.

      With the improvements you just stated, I hope you have a solidified plan for advertising these amazing pieces of tech aside from the media coverage you recently mentioned. People would be crazy to buy any other brand's speakers for all you're offering. However, if they don't know about you guys, it makes it harder for you to eat into the profit margins of more known brands.

      Lastly, I'm wondering if you know when you'll talk to backers about the upcoming subwoofer campaign plans and how you intend on doing so (ie: survey, live chat, etc.). I'm asking only because I'm trying to see whether I need to plan ahead to save a date/time or if your method of collecting info and discussing the campaign with backers won't be bound by a specific date/time.

      Looking forward to seeing you vid and next update! You're doing an amazing job all around!

    15. Dragonbait

      @HaykeKookt, You can't back out, this is Kickstarter, not a shop. There are no refunds. You have donated money to a start-up company to help then get established, if they do well you will hopefully (no guarantees) get a Reward.
      If you didn't realize this, or don't like it, then you really shouldn't be using Kickstarter.

    16. Piotr Kula on

      What are you using for SPL test? An iPhone for preliminary testing is OK I suppose but there is big variance between certified SLM hardware and all the iPhone apps starting at ~85db. Are you going to do a certification for final SPL. Look, I don't care if its not certified 100db, what is already astonishing is that we can play music constantly for longer than the average party would last, very loud! Put two of these bad boys in a room and its going to be mint and then the sub woofer. You blowing Bose and all the other "bad" boys out of the game here. The worst fail for you would be to sell this tech to one of them after all this is done, just keep pushing lads. A demo please. You killing me with all the secrecy :P heheh

    17. Missing avatar

      HaykeKookt on

      Due to constant delay of delivery I'm considering to withdraw my support. June '14 was the first goal on a product that seemed as good as finished but it keeps delaying. So... Any good news to keep me supportive? Or how to back out?

    18. Henrik Norberg on

      Thanks for the update. After reading it I feel the wait is well worth it. Now even more excited to get my hands on my pair...