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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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Main Concerns and Questions from Backers

Posted by Frankenspiel Ltd. (Creator)

Thank you for your feedback in these recent weeks.

We’d like to clear up a few FAQs that we’ve seen in the comments section, updates and social media. We hope this will answer some of your questions, if you have any more concerns, please mention them in the comments below.

“Will we receive the FS-X before Christmas?”

We are sorry to say that we won’t be able to deliver the FS-X before Christmas. Although we will be in production before Christmas and although we will do everything in our power to get your units to you ASAP, it’s not certain we can ship the units before the New Year. For this reason, we prefer to say that shipment will begin January 2015.

“Due to the busy period of Chinese New Year, does this mean we won’t receive our products before Spring 2015?”

This is not the case. Although Chinese New Year does occasionally fall in the month of January. In 2015, it will be on February 19th which means we would only lose between 16th to 27th February - but we plan to have the FS-X in your hands, before then anyway!

“We are disappointed with the infrequency of updates.”

We understand and sympathise with your concerns and lack of trust with infrequent updates.

We wanted to not appear to ‘buy our time’ with unnecessary updates which didn’t answer your questions and that were not to do with important issues, such as engineering and shipping. We wanted to only update you when we had made clear progress.

But, for many of you, we understand that is not the way you’d like us to be. So regardless of how big or small our update is, our next update will be posted on Monday 15th December (2 weeks from now) or before.

“Where is the demo video?”

We plan to film and release our demo video in the next few weeks. A sample run of FS-Xs will be in production in the next fews days, following this, we will receive some in to our warehouse in Amsterdam. From there we will film the video. This demo will also include a first look at the new subwoofer and a comparison of the FS-X against recent competitive models.

Please feel free to suggest a popular competitive model which you’d like us to use for the comparison video in the comments sections below.

“How is the FS-X any different to an off-the-shelf product?”

  • We’ve ensured the whole audio pathway is digital and can be used as a single or stereo units to achieve highest possible HiFi quality when streaming from any standard Bluetooth A2DP device.
  • It's no secret which Amp we're using, but normally that goes into very low power speakers. We needed to go WAY beyond that, we needed higher power from lower current. Doing this, we’ve achieved something that no other speaker on the market can.
  • Again, it's no secret we use BMR drivers, but we have had to augment the basic behaviour with advanced digital signal processing, in order to get respectable bass while retaining clear mid range and brilliant highs.
  • We’ve reinforced tuning so that we can deliver a good bass line, crystal clear vocals, brilliant highs, and a quiet background. All of the above, within power management limitations. And with this we’ve safeguarded the right balance between power output and power consumption so we have hard-hitting sound, as well as long battery life.

But that’s not all, when our demo is released in the next few weeks, we will also highlight and demonstrate some new features that we’ve implemented to really make the FS-X an outstanding product.

Other notes from the Frankenspiel team based on Backers comments

In hindsight, maybe we shouldn’t have pushed the boundaries. And maybe we should have stuck to our original design goals - then released an FS-X 2. However, this is what Frankenspiel is all about - pushing the boundaries of music tech to deliver the highest of quality audio products. And we aim to use alternative platforms like Kickstarter to keep our prices low, whilst enabling us to compete with the major corporations, who are monopolising the market today with overpriced, low-quality products. And now with downloadable software update implementation, the FS-X won’t get left behind or replaced by a new product - giving you, more for your money.

Thank you for your patience, this has been a hard past few months but what drives us is looking forward to receiving your feedback, once you’ve received the product. We’ve gone to great lengths to implement a budget speaker of this quality and we truly believe we are making a breakthrough in music tech. Thanks again, you are funding a dream who for some of us have been working at for many years. We can’t wait to make this dream a reality.

All the best, 

The Frankenspiel Team

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    1. Lee Gibson on

      Good update. Small announcements often are probably the order of the day for Kickstarter, project owners tend to save it all up, I think you have taken a step in the right direction.

