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Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
Radically upgrade your sound and music experience with this 100dB HiFi Bluetooth speaker/portable audio monitor. 50 hours playtime!
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    1. Christopher D 2 days ago

      I would just like to say that I backed this project in my first month of University. Since then I have graduated and started a career. Yet it appears he could not even contact a factory to make generic speakers to put his name on and send them out.

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard Sutton on August 13

      Lee, the video is in update 46. The exact quote is,
      "We will repay your trust, or, if for whatever reason that proves to be impossible, we will repay your money."

      I wouldn't get your hopes up though, David has told us so many other things that were clearly lacking in honesty that I'm filing this fun little video away in the same category. Even if he wanted to refund us there's nothing left in the kitty, all of our money has been spent on the development that was supposedly already done when the campaign launched.

    3. Lee Gibson on August 13

      Okay where is the video of David promising to refund the backers if he didn't send the speakers out. Also I noticed the video of Gordon Giltrap seems to have vanished, probably at the artists request when he realised there us no product.

    4. Crispin
      on August 7

      From Jan 12 2017:
      "We are currently completing the final version of the FS-X. We know we have damaged our reputation and we need to make amends. But this project will *not* run into a 3rd year."

      Leaving aside the faulty maths since this project was due to deliver in July 2014 (2014!) so it was already in its 3rd year at that point, but we have just passed another important milestone. We are now in *August 2017*, and folks that now means we are into this campaign's *4th* year!

      Since there have been no more updates in the 7 months since January, are we feeling this is now truly dead?

    5. John H. Halpern, M.D.
      on August 2

      I am reposting below something I wrote and posted to the last update. just seemed possibly funny enough to post here too. By the way... every time we click on "communicate" with the Creator... it has to generate an email to David's account. I've been doing that a few times when I remember it: let's all do it and fill up his mailbox until he comes on here with an update and either somehow claim its still just around the corner or revealing its all dead. meanwhile for yucks:

      I meant to take a photo of a guy who looked like David selling peanuts with a monkey on the street. He needs to earn enough this way so he can pay off a shipping fee for our speakers. He had to economize and so now the speakers will be housed in a special Mexican adobe recipe he learned while cleaning horse stables. I think the marketing angle is "we source our parts internally."

    6. Edward Wilcox on July 31

      This and two other projects on kickstarter have made me stop backing projects... Thankfully this was a huge amount of money, since I only got one speaker, I was almost drawn in for a second speaker two years ago... but thankfully said no. This project, arist, agent smart watch and a few smaller projects have made me lose faith in kickstater. I have had 60+ successful projects, but the failures and stark robbery are troubling. At least Jide was upfront about the remix io and will offer refunds. This is a dead project and the creator cheated us.

    7. Lee Gibson on July 29

      As David spent all the money and has £6 left in the company, you have to ask, where did all the cash go, was it paid into his other company? Definitely not on the speakers they produced cheaply and refuse to send out.

    8. Missing avatar

      Pat Tchan on July 28

      I'm hoping to get mine in the next life. I am probably the unluckiest bastards around. I also backed another dud called the Momentum Smart Watch.
      That's a total of $300 plus c-ash down the drain!
      Thanks Kickstarter for nothing!

    9. Marcus Sundman on July 17

      Those thieves already stole $300 MILLION from people, all the while completely ignoring the victims and (indirectly) assisting in those scams.

    10. Marcus Sundman on July 17

      The main scammers can be found here:
      I'm sure with some light searching one can find their contact details, like facebook pages etc.

    11. Marcus Sundman on July 17

      Raúl at Kickstarter is a lying scammer. A thief. I would be very happy to sue him and his lying scammer friends, and I wouldn't mind spending money on that. They are all scumbags, subhuman trash.

    12. Lee Gibson on July 17

      I hadn't reported it yet, I just reported it for not responding to backers.

    13. Lee Gibson on July 17

      Check the companies house webpage and look him up.
      Yes you are right he won't be around for much longer.

    14. Missing avatar

      Maikel Lodewijk on July 15

      Only 9%!?

      Let me calculate that for you:

      Successfully funded projects: 128.156

      Total dollars pledged to Kickstarter projects:


      Average per project:



      128156 x 9% = 11534 x $24684 = $284.705.256

      The fee for Kickstarter is 5% so that makes $284.705.256 x 5% = $14.235.262

      They earnt more than 14 million dollars with providing a platform for scammers!

