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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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    1. J
      about 7 hours ago

      I meant Kickenspiel!

    2. J
      about 7 hours ago

      Let's 'kickstart' a new Kickstarter - call it Kick-statis, if you get my drift.

    3. Missing avatar

      david garnier about 14 hours ago

      It was my last fund. I will never give my money on a crowfunding website again. Kickstarter have killed crowfunding...

    4. Missing avatar

      Sungmin Kim 1 day ago

      Sometimes the best projects are failing. Backers have to take it. I think it is harsh to ask people who failed to realize their ideas to return their money because the project failed. But failure and fraud are different. Frankenspiel is not a failure. Because there was no communication with backers. In retrospect, it is difficult to find a way to truly work. They just kept saying that they were going to succeed, and they did not seem to share the right course of action. One picture from one dimmed production plant in China, and a post that seemed not to be properly compared, has brought relief and time. This is not a failure during a reasonable effort. I suspect they might have planned these results in the first place. I am really upset that the kickstarter is not taking the appropriate action on fraud. I am disappointed that I have not been able to take the proper measures and have just left such a message. how long it takes?

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel van Reysen 1 day ago

      So if you read the terms of use for Kickstarter they take no responsibility in projects not being completed or any refunds being issued. This is solely between us the backers and Frankenspiel Ltd. to resolve. Is this product actually real? Did anyone on here go to one of the meet and greet nights they did? Because from all the updates and photos it looked real but as it's been a number of years now and their last update was over 5 months ago I'm questioning the legitimacy of it all. We would need to take legal action against the company to have our money returned to us. Although, if the project was real but they've now run out of money then we're likely to never see any refund at all. This has totally ruined my impression of Kickstarter.

    6. John H. Halpern, M.D.
      1 day ago

      Hi you JERKS: I am referring to you Kickstarter accountability people. You, Kickstarter, violate your own community rules in how you assist Backers post-campaign funding when a project turns into fraud. We backers here can prove this is so. Sorry to be the bearing of bad tidings but you help foster fraud such as by hiding pertinent information about Creators and in your lack of response to backers. it is just an awful bit of failed customer service that you provide. I'd elaborate but I am more interested in revealing to my backer friends that Kickstarter has an autobot that searches all comments for phone numbers. When they find them... they cause a customer service person to read the comment and determine if we've revealed contact information for the Creator. Then the comment is deleted and the backer's account is suspended or worse for a period of time or permanently. So... above is a phony phone #... it is a calling card for getting Kickstarter's attention. Would you please lift a single finger for actual help here and not just provide your bogus non-action lipservice? Why doesn't Kickstarter's own customer service people show a bit of integrity by posting their comments right here for all of us to read?

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey E. Cahhal 3 days ago

      We are all wasting our typed 'breath'...This project is done and we all got screwed!

    8. Missing avatar

      Alister Perrott 3 days ago

      I reported the project a while back. Perhaps Kickstarter will respond if enough of us complain, but I won't hold my breath.

    9. Bernard Cooper
      4 days ago

      My last ounce of optimism that I would ever see the speakers I pledged for has just evaporated. Did the report thing but choose "NOT A PROJECT" as the option because it lets you leave a content and implies someone actually reads them.
      I've been using the "Post-Funding issues" radio button for a lot of projects lately and it never seems to do anything. I just read the blurb you see before you submit the report closely for the first time:
      "Submitting this report will notify our Integrity Team. We'll review the project and may reach out to the creator to encourage best practices."

      Notice the inclusion of the word "MAY" there people. They also left off the bit at the end that should say: "But we more than likely won't do anything. And you'll never know because he don't report on individual cases or lower ourselves to deal with the cash cows...errr... I mean backers directly."


    10. Peter J 5 days ago

      @Donna, I think thats just because the funding period has ended and you cant select that option anymore. Mine says the same.

      Just noticed the "EARLY BIRD SPECIAL" on my pledge reward and chuckled... then sobbed...

    11. Missing avatar

      Donna 5 days ago

      I reported it, but I see that my pledge is 'no longer available'.

    12. John H. Halpern, M.D.
      on June 13

      We have perfect clarity with no distortion!!! It's called SILENCE!

      Frankentard's last broken promise was delivery or some clear endgame BS timeline announcement before spilling into a fourth year. And still some Backers offered their support. That really worked...not! But criticism, demands for answers, patience, reporting, not reporting, understanding, or insults is always met with the same strategy: silence, delay, inconsistent/vague/postponing communication at best, never the proper photos, and never closure.

      Think of it this way; had the Creator posted photos proving production and offered a timeline, he would have been gifted back his original website. Instead he sets up a new website with no real information. All this consistent incompetence makes me think we have been watching the slow unfolding of dementia for a once possibly brilliant mind.

    13. Stevens on June 12

      I backed a lot of projects but Kickstarter never did something for its backers when it goes wrong. Look at project Zano for example. Kickstarter takes your money and when it goes wrong they do nothing. That's why I hardly ever back a project now! This platform could be great but it isn't.

    14. Kevin A Pearson on June 12

      I reported this a year ago with no effect.

