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Shoot, slash, switch and snatch to unveil the mystery of the 5th season in the most nostalgic 16-Bit action platformer ever to be made!
Shoot, slash, switch and snatch to unveil the mystery of the 5th season in the most nostalgic 16-Bit action platformer ever to be made!
Shoot, slash, switch and snatch to unveil the mystery of the 5th season in the most nostalgic 16-Bit action platformer ever to be made!
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    1. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator 1 day ago

      @ccateni: We will have a new update very soon! No need to worry, all goes according to plan. Thank you for your patience :)

    2. ccateni 5 days ago

      Is the game on schedule still, we haven't really had a big update here since November.

    3. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on December 22


      Another year has passed (almost;) and in 2018 FOX n FORESTS will finally launch!

      The game itself is more or less done and great fun. A few bugs here and there, putting the languages in, doing the versioning, dealing with rewards, etc. and "tadaaa" you will soon be able to enjoy what has been (from the first idea to the finishes game) a journey that took us over 2 years of hard work... and you, our backers, were the ones who made all of this possible!

      Therefore, the wohle team wants to say "Thank You!" for your passion, patience and support over the years: "You are all foxing amazing!" :)

      FnF Team

    4. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on October 16

      @Christian: We will send out the mail this week :)

    5. christian todd howard on October 14

      When do we submit our photos for the credits

    6. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on August 28

      Once again everyone - thank you for your positive, constructive and useful feedback! We had a very successful Gamescom with some more great ideas from the people visiting our booth in the Indie Arena and will do our best to implement, polish and fine tune :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Adam on August 21

      The demo certainly is quite nice I must say. The controls and all feel really solid, which of course is the most important part. I assume there'll be mapable keyboard controls in the final version, maybe also some default keyboard buttons displayed with the first few 'how to play' screen prompts along with the controller inputs?

      The only small thing I might like to see is that if the player crouches maybe the screen could shift up to show a little of the level below him, and if he looks up show a little above? It is a game of exploration after all - a little help here and there would certainly be nice. Otherwise keep up the good work! Love it so far!

    8. Jacob Haver on August 21

      Hi Guys, I just finished the demo and i really enjoyed the experience you are creating. As for critiques I only have 3 points. The first being that i could not seems to pull off a normal horizontal slash without it instead defaulting to a arrow shot so the only ground based sword swing i could find was the crouched cut which while effective for the smaller spider enemies feels a little dumb when using it against larger opponents. The 2nd point is based on enemy design when it comes to their interaction with seasons. The electric eel in particular is what i am referring to seeing as it jumps out of the water to commence its attack. I feel that it would make rational sense that if while in the air and a seasons change to winter occurs because the water is frozen over the eel should not just be able to fall back into its default under water position until either the seasons change back or it is killed by the user. Lastly, for the 3rd point is with the enemy respawn times for the wasps seemed a little to quick from my experience. Maybe only have them respawn off screen and the player doubles back or just increase the timer a little to allow the player to move a few places before having the enemies return to their default position. But overall i really like the feel of the game and the soundtrack, and cannot wait to see how it develops in the future. (by the way just a random point you may want to update the Fox n Forests page image to say Nintendo Switch instead of NX in the bottom right hand corner). :D

    9. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on August 19

      Very nice, keep the feedback coming! There is still time to fine-tune and polish :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Carl Harris on August 19

      Just played through the demo, and it was great. Animations and levels look awesome and the enemy designs are suitable creepy. My one big issue throughout however was not being able to attack up from the ground meaning I often had to double jump into enemies above me in order to attack them. Other than that though I'm really looking forward to the final release, keep up the good work guys.

    11. Missing avatar

      Zach King on August 18

      Just played through the demo, and it was pretty fantastic! My only criticism would be that the threshold for crouching is a bit too high; it seemed like every time the joystick was tilted to the 91 degree position, Fleabag wouldn't move. Just something worth mentioning. Great job guys!

    12. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on July 28

      CONSOLE VERSIONS: We are planning to bring FOX n FORESTS to consoles as well but can not confirm anything yet! Planned are: PlayStation, Xbox One and Switch (Seasons) :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Justin Ryan on July 27

      Sounds great to me! I'm absolutely fine with waiting a bit longer for a more polished and complete game :D Really looking forward to the demo guys! ^^,

    14. ccateni on July 26

      will you guys make a console version including one for the switch? @BonusLevelEntertainment

    15. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on July 26

      The release date moved to coming Winter as we would like to spend more time polishing and adding additional content, which means a bigger and better game for you!

      In order to ease the wait we will have a fun demo ready to download for a backers this August :)

    16. ccateni on May 16, 2017

      most likely September of this year @Endymion

    17. Missing avatar

      Endymion on May 15, 2017

      Do we have any estimate of the release date?

    18. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on April 13, 2017

      Thank you for participating in the Easter Egg hunt :) Songbirdo got it right: RLUD RRLL UDUD UUDD - Details in the comments here:

    19. TheTwistedKris on April 13, 2017

      -if last 4 are diections
      -if by gamepad you weren't refering to the direction input

    20. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on April 13, 2017

      @Songbirdo ...forgot the O, sorry >_< And no, Kickstarter does not let you edit comments *gg

    21. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on April 13, 2017

      @Jacob & Songbird: Thank you for your "continued hype" :) We are a small team and are 100% focusing on development right now, so that is why it is a bit quiet around FOX n FORESTS sometimes. However, but be rest assured - the game will be awesome and the console versions are still planned as well!

    22. Jacob Haver on April 11, 2017

      @Songbirdo thanks for letting me know I did not notice.

    23. Missing avatar

      Songbirdo on April 5, 2017

      Jacob, The Nintendo NX is listed in their planned releases. NX was the codename for the Switch before it was officially announced.