    15. Kevin A Pearson on July 14

      I sent an email to and asked them to look into this project.
      I asked them not to just send a stock reply and yeah you guessed it, got this stock reply.
      It is clear to me that Kickstarter is 100% in this for the money and has no interest in anything the people giving them their money, have to say.
      I have two overdue projects and once they have finally admitted they were ripping us off, I will never use Kickstarter again. I will be advising anyone I meet to keep well away from this platform.
      Here's the stock reply is anyone wants a laugh (assuming this comment is not deleted):

      Hi Kevin,

      Sorry to hear that the creator hasn’t responded to your concerns about this project. When creators go silent, we know that this can damage backers’ trust. We’ve reached out asking them to take time to respond to backers, as well as post an update on their progress so far. It’s important to remember, however, that each creator will approach their project differently, and issues may come up that delay the process.

      We take feedback about project delays to heart. We commissioned an independent study and found that, while many Kickstarter projects do end up delayed, only 9% of projects on Kickstarter fail. Creators run projects on Kickstarter for ideas that they care deeply about. In cases where they run into roadblocks or are busy working on their projects, they might not be aware of the best ways to keep in touch with their community.

      We do our best to try and help creators when they run into these situations. We set up a resource page of services to help with project completion, and try and communicate backer sentiment when we hear it from our community. Ultimately, creators are responsible for their own behavior — from communication and engagement to fulfillment. A big part of Kickstarter’s mission is to support creative freedom and independence; we don’t step into the actual creative process itself.

      I’d encourage you to keep reaching out to the creator to ask for an update, and stress that even a short note that they’re still working on it would be preferable to silence. If you’ve already tried that and haven’t received a response through Kickstarter messaging, you might want to consider reaching out through other channels such as a creator’s own website, where available.

      Thanks for being a thoughtful backer and part of the Kickstarter community. I hope you hear more from this creator soon.


    16. Matthew Dearden on July 14

      Robbing bastards.

    17. Missing avatar

      Osvaldo Venegas Bolanos on July 10

      Fraud + lies + irresponsibility = Frankenspiel FS-X: the Bluetooth speaker that can!

      Something that to say on the part of the FRANKENSPIEL LIMITED PM?

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey E. Cahhal on July 6

      I love my B&O Beoplay S3's stereo Bluetooth speakers! When the FS-X were announced, there wasn't anyone else doing stereo Bluetooth. Now many are, along with top-notch audiophile companies like B&O. I am no longer interested in the FS-X for home--I doubt they would be of quality that I would want for a home system. But I would like to get my money's worth and at least use them at my work desk or at home in my son's bedroom. We can only hope...

    19. Sami Kuhmonen on July 1

      Also assuming there's nothing to be found out by visiting the adress given for David Archer, looks like a business park. Would be interesting if someone went to ask him what's going on. Considering the age might not be around for long either.

      A nice pension increase scam?

    20. Sami Kuhmonen on July 1

      Signed. Also sent a support request asking why they don't take a stand when this project clearly violates their two first rules. I don't expect them to reply in any way.

    21. Jh G Yoon on June 27

      i never backing other project of kickstarter because i have experienced 2 case of failed backing,
      but 1 is refunded

    22. John H. Halpern, M.D.
      on June 26

      I just signed the petition, “Yvette Clarke: Hold Kickstarter Accountable for Project/Creator Fraud & Promoting Unvetted Projects.” I encourage everyone here to sign on to it.
      Here’s the link:…

    23. Marcus Sundman on June 25

      I strongly recommend against kickstarter in public every chance I get and whenever I see kickstarter mentioned. Kickstarter is a scamming platform built by scammers for scammers, and we got scammed.

    24. J
      on June 23

      I meant Kickenspiel!

    25. J
      on June 23

      Let's 'kickstart' a new Kickstarter - call it Kick-statis, if you get my drift.

    26. Missing avatar

      david garnier on June 23

      It was my last fund. I will never give my money on a crowfunding website again. Kickstarter have killed crowfunding...

    27. Missing avatar

      Sungmin Kim on June 23

      Sometimes the best projects are failing. Backers have to take it. I think it is harsh to ask people who failed to realize their ideas to return their money because the project failed. But failure and fraud are different. Frankenspiel is not a failure. Because there was no communication with backers. In retrospect, it is difficult to find a way to truly work. They just kept saying that they were going to succeed, and they did not seem to share the right course of action. One picture from one dimmed production plant in China, and a post that seemed not to be properly compared, has brought relief and time. This is not a failure during a reasonable effort. I suspect they might have planned these results in the first place. I am really upset that the kickstarter is not taking the appropriate action on fraud. I am disappointed that I have not been able to take the proper measures and have just left such a message. how long it takes?

