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Rewards have all been shipped to backers. Thank you all for a wonderful project!
Rewards have all been shipped to backers. Thank you all for a wonderful project!
1,213 backers pledged $33,523 to help bring this project to life.

Voting For Platforms, Multiple Copies, and Stretch Goal #4 Announced

Posted by Foxtrot Games (Creator)

The campaign for Lanterns: The Harvest Festival is moving right along. Today is day 14 of the campaign, with over 16 days left to go. Thank you again for all of your support and enthusiasm these first two weeks! Not only did we reach the funding goal in the first week, but we also unlocked the first two stretch goals this past week. Wow! Thank you!


As you can see from our funding chart, we have not experienced much of a slow-down in the campaign yet. I believe this is because we all worked together to promote the game on BoardGameGeek last week, getting the game and some of the images featured on the home page all week. But we need your help to continue promoting the campaign to keep up the pace and unlock the next two stretch goals, including the new one announced below. (Look back at Update #1 for ways to do this.)

This week, I ask you to help us promote the game on Twitter if you are active there. You can change your profile picture (see Update #3), but I ask you also to consider tweeting once or twice this week to let people know about Lanterns. You can click the TWEET button on the main campaign page or share something that excites you about the game. We've even distilled down some quotes from reviewers and backers into 140 characters if you want to tweet out one of those:

"@LanternsGame hits a sweet spot: quick to grasp but enough depth to make you want to play it again." —@CardboardNews

"@LanternsGame plays really well, is a lot of fun, and has a lot of depth for a 20-30 minute game." —@TheologyofGames

"@LanternsGame has a rich depth of mechanics. I'm going to get a lot of plays out of Lanterns." —@LukeLaurieGames

"@LanternsGame is amazing. It's simple, fun, and thematic. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't enjoy it." —@demo_ken

"@LanternsGame has a beautiful look when you finish, with colored lanterns floating around the lake." —@jonathanhliu

"@LanternsGame has a lot of fun dynamics around position of you and players around you. I like it a lot." —@ebaraf


We achieved Stretch Goal #2 last night, and the game will have additional platform artwork! (Lanterns has eleven platform tiles that provide extra bonuses, and these platform tiles will now have wider variety.) Every backer can now vote on what the new artwork will be. We received 62 nominations, with many different subjects, and every subject that received three or more nominations is included in this ballot.

The nominees are ...

  • Koi Fish (9 nominations)
  • Dragon (8)
  • Panda (5)
  • Tiger (4)
  • Crane (3)
  • Fox (3)
  • Lion (3)
  • Moon (3)
  • Tree (3)
  • Turtle (3)

Here are some rough reference sketches for a few of the most nominated subjects:

Rough sketches: Koi (source); Dragon, Panda,  and Tiger (Beth Sobel)

Voting will be open for one week, until next Monday (October 27) at 11:59 PM PT. For every backer who votes, we will once again lower the funding level required for any new stretch goals (starting with #4, announced below) by $5. Here is the link to cast your vote:


Many of you have asked about adding a second copy of the game to your pledge. We have added a DOUBLE ARTISAN pledge level for anyone wanting two or more copies:

  • Backers in the United States, China, and Hong Kong should add +$20/copy to their ARTISAN pledge for each additional copy. (That means a pledge for two copies in the United States would be $44.)
  • Backers everywhere else should add +$25/copy to their ARTISAN pledge for each additional copy. (That means a pledge for two copies to Western Europe would be $65. See the Shipping Chart on the main campaign page for specific amounts.)

(Even if you would like more than two copies, you can still use the DOUBLE ARTISAN level. Simply select that reward and pledge the amount corresponding to the number of copies and your country. The Shipping Chart on the main campaign page includes specific pledge levels for more than two copies of the game to every region.)


Currently, the favor tokens are made of cardboard and included on the punchboards with the tiles and the dedication tokens. At $25,000 (or lower, depending on platform artwork votes), we will include wooden favor tokens with every reward copy of the game. These will have the same imperial seal from the cardboard tokens screen-printed on them. Here's a picture of the sample wooden tokens (without printing) that we've been using recently:

It's wonderful to have reached our funding goal and two stretch goals in these first two weeks. Thank you for believing in Lanterns: The Harvest Festival and for backing the project early. We are excited about the next two stretch goals, and we can't thank you enough for your continued enthusiasm and support: please continue to help us spread the word!