    15. Missing avatar

      Sungmin Kim on June 12


      - trevlog : click on the Campaign tab, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click 'Report this project to Kickstarter', and choose 'Post funding issues'. -

    16. Marcus Sundman on June 11

      It's kickstarter itself that should be sued. They have no vetting system, they have no follow-up, they make zero effort to even try to get a creator to follow the rules. This whole platform is created by scammers for scammers.

    17. Stevens on June 10

      Reported also. This is ridiculous. All the promises that were made......

    18. Missing avatar

      on June 9

      I have just reported this project to Kickstarter. Please everyone do the same so KS is aware of this fraud. Please click on the Campaign tab, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click 'Report this project to Kickstarter', and choose 'Post funding issues'.

    19. Kevin A Pearson on June 6

      I guess this must now be the longest "running" campaign.
      Where is Kickstarter in all this. They obviously have no interest in backers as long as they get thwir money.

    20. Edward Wilcox on June 5

      Are you all as shocked as I am that this hasn't shipped...

    21. Peter J on June 5

      *John H Halpern, MD is summarily banned from Kickstarter for daring to state that Kickstarter do not give a monkeys about backers* ;)

    22. John H. Halpern, M.D.
      on June 3

      Kickstarter has a bot that looks for phone numbers and then sends it for review and removal: even if that contact info is publicly available elsewhere on the internet! The poster then is banned from making a comment for at least a week.

      Interesting idea: write your comment that you want Kickstarter to read including a fake phone number and then clearly state it is a fake phone number designed to just get a kickstarter customer service rep to have to review since they lift not a finger for any of us backers when there are problems like this.

    23. Niek Batstra
      on June 2

      no updates, no answers, no product, no nothing

    24. Patrick Okane on June 2

      kickstarter removing comments now. its great how there worried about us hurting davids feelings and protect him yet do nothing about David robbing £84,768 Collectively from the backers

    25. J
      on May 26

      We are in failure-porn territory now. Can't we avert our gaze?

    26. Adrian Joss on May 25

      @james, how is your court case going? David logs on here all the time.

    27. Missing avatar

      James on May 25

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    28. Missing avatar

      maandag on May 25

      After having been some weeks offline the webshop is online again.
      Looks like the shop has not changed since the last time it was online. No customer services and no contact address is mentioned for people who pre-orderd a FS-X. No products are offered at the moment. The webshop still promises it will deliver.
      Will the FS-X be delivered? On November 25 the Creator told us in a comment on
      'For our next update, we are working hard to provide sufficient evidence of mass production. We want to ensure we can deliver the best results, not only in our FS-X but in our following communications.'
      Since then we haven't seen photos or verifiable information we didn't see before November 2016. The Creator hasn’t been communicating for four and a half months now.

    29. Peter J on May 20

      You should be able to find a button to join this G+ page -
      Would be nice if people were able to share what they know or if they have ideas or thought on what happens next...

    30. Missing avatar

      Sunatnight on May 20

      how i can join this List?

    31. Peter J on May 19

      @Michael - You might need to request to join the community. I set it that way to avoid random spam from people who weren't backers.

    32. Michael Carr on May 18

      @AdrianJoss that links just an error

    33. Adrian Joss on May 18


      Get in touch on this forum.
      Time for action now guys. No point in anyone trying to get their money back, but U.K. Backers can help bringing charges against David for fraud.

    34. Missing avatar

      Alister Perrott on May 16

      True Peter, but it might make them take notice. ;-)

    35. Peter J on May 15

      Maybe an indigogo; I doubt Kickstarter would go for that :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Alister Perrott on May 15

      Perhaps a kickstarter to fund legal action against Frankenspiel? It could offer "I helped sue Frankenspiel" badges and t-shirts as rewards.

    37. Peter J on May 12

      I think there is a gap in the market for a site aimed at people who have been ripped off by crowd funding sites to try and get their money back through crowdfunding... :)
      People (with more money than sense probably) who feel sorry for the mugs that paid for goods that never showed up. Could even be two sides to it; people who want to help and people who need a laugh at others expense.

    38. Marcus Sundman on May 12

      I wonder if the kickstarter contracts are actually valid. The whole platform is clearly designed to be easy for scammers to steal people's money, while placing apparently no responsibility what so ever on these scammers. And kickstarter is deceiving backers by implying that the scammers have some kind of obligations, when kickstarter does nothing at all for scammers who ignore those obligations.

    39. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Coelho on May 11

      Hi David

      If this project is gone bust or you cannot deliver, please do inform us.
      At least I can move on and purchase something else.
      you owe us that much at least

    40. Missing avatar

      Adam Kreidl on May 10

      The thing is, I'd like to back a lot of different projects,
      but comeoooon after this experience kickstarter can forget me. They should have contacts to the creators because they paid our money to them, so they should ask them what the f#&@ is going on here.

    41. John H. Halpern, M.D.
      on May 10

      Though the Creator can't keep to any timeline including at last update saying that this project won't run into a "3rd year" and now indeed we are into the 4th year (!)... hey, if he finally did give up then he finally didn't lie! He said this project wouldn't run into another year and then it hasn't: by quitting!

    42. Missing avatar

      Osvaldo Venegas Bolanos on May 9

      Return the money.

      All this was a scam, never a project takes more than a year.

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