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Shoot, slash, switch and snatch to unveil the mystery of the 5th season in the most nostalgic 16-Bit action platformer ever to be made!
Shoot, slash, switch and snatch to unveil the mystery of the 5th season in the most nostalgic 16-Bit action platformer ever to be made!
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New Teaser Trailer!

Posted by Bonus Level Entertainment (Creator)

 Dear Backers, FOX n FORESTS will launch on PC and consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch) in Spring 2018 and we are celebrating the upcoming release with a new teaser trailer:  


 As this is a teaser trailer we are not showing off everything yet, but we hope you can see the improvement the game made over the past month, from the Kickstarter campaign and the prototype in 2016 over the demo last Summer (thank you for your valuable feedback once again!) until its final installment. 


 The PC version is almost 100% finished, so parts of the team are already working on the console ports. Since we are using Unity this is a relatively comfortable task and will not delay the release on Windows, Linux and Mac. Furthermore, due to first party regulations such as copyright rules and DLC guidelines the console versions will not contain the “Poser Reward” photos in the credits or the limited access to some “Magic Attack Potions”. This means that the PC versions you have backed will even have a little bit more content and for a better price, as FOX n FORESTS will cost 19,99 USD/EUR for “non-backers” at launch. 

 Here is the Steam page: 

 One thing we could however not make possible is that you can choose between a version for PC or consoles, as a download key for the latter would cost us around 6 USD/EUR each. As much as we would like to, every penny went into the development of the game and this is something we cannot afford. We tried to negotiate with first parties many times but ultimately could not achieve an exception for our backers here.

 Still, we hope you agree that we will put your names into the credits of the console versions nevertheless! 


 We hope you're as excited about the upcoming release as we are and will update you on a more regular basis from now on, please stay tuned! 

 Thank you for your continuing support, 

 Your FnF Team 

 PS: You can download all new screenshots here: 


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    1. Fabrice Bacquart on

      Is the drm free version coming out the same date as the steam version and how ? (I want to know if it's coming on or something else^^)

    2. Doug DaSilva on

      I do hope you are able to offer the paid upgrade for a console version of your choice between PS4, Switch, & XB1. The demo was a blast and I absolutely cannot wait to dig into this game! It looks amazing, FnF team!

    3. Nicola on

      I would MUCH rater have a Switch copy instead of a Steam one. Adding up to $6 would be ok.

    4. Kyle Emch on

      "Do you remember 16 bit?"

      No, BLE. I don't get reminders of 16 bit. Certainly not through Steam, which has thousands of games in 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, and more. Nevermind that Iconoclasts and Celeste were just released.

      In all seriousness, I'm still looking forward to playing this game, but that phrase should've just been left out of the video entirely. >_<

    5. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      @JUSTINtimeforalaugh - We will be considering this option.

    6. JUSTINtimeforalaugh on

      Hey, would it be possible for anyone who did want a console port to send another $6 for a console key instead? Like a lot of people now, I've been turning my Switch into the "Indie Game" machine in my house, so I was hoping to get it on there. Lol. If it's too much hassle, I understand, but I just wanted to check if it would be an option.

    7. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      @Michele - You are welcome :)

      1.) Yes we will censor the games (in the console credits), I think this is a good idea. We will do an update about it soon and every poser backer (20 people) will see how it will look and if they are happy with it :)

      2.) Thank you for the info! We will look into this and update you soon as well.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Bonus Level Entertainment
      Thanks for your reply.
      1) Are those regulations something that could be disclose or open to public? Just curious to know more about it.
      By what you are saying it seems that the issue are the games in the collection in the backers photos. Wouldn't be a solution to censor those games in some way or offer those backers to share another photos that won't infringe copyright?
      Otherwise I believe those backers should be allowed to ask for a partial refund if they are not interested anymore in that pledge due to its diminished value.
      2) First example I can thing of are Wasteland 3 and Psychonauts 2 which included a 18$ addon during the campaign to allow console copy. There are other cases of addon used post campaign but I don't remember one at the moment. There are also cases of games which for the same price provided pc or console copy.
      3)4) Good to know.

    9. ccateni

      When will it come out in spring?

    10. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      @christian todd howard - Sad to hear, but we have a possible solution: We can show your face clearly and only make the games hardly visible, then you will be in the credits but not he games collection, what do you say?

    11. Christian T Howard on

      Chance for refund? Sadly if our photos don’t make the credits
      Of other platforms I don’t want the pledge any more

    12. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      @ccateni - For the PC versions the poser pictures will of course be in the credits. For the console versions we are sadly not allowed to include these pictures due to 1st party copyright rules.

    13. ccateni

      Great news, though couldn't you add the poser reward via DLC? Also, when will it come out in Spring 2018?

    14. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      @Michele - Thank you for these questions and giving us the opportunity to answer:

      1.) Poser Reward
      Sadly first party regulations do not allow us to include the poser reward photos as the have games on them and that would be a copyright infringement. There is sadly nothing we can do about it.

      2.) Console Versions
      We will consider this option!

      3.) Credits
      Yes, we will send the survey soon.

      4.) PC Version Delivery
      The game will be available on Steam or as DRM-free version for Windows, Linux, Mac. You will need to choose and we will send out the survey soon.

    15. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      I have some concerns:
      - while I did not pledge for a poser credit I believe it is not fair to the one who did pay for it to not be included in all version of the game as the reward is clearly to be remembered along with the game and it was never stated that it would not be included in some version of it (even if you have planned to get the game on those console from the beginning). The game is released on 4 platforms, only one for them will have the poser credits.
      - while I understand the costs of providing console version of the game, many authors find reasonable solution in the past. For instance you could let the backers interested in switching to another platform, pay for the difference. It has already been done before for a price higher than the 6usd you mentioned.
      - I see that there's not issue in including the names in the credits on consoles too but you still hasn't sent us a survey to let us decide the name. Should we expect to get that survey soon?
      - How will the pc version of the game be delivered? Steam, GOG, Humble Store? Will we have to chose between drm-free version and another or will be able to have both?

    16. Tim Albers on

      Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! 8)