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Princess Calabretta is a comic book love letter to Disney Princess movies. It's also super violent.
Princess Calabretta is a comic book love letter to Disney Princess movies. It's also super violent.
194 backers pledged $4,786 to help bring this project to life.

Can we give you more things?

Okay! So now we are all part of a successful Kickstarter that has gotten quite wide attention.

What now?

When you have a fundraiser that meets its goal before everyone gets a chance to see it, that means that the dream can be much bigger and we can have much more fun! It also means that we can do much more good.

Frank Comics is happy to announce that we are expanding the Princess Calabretta project! We're going to set some new funding milestones ahead of us, and as we reach them, everyone can benefit from the new possibilities.

What does this mean?

WELL FOR STARTERS, John got really excited and designed a couple of new shirts:

"Battle Damage COLUMBI-YEAH!" and "DKR Calabretta," both printed on Calabretta Blue. These shirts are available to backers NOW. More details below on how to get them. In addition, the original "COLUMBI-YEAH!" shirt is now available in Calabretta Blue.


$3500 - When we reach this funding level, John and Shige will work to produce an ANNOTATED PDF of Princess Calabretta that will go out to EVERYONE who funds us at the $3 level and above. This will function as a "Director's Commentary" for the comic and will have notes on every page about the following.

  • Production Notes on John's Adobe Illustrator linework and process 
  • Alternate artwork for panels 
  • John and Shige's storybuilding methods 
  • Easter eggs and the many eclectic references throughout the story

$4500 - Illustrator Mike Sudduth will produce a print to be included AT NO EXTRA COST for all of our backers $20 and above. Here's an example of his stuff. 

$6000 - ???? Each new funding goal will be revealed as we "unlock" previous ones.

The purpose of these "stretch goals" is to get even more value to you the supporters. We have a good product here and we're happy to have you recognize the work. Let us give you more stuff?


The new shirts are available for backers of the $40 tier and above. If you would like "Battle Damage COLUMBI-YEAH!" in the place of the regular "COLUMBI-YEAH!" add $5 to your pledge. If you would like "DKR Calabretta" instead of "COLUMBI-YEAH!" add $10.

We've added some more tiers because a few of our other tiers sold out.

What we need from y'all: Think of a handful of people that you know who would be interested in a story like this, especially those who would back us at the $3 level. Encourage them to watch our videos, and give them an opportunity to judge our work and back us. 

If you have any questions, please message us.

Thanks so much! Gooooo Team!


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    1. Chad Smith
      on September 3, 2012

      I have a thought for the $5500 goal (or $6000 - whichever) and that is add more pages! :D Maybe an epilogue or a prologue - maybe a map of the kingdom - maybe a side story about 3 mice who eat through a floor board and change the fate of the world forever! Or, you know - something.

      Just a thought.