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Roll dice to escape from your Nightmares, or become one and terrorise your friends! A board game for 1-4 players, with 80 custom dice!
Roll dice to escape from your Nightmares, or become one and terrorise your friends! A board game for 1-4 players, with 80 custom dice!
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Tassie Radio, Top 10s, and ... puppy presents?


Hi there!

I've just come back from holidays in Tasmania, Australia and landed in a Sydney that has just hit 45 Celsius (that's 113 Fahrenheit). It's been a short and sweaty acclimatisation period.

I'll kick off with something that I forgot to send through last update, but I wanted to send a shout-out to my brother for the most amazing Christmas present this year. I present, in pride of place on my game shelf, the softest bone hunter ever!

The softest bone hunter!
The softest bone hunter!

Manufacturing on Lucidity: Six-sided Nightmares is about a third finished and freight from China is currently being organised, so there isn't much left for any of us to do but wait and play some great other games!

There has been a bit of back and forth with freight which makes me laugh. One person CC's in another, to pass on the email to a third, who then replies to a fourth, and so on. The list of people in these chains is getting quite extraordinary and I'm not entirely sure what is getting done. But it's interesting to watch from the sidelines as people who do know what they're doing go about doing so in what I hope is a very efficient manner.

If you're just interested in Lucidity news, this is the point of the update you can hop off or quickly scroll through the rest of the images!

Guest on Tassie Radio

While I was in Tasmania with my partner, I was kindly invited onto the studios of the Dice Men Cometh, Australia's board game radio show. We were live on air on Thursday evening, but you can catch the trimmed Episode 196 here.

It was a super fun time chatting with Garth and Leon about all of the awesome upcoming games of 2018, as well as my own plans. After the show, we sat down for a delicious schnitzel, raspberry cider, and an unreleased game by another Australian designer that I'm told I'm not allowed to say anything about. It must be good to be a reviewer sometimes!


2017 Top Tens

The 2017 Kickstarter top 10s are still coming in. This last fortnight, we appeared on Michael's (the Unfiltered Gamer's) list at number two! It's a great list, from start to finish, but if you want to jump straight to Lucidity's appearance, feel free to click the link above. If you want to see the video from the start, click on the video link embedded below.

It's so cool to see such a positive reaction from reviewers. :) One thing I found interesting about Michael's comments was this: he hated it on first play! But then was convinced to play it again, and then he wanted to play a third time, and a fourth, and on and on. And now it's his number two game from 2017.

I'm not 100% sure why that is, but if I had to hazard a guess, I'd say it's because Lucidity is a press-your-luck, but it can be brutal if you assume you can always just roll the most dice and win that way. There's a fair amount of strategy involved in when you start reducing your dice, and what colours you modify. After one game, it all suddenly makes sense. At least, I hope it does!


BGG Most Anticipated Games 2018

Speaking of Top 10s, we are on juuuuust over 300 votes for the nomination for the BGG "Most Anticipated Game of 2018" voting, which puts us at #51 as of posting this. We're voting to nominate Lucidity right now. In about a week, the top 50 or 60 games that were nominated are voted on as the actual top games of 2018.

If you haven't had the chance to jump onto BoardGameGeek and leave a thumbs up on the Lucidity nomination, I'd really appreciate it, if only to stop us slipping off the top 60!

Those bribes again were...

If Lucidity reaches the voting stage (top 60), I will release a downloadable PDF of each of the Nightmare cards, with crayon art drawn by me during Lucidity's playtesting. You can print those out, use them for your own sets and mourn my terrible art.

If Lucidity finishes in the top 20, I will run another choose your own adventure story through the forums, at least 5000 words long, set in the world of "Six-sided Nightmares".

If Lucidity finishes in the top 10, I will commission a family-friendly "Bone Hunters" card, to be released as a pdf and (if I can get the logistics of it to work) purchasable through the BoardGameGeek store as a promo.

And I'm happy to take suggestions on what happens if we hit #1, haha!

Dice Hard/PAX Aus - UnStable Live Design

At PAX Australia last year, I mentioned that I was on a panel called "Let's Make a Board Game Live". It was super fun, and we made this weird horse game that involved fighting your opponent's stable while trying to mind-meld with your ally player. It's a bit like Bridge crossed with area control.

And here's another thing I forgot to send through and I'm just catching up on now. The audio from that panel was captured, and went up as a special episode of the Dice Hard podcast. If you want to hear a game being made in less than an hour, you can jump on and listen here now!

It's silly, it's not very animal-friendly, it's... UnStable!
It's silly, it's not very animal-friendly, it's... UnStable!


The audio isn't the best because Steve's roaming microphone didn't pick up on the recording, but we repeated most of what he said, just in case.

And the game is free to download on BoardGameGeek here!

Phew, I can't believe we've done 40 updates! Hopefully that isn't too many for you. If so, I apologise for filling your inbox. I try to keep things interesting, and if you do want them to slow down, please do let me know!

So there it is... I hope you had an amazing New Years Eve, and you aren't too hot/cold wherever it is that you are. :) Thanks, as ever, for your support!

Turns out that sprinkles go really well around the rim of a cocktail!
Turns out that sprinkles go really well around the rim of a cocktail!


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    1. Shannon Kelly Creator

      @Frank: Oh yes, we're very very conscious of that! Not just about Chinese New Year, but also that a lot of stuff gets rushed through in the weeks prior to the shut-down, leading to mistakes! I'm told manufacturing should basically be finished this time next week, ready for shipping.

    2. Frank Bromley on

      i hope the game hits the boat before February cause china basically shuts down manufacturing for the month cause of new years

    3. Shannon Kelly Creator

      @Will: Everyone must be on holidays still! :D
      1) Hahaha noooooo... this one will remain mine and only mine forever. Though that reminds me of that Kickstarter myth/horror story (maybe it's real?) of the person who set up a campaign to sew cute animals, and then got 500 orders and basically had to sew 500 creatures for the rest of their life.
      2) He DOES doesn't he? I was trying to think of who he reminded me of. You're dead right!

    4. Will M on

      No comments for this update yet?! Oh well, let’s change that!

      1) The soft Bone Hunters should’ve been an optional extra to the KS! ;)

      2) Michael from the Unfiltered Gamer has an uncanny resemblance to the former WWE wrestler, “Edge”!