    24. Jacob Haver on April 2, 2017

      Hi everyone, seeing as the comment section is kinda dead I just wanted to post my continued hype for the game. Also to the dev team if possible I would love to see a switch version of the game eventually happen sometime after the pc launch. I could definitely see playing this type of game on the go in the switch format.

    25. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on February 14, 2017

      Happy Valentines everyone!

      @Dablue: Our latest update went live yesterday :)

      Please always let us know when you have any wishes or particular topics you want us to feature in our updates.

    26. Dablue
      on February 7, 2017

      Hi folks , anything to share on development ?

    27. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on November 11, 2016

      @IceflamePhoenix - Yes, you can pre-order FnF on our homepage via PayPal here:

      All the money of the pre-sales will go into the development of the game, so for example we already cranked up the number of enemies (currently almost 30!) - even though we did not sell that many units via PayPal. Are we crazy? No, passionate :D

    28. Missing avatar

      on October 24, 2016

      Hi Bonus Level Entertainment! Got a question for you:

      The Kickstarter campaign fell short of the Additional Enemies, Additional End Boss, and Director's Cut stretch goals, $110k, $120k, & $150k respectively.

      I can see that there's further rounds of funding/pre-orders via Paypal (and perhaps other avenues?) Will these further funds be factored into reaching for the as-yet un-reached stretch goals (and how much extra we've made)? And, how far will we get with including this additional content?

      Thank you in advance for replying to this, good luck with the development!

    29. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on October 10, 2016

      @Christian - We will do this next year, closer to launch as we think it is better to send one complete questionnaire instead of multiple ones. So why wait exactly? Because people's preferences for their system (Win, Linux, Mac) or even distribution platform (Steam or DRM-free) might change in the meantime.

    30. christian todd howard on October 9, 2016

      when will backers be notified for there pledge?

    31. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on September 27, 2016

      @Fotios - Of course we know about this charming & amazing title :) In fact we have been in contact with the team from Swing Swing Submarine a long time ago. Yes, there are some similarities (by coincidence) but in terms of style, gameplay and pacing both games are quite different from each other. And hey, there can never be enough games with foxes :D

    32. Missing avatar

      Fotios Zemenides
      on September 10, 2016

      Hey guys, have you seen this game "Seasons after Fall" on Steam? Look mighty similar in base game play mechanics.…

    33. Joshua Michael French on August 25, 2016

      @Bonus Level That's good to hear. I felt like the idea of a fox shifting between seasons in a side-scrolling action adventure was a pretty novel and original idea, but I guess it's nearly impossible to come up with identifiable concepts that are 100% unique in such a saturated and broad market. That being said, both games look fantastic for their own reasons and don't necessarily appeal to the same potential player base. I can't wait to get my hands on FnF.

    34. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on August 25, 2016

      @ Marcel - No worries here :) We talked to the developers of Season after Fall - they are called "Swing Swing Submarine" - before announcing FOX n FORESTS and there are no issues whatsoever since both games are different enough in terms of style, story and gameplay to co-exist. They are a great team and we wish the the best of luck!

    35. Missing avatar

      Marcel Kuhn on August 16, 2016

      Hi, congratulation guys your game looks very cool, but I read about a really similar Game called "Season after Fall" and it will be released in september...I hope you guys don't have to deal with copyright infringement because your game looks so much cooler :-)

    36. christian todd howard on August 16, 2016

      if you guys make hard copy for console and i hope you do...please give backers a chance to get it please dont make it limited run but really this needs a hard copy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    37. christian todd howard on August 16, 2016

      please make hard is not the best i want a hard copy of this game...

    38. Ahmad Shakir on August 13, 2016

      Congrats on this, guys! So happy to have helped bring this project to life. Also, great job on getting Mr. Sterling involved, his endorsement just gives me more confidence in backing. :D

    39. Joshua Michael French on August 13, 2016

      Congratulations to Bonus Level, and cheers to all! This has been a thrilling ride to the end, and I can't wait to play the game! I hope this is just the first step in a true 16-bit revival.

    40. Dablue
      on August 13, 2016

      and funded.. congrats guys =)) not quite to the next stretchgoal.. but who knows.. you might find a hole in budget somewhere ;p

    41. Missing avatar

      Gage Bush on August 13, 2016

      Damn, only that much short of the next stretch goal. Oh well, this looks like it will be a great game though one thing someone pointed out in the comments section of Jim Sterling's video (how I found out about this game less than an hour before it finished) something that was on at the back on my mind without really realising it. The animation looks a tiny bit rough, will you be adding additional frames for all of the animation.Still looks great though. Oh, almost forgot, will there be ledge climbing as well in the game?

      Anyhoo, wish you all the best on the coming year making this game!

    42. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on August 13, 2016

      @ Dablue: Very cool, thank you! We are preparing the stuff as we type ;)

    43. Dablue
      on August 13, 2016

      ..and we are into the minutes portoin of the campaign. 3k ish to go .. go go go

    44. Dablue
      on August 13, 2016

      @Creator: remember to update the main page before the timer runs out, or you cant update it anymore.. also if you have any paypal information for post kickstarter also make sure to add that to the main page.(Preferrably on top)

    45. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on August 13, 2016

      @LynLeeFox - Good advice, thank you! The bolts all have different effects but the GUI icon does only change color, you have a point here. We will discuss internally and see what solution we can offer.

    46. LynLeeFox on August 13, 2016

      I just watched the video with the prototype, and I notice all the bolts look the same other than color. This could be a potential problem for color-blind players, so I hope there are plans do differ them with more than color.

    47. Maus Merryjest AGL589 on August 12, 2016

      That means you just got a Sterling review of your prototype! ;)

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