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Shoot, slash, switch and snatch to unveil the mystery of the 5th season in the most nostalgic 16-Bit action platformer ever to be made!
Shoot, slash, switch and snatch to unveil the mystery of the 5th season in the most nostalgic 16-Bit action platformer ever to be made!
Shoot, slash, switch and snatch to unveil the mystery of the 5th season in the most nostalgic 16-Bit action platformer ever to be made!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Alex Borsch on

      Hello, it looks like you all have been sending out the game I think it was lost in the shuffle of e-mails who can I reach out to about getting my copy?

    2. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      Foxtastic :) Please keep supporting FOX n FORESTS and recommending us to your 16-bit friends!

    3. Doug DaSilva on

      You guys made No. 7 in "Get Indie Gaming"'s top 10 Indie releases for May 2018!…

    4. Martin O

      OK, thanks!

    5. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      @Martin O: If we do any updates on Steam we will make sure the DRM-free backers will also profit from them. We cannot say if this will be over the link provided or in some other form atm.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Martin O
      Sorry, I didn't catch you were referring to that phrase. That was indeed misleading. I think the later response was more clear and shows that BLE wasn't able to put the game on GOG rather than being in control of that decision.
      I agree, even if I dislike GOG Galaxy and think the overall service provided by GOG could be much better than it is right now, it's still one of the best drm-free choice that also provides the optional feature you are talking about.
      I believe that the current situation is not ideal for BLE either, as they have to host and maintain the drm-free version themselves instead of using the tools a store could provide. A store is simply more reliable on the long run. So if they'll be able to release the game on GOG at some point, they will be the first one to be happy about it.
      Let see what the future holds for this game.

    7. Martin O

      @Michele: Below it sounded like they decided against GOG because "some people also find GOG etc. not ideal" while in my opinion GOG is the most optimal way for providing DRM-free games because beside the actual download it allows similar kind of comfort features like Steam but being optional.
      (Well except for Linux users, there is still no GOG Galaxy for them, but they are used to something like this :p)

      GOG also enforces providing the game on all available OS platforms.
      If you would like stuff like achievements they have to be implemented separately (like with Steam) but