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Rewards have all been shipped to backers. Thank you all for a wonderful project!
Rewards have all been shipped to backers. Thank you all for a wonderful project!
1,213 backers pledged $33,523 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goal #1 Reached: Linen Finish

Posted by Foxtrot Games (Creator)

We're only on Day 9, and we have just passed the first stretch goal! Thank you! The tiles, tokens, and cards will all now have a linen finish that will make the components feel more impressive and durable.

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival deserves the best components possible, and we can't thank you enough for your continued support and enthusiasm to help us achieve new stretch goals over the remaining 21 days of the campaign. Here's what we cover in this update:

  • Meeple Syrup
  • Promoting With Social Avatars
  • Stretch Goal #2 (Platform Artwork) Update
  • Stretch Goal #3 Announced: Box Upgrade


Christopher Chung, the designer of Lanterns, is a member proud of the Game Artisans of Canada. Tonight he'll be appearing on the video podcast hosted by some of his fellow artisans called "Meeple Syrup." It will be broadcast live late tonight (11 PM ET / 8 PM PT), but it will also be available to watch afterwards. If you have some questions for Chris and want to get to know him a little better, I'd recommend you check it out. (We'll post a link on Twitter and in a comment below as soon as we have it.)


You can help us reach our stretch goals by continuing to tell others about the campaign. (Look back at Update #1 to see the many ways you can do this.) We asked you in the last update to help us promote the game on BoardGameGeek, and you responded! Lanterns: The Harvest Festival is currently listed in The Hotness category, and four of the nine featured images on the home page are from Lanterns. Thank you!

Today I ask you to consider using an image from this campaign as your avatar on a social site you frequent. We have images in each of the seven lantern colors, and we have them in two formats: a circle-compatible format (for use here on Kickstarter) and a more traditional square format (for use on most other sites).

- Circle (for Kickstarer): Blue, Green, Red, White, Purple, Orange, Black
- Square (for other sites): Blue, Green, Red, White, Purple, Orange, Black




We have received 37 nominations so far for platform artwork subjects. (See Update #2 for more details.) Thank you! We will continue to take nominations using this link until we reach the stretch goal, and each nomination lowers the required funding level for this stretch goal — and also the next stretch goal — by five dollars. (Right now, that level is $15,815.) Once we reach the goal, we will share the nominated subjects and have you vote on which three you'd like to see in the game.


This stretch goal encompasses a few things related to the box. Currently, the box will be made from 1.2mm cardboard with a standard finish. It will be square (roughly 8" across). It will contain five punchboards with seven tiles each.

Original box cover sketch
Original box cover sketch

At $19,815 (or lower, depending on platform artwork nominations), we will make the following upgrades:

  • Upgrade box material to a sturdy 2mm cardboard with linen finish
  • Upgrade box shape to a taller and more elegant rectangle shape (roughly 9.5" x 7.25") that shows more lanterns in the illustration
  • Increase the number of punchboards to allow for larger dedication tokens

The current box is more than acceptable, and it helped us keep our base funding goal low. But these upgrades will give the box and dedication tokens an extra upgrade that we really hope we can reach!

Thank you for believing in Lanterns: The Harvest Festival and for helping us reach the first stretch goal so quickly. It's been a great campaign so far, and we are excited about how we are improving the final game together with you!

~ Randy, Tyler, and Chris


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    1. Foxtrot Games 4-time creator on

      We added a few more backers and another nomination, and now we have less than $1,400 to go for the next stretch goal.

    2. Foxtrot Games 4-time creator on

      @Michelle, I added to the main campaign comments section too: "We are up to 51 nominations! That has lowered the funding level required for the next two stretch goals by $255 each. That puts the next stretch goal at $15,745 -- less than $1,500 to go for that now."

    3. MichelleAA on

      How many nominations are we up to now? ;-)

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. Christopher Chung on

      The show will be live in half an hour!

      Featuring: Sen Foong-Lim & Jay Cormier (Belfort), Daryl Andrews (The Walled City: Londonderry & Borderlands), and host Yves Tourigny (Expedition: Northwest Passage)

    6. Christopher Chung on

      Linen box! :O I love the feel of linen boxes.

    7. Dustin Schwartz on

      I like the idea of a rectangular box. This would look spectacular on my shelf next to Arve Fuhler's Pagoda.

    8. Foxtrot Games 4-time creator on

      @Michelle, Let me double-check on the box insert, but I believe that's already included. It would be something simple like the Relic Expedition insert.

    9. MichelleAA on

      What about a good insert to keep everything from jostling around? Or is that already included? ;-) Otherwise, sounds great! =) Can't wait to read what all the platform nominations are...