    28. Missing avatar

      Daniel van Reysen on June 22

      So if you read the terms of use for Kickstarter they take no responsibility in projects not being completed or any refunds being issued. This is solely between us the backers and Frankenspiel Ltd. to resolve. Is this product actually real? Did anyone on here go to one of the meet and greet nights they did? Because from all the updates and photos it looked real but as it's been a number of years now and their last update was over 5 months ago I'm questioning the legitimacy of it all. We would need to take legal action against the company to have our money returned to us. Although, if the project was real but they've now run out of money then we're likely to never see any refund at all. This has totally ruined my impression of Kickstarter.

    29. John H. Halpern, M.D.
      on June 22

      Hi you JERKS: I am referring to you Kickstarter accountability people. You, Kickstarter, violate your own community rules in how you assist Backers post-campaign funding when a project turns into fraud. We backers here can prove this is so. Sorry to be the bearing of bad tidings but you help foster fraud such as by hiding pertinent information about Creators and in your lack of response to backers. it is just an awful bit of failed customer service that you provide. I'd elaborate but I am more interested in revealing to my backer friends that Kickstarter has an autobot that searches all comments for phone numbers. When they find them... they cause a customer service person to read the comment and determine if we've revealed contact information for the Creator. Then the comment is deleted and the backer's account is suspended or worse for a period of time or permanently. So... above is a phony phone #... it is a calling card for getting Kickstarter's attention. Would you please lift a single finger for actual help here and not just provide your bogus non-action lipservice? Why doesn't Kickstarter's own customer service people show a bit of integrity by posting their comments right here for all of us to read?

    30. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey E. Cahhal on June 20

      We are all wasting our typed 'breath'...This project is done and we all got screwed!

    31. Missing avatar

      Alister Perrott on June 20

      I reported the project a while back. Perhaps Kickstarter will respond if enough of us complain, but I won't hold my breath.

    32. Bernard Cooper
      on June 20

      My last ounce of optimism that I would ever see the speakers I pledged for has just evaporated. Did the report thing but choose "NOT A PROJECT" as the option because it lets you leave a content and implies someone actually reads them.
      I've been using the "Post-Funding issues" radio button for a lot of projects lately and it never seems to do anything. I just read the blurb you see before you submit the report closely for the first time:
      "Submitting this report will notify our Integrity Team. We'll review the project and may reach out to the creator to encourage best practices."

      Notice the inclusion of the word "MAY" there people. They also left off the bit at the end that should say: "But we more than likely won't do anything. And you'll never know because he don't report on individual cases or lower ourselves to deal with the cash cows...errr... I mean backers directly."


    33. Peter J on June 19

      @Donna, I think thats just because the funding period has ended and you cant select that option anymore. Mine says the same.

      Just noticed the "EARLY BIRD SPECIAL" on my pledge reward and chuckled... then sobbed...

    34. Missing avatar

      Donna on June 19

      I reported it, but I see that my pledge is 'no longer available'.

    35. John H. Halpern, M.D.
      on June 13

      We have perfect clarity with no distortion!!! It's called SILENCE!

      Frankentard's last broken promise was delivery or some clear endgame BS timeline announcement before spilling into a fourth year. And still some Backers offered their support. That really worked...not! But criticism, demands for answers, patience, reporting, not reporting, understanding, or insults is always met with the same strategy: silence, delay, inconsistent/vague/postponing communication at best, never the proper photos, and never closure.

      Think of it this way; had the Creator posted photos proving production and offered a timeline, he would have been gifted back his original website. Instead he sets up a new website with no real information. All this consistent incompetence makes me think we have been watching the slow unfolding of dementia for a once possibly brilliant mind.

    36. Stevens on June 12

      I backed a lot of projects but Kickstarter never did something for its backers when it goes wrong. Look at project Zano for example. Kickstarter takes your money and when it goes wrong they do nothing. That's why I hardly ever back a project now! This platform could be great but it isn't.

    37. Kevin A Pearson on June 12

      I reported this a year ago with no effect.

    38. Missing avatar

      Sungmin Kim on June 12


      - trevlog : click on the Campaign tab, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click 'Report this project to Kickstarter', and choose 'Post funding issues'. -

    39. Marcus Sundman on June 11

      It's kickstarter itself that should be sued. They have no vetting system, they have no follow-up, they make zero effort to even try to get a creator to follow the rules. This whole platform is created by scammers for scammers.

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