    2. Missing avatar

      David Marshall on

      There are projects I have backed that, in my opinion, have fallen short of what I perceived would be the final product. And this seemed to be in the name of delivering the product as close as possible to the promised deadline. I'm more than happy that you have pushed the limits and delayed, rather than stick to schedule as some others have implied. To get my speakers and have them exceed my expectations would be great, and I look forward to that. I would rather not have you promise a deadline, then renege, only to make another promise...repeat...repeat. That would leave more of a sour taste in my mouth than just saying you hope to have them to us within a certain time frame, but can't promise that due to perfecting the speaker. And I, too, would not be happy if the speakers were rushed, and "version number 2" came out a few months later, only to blow the doors off of what I received. Thanks for the effort you are putting into the speakers, and I look forward to receiving mine, even if it's still a bit later that expected.

    3. John H. Halpern, M.D.

      Let's see the FS-X go up against the bluetooth wireless Sonos Play:1 and Sonos Play:3 and they have a wireless subwoofer too: Sonos Sub. I'd say they're the ones to see if you can best... though Sonos charges much much more.

    4. Missing avatar

      bsl100 on


      Thank you for the update. While my comments might seem harsh at times, its only because of the lack of communication on the comment page. All successful projects have had the creator keep regular communication on their respective comment page.

      I look forward to the comparative video and would suggest the following:
      Pasce Minirig
      JBL Charge 2
      Bose Mini
      UE Boom (for true wireless stereo)
      Nokia Play 360 (for true wireless stereo)

    5. Szabolcs Boszormenyi on

      Great news!
      I think a JBL Charge would be good to compare.

    6. Jason Emery, Jester of Valoria on

      Alas, won't be able to enjoy these over the Xmas holiday at home. But that's how it goes. A more complex product than it seemed.

      Since you asked, my go-to speaker is currently the GoGroove Sonaverse. It is surprisingly good for the price, probably because it has a USB digital connection in (no analog path) and has two sideways firing speakers opposite each other. Wouldn't be surprised if they reversed the polarity, too. Not a bluetooth speaker, but it's got a battery that lasts a couple hours and its own audio content (through the USB/SD). However, due to its size it is a close analogy to your speaker and thankfully not bluetooth.

      I tend to prefer it to the Jambox, which has been relegated to playing rain sounds.

    7. Chris Mottes on

      Personally I'm happy with the updates, no problem with the content, really pleased that you're trying to get the most possible out of the project for us. I'm happy to wait and thanks for not wasting my time with innumerable innocuous updates. What you doing is really difficult and timing is always a challenge. Just keep it up thanks.

    8. Marcus Sundman on

      "We wanted to not appear to ‘buy our time’ with unnecessary updates which didn’t answer your questions and that were not to do with important issues, such as engineering and shipping."

      It's buying time only if you're hiding things, not if you're transparent and honest. This seems to be something you still don't grasp, although the commitment to a hard deadline for the next update is good. However, you're still not transparent and honest in this update, which includes only "plan to", "will be", "will do", "will begin", "in the next few weeks" etc. things in the future, which probably will change just as all your previous promises for the future so far.

      When you have a problem, be transparent and honest! It's not only about shipping dates or progress. Just tell us what is going on.

      And however you "wanted to appear", you must admit that you have failed miserably if you wanted to appear in anything but extremely negative light. So stop thinking about how you appear (you obviously really suck at it) and just be transparent and honest. Everybody wants this, the textbooks tell this, kickstarter itself says this, and all your attempts to not do this have failed miserably, so why not give it a shot?

    9. Kirill on

      the backers of this project should receive a backer discount for the sub i think hehehe. great job so far. keep the updates up. we all love ya :3

    10. Dragonbait

      I for one am very glad you pushed the boundaries! Nothing worse than backing a project like this only to be told there's a better model coming out 2 months later.

    11. Missing avatar

      nihal castelino on

      thanks for the updates, hope for a fantastic product

    12. Piotr Kula on

      Yaaay! Thank you for pushing the boundries, I cant wait to have my ear drums bleed from crystal clear Slipknot!
      Merry Christmasssss..... Ho HO hO