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Find clues and catch the culprit like your favorite young detectives! Unlock new content that changes the game every time you play.
Find clues and catch the culprit like your favorite young detectives! Unlock new content that changes the game every time you play.
768 backers pledged $32,714 to help bring this project to life.


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Thank you to each and every backer for supporting this project and making Spy Club a reality! If you discover this project after it has ended, you can find more information about the game on our website:


Spy Club is a new cooperative board game from publisher Foxtrot Games. Acting as young detectives, players work together to solve neighborhood mysteries. Spy Club includes unlockable content that changes the game every time you play, along with a way to play a series of 5 games connected together to tell a larger story.

  • Simple but interconnected actions provide meaningful and clever decisions.
  • Bonus teamwork actions bring out communication and interaction between players.
  • Beautiful artwork by Bartłomiej Kordowski (Dream Home) and a storytelling element add laughter and draw players into the emerging narrative.
  • Unlockable campaign content adds the thrill of discovery and novelty as the game evolves over multiple plays.

Spy Club will be the sixth game from Foxtrot Games. Our previous games include award-winning titles like Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, World's Fair 1893, and more.

Each player has double-sided clue cards in front of them. On your turn, you'll use 3 actions from the following options:

  • Investigate to reveal the other side of your clue card(s)
  • Shift Focus to gain ideas and set up teamwork
  • Confirm Evidence to make progress on one aspect of the case
  • Scout to draw a new clue card
  • Trade Clues and Share Ideas — only when you've set up teamwork

Here's an example turn:

On this turn, the players have identified the Crime (blue).

  • When you collectively confirm 5 clue cards of one type, you will solve that 1 part of the case.
  • Each case has 5 parts to solve: the Crime (blue), the Suspect (purple), the Location (green), the Motive (red), and a related Object (yellow).

But beware! The suspect is on the move, triggering events that will sabotage your investigation:

  • Remove ideas
  • Remove clue cards
  • Advance the escape marker
  • Flip all players' clue cards

If you solve all 5 parts before these events end the game, you successfully crack the case!


To get a look at Spy Club in action, watch two different groups each play a full game in these full playthrough videos:

A gaming family learns Spy Club  |  Gamers teach Spy Club to their game group

Spy Club includes a large deck of unlockable content that changes and evolves the game every time you play. This deck contains 152 cards comprising 40+ unique, replayable modules with new rules and story elements: characters, equipment, challenges, objectives, and more!

This unlockable content also provides a way to play a campaign, a series of 5 games connected together to tell a larger story:

  • Each game plays in 30-45 minutes, and each campaign consists of 5 games.
  • New rules and story elements are unlocked in every game.
  • Everything can be fully reset and replayed.
  • You only unlock a small portion of the total content in one series (just 5 of the 40+ modules). When you start again, you will continue to unlock new content each time!

The modules you unlock are determined by your decisions each game, which gives the campaign the sense of choosing your own mystery adventure!

What is the structure of a campaign?
In each individual game of Spy Club, you work together to solve 5 aspects of a case. But a bigger picture is forming during a campaign: a master crime is also taking shape, and you'll need to discover one new aspect of that master crime in each of the 5 games. You'll unlock new content related to the particular aspects as you discover them.

For more details on the campaign structure, check out our How To Play > Campaign video.

How is Spy Club different from legacy and other games that change as you play?
We’re excited about games that change over multiple plays, but the differences between various formats can be confusing. For example, legacy games, are intended to be played one time in a linear fashion, with players unlocking all of the content in one campaign. Spy Club, on the other hand, is intended to be reset and replayed. The sequence of content isn’t scripted, so each campaign will unfold differently. With 40+ modules in the campaign deck, a unique story and gameplay experience will emerge in every campaign. Check out our FAQ for more details.

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For the DETECTIVE pledge level, we contribute $9 towards shipping costs for all backers. For backers in the United States and the United Kingdom, this contribution covers all shipping costs. For backers in other countries, Kickstarter will add an additional amount when you pledge:

Multiple Copies

We offer a slight discount on pledges for multiple copies of the game. For any number more than one copy of the game, you should use the DOUBLE DETECTIVE pledge level. The pledge amount will be automatically calculated for two copies, but you can pledge an additional amount for additional copies. Here is a chart showing the total pledge for multiple copies:

We are so grateful to all the Kickstarter backers who have participated in any of our four projects! We are incredibly fortunate that our previous projects Lanterns: The Harvest Festival and World's Fair 1893 did well on Kickstarter and have continued to sell through multiple print runs in retail. We know that Foxtrot Games would not exist if it weren't for the pledges and support of each and every backer!

The success of those projects has given us the opportunity to keep our funding goal low and also include right from the start a number of additions that might normally only be added after certain funding levels have been reached:

  • Larger, thicker cards (310 gsm black core, 70 x 110 mm)
  • 44 unique clue card illustrations (instead of 6 category illustrations)
  • Custom suspect meeple
  • Card tray (for double-sided cards)
  • Plastic insert
  • Campaign system: 40+ expansion modules (152 cards), 55 tokens, scorepad, and envelope

We included all of these right from the start to reduce the risk of new artwork delays, to provide you a high quality product at a great value, to thank you for backing early, and to show you how much we believe in this project.

Foxtrot Games is a small publisher committed to beautiful, engaging, and approachable board games. We have successfully fulfilled three Kickstarter projects previously, including Lanterns: The Harvest Festival in 2015 and World's Fair 1893 in 2016.

The team for Spy Club includes some familiar names from our other projects: Jason D. Kingsley (graphic design work for Lanterns and World's Fair 1893), Randy Hoyt (owner and game producer at Foxtrot Games), Keith Pishnery (graphic design work for The Fox in the Forest and Sundae Split), Charles Wright (game developer for The Fox in the Forest and Sundae Split), and Dustin Schwartz (rules editor for all our recent games). We've also partnered with some new collaborators for this project: illustrator Bartłomiej Kordowski (Dream Home), and game developers Sarah Graybill and John Shulters (of Black Straw Games).


Risks and challenges

Manufacturing thousands of board games is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. There are a lot of steps in the process, and delays or setbacks could happen at any one of them. We have successfully navigated this process three times before. We even delivered rewards for our last two projects early!

Here is some feedback we received on our last project:

— Leah Webber: "Thank you guys for consistently making excellent, replayable games on a timely schedule. I will always give your projects my time and money!"

— John Carl Brown: "Thank you guys for a great product, and for a great campaign, you ran a model effort on kickstarter from the communication throughout the funding period and beyond."

— Ryan McManus: "Wow. What fantastic customer service. Thanks Randy! I will go out of my way to support Foxtrot Games in the future."

We are working with many of the same companies to deliver rewards to backers, including partnering with Renegade Game Studios as a co-publisher to handle logistics and distribution. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. You can leave us a public comment, send us a private message here on Kickstarter, or email us at <>.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ


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