~ Randy, Tyler, and Chris

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    1. Foxtrot Games 4-time creator on

      A couple of backers asked if Stretch Goal #4 (the wooden favor tokens) would be included in every copy of the game. Yes, they will.

      I added this question to the FAQ at the bottom of the main campaign page.

    2. Jason Funk on

      I figured you guys were on top of it. :) Glad to confirm we're in great hands!

    3. Foxtrot Games 4-time creator on

      @Jason, We will definitely keep doing what we've been doing. We have a "theme consultant" on this project that we have been running everything by, and we will be sure to do the same with these platforms.

      @Michelle, I love all these links. Thank you! Koi was the most popular nomination, and I think supports it. We'll make sure to double-check all this, but I think we're in good shape.

    4. MichelleAA on

      Or it's a matter of which website you believe ;-) "Often associated with Japan, koi actually originated from Central Asia in China."

    5. MichelleAA on

      Nevermind: "Koi, on the other hand, were developed from common carp in Japan in the 1820s". (

    6. MichelleAA on

      And beware, I'm pretty sure the final stretch goal will also be "essential" ;-) We just have to keep the momentum up and wait for the 48 hour reminder surge as well...

    7. MichelleAA on

      I agree Jason. I did look up Pandas to make sure that I wasn't getting things mixed up before making that nomination ;-) Want it to be accurate... Interestingly enough, apparently goldfish were developed in China. I'm pretty sure Koi are associated with China as well...

    8. Jason Funk on

      I keep expecting to think "OK, now I'm satisfied with the funding level and will be happy with whatever".. But then you add another cool stretch goal and I think "We HAVE to get that one! The game NEEDS it!" So... Uh... :P

      Are there any cultural distinctions with the recommendations? For instance, I was one of the 'koi' suggestions, but when thinking on it further, is that more Japanese than Chinese? I admit to cultural ignorance in a lot of this, but you've done so much to make it at least superficially authentic, that I'd hate to ruin it with less appropriate imagery...? Just curious..

    9. Foxtrot Games 4-time creator on

      @Referee, Good suggestion! I was able to edit the survey for this vote, and the first field is now mandatory. :-)

    10. Foxtrot Games 4-time creator on

      @Michelle, Yes, thank you for all your help!

      That's a good tip about Tiny Epic Kingdoms and a two-stage vote. The actual logistics of running a vote like this are a bit tricky to get right.

    11. Missing avatar


      I confirmed it by private message, cool. :) (For later things like that, it's handy if you set it so that it rejects it and requires you to fill all the questions). Good job. Now let's continue make Lanterns even more awesome.

    12. MichelleAA on

      Good thing you have me escaping life here and checking this Kickstarter so frequently ;-)

      Tiny Epic Kingdoms did a two-stage vote: one with every possible idea, then a final one with the top ten picks from the first vote. I would have been curious what some of the ideas were with less than three votes (some may have been good, and gotten more votes, but people didn't think of it), but I understand doing it this way.

    13. Foxtrot Games 4-time creator on

      @Referee, The first question asked for your name or email address. I'll send you a private message to confirm your vote, but I have a submission from Spain that I suspect is yours. :-)

    14. Missing avatar


      Selected my choices, but as I click on confirm I realized that it was question 2 and I had missed a previous question that I left blank. Did I break something?

    15. Foxtrot Games 4-time creator on

      @Michelle, Good catch! (I certainly intend for someone wanting two copies to use the DOUBLE ARTISAN reward.) Kickstarter gives project creators thirty minutes to modify updates after sending them out, and I edited this text to make it clearer. Thank you!

    16. MichelleAA on

      I find the instructions to only select the double level if you want MORE than two copies confusing. Did you mean it that way? Not everyone reads all past updates when coming in late, so you will prob get a mix of double orders in each section if that's what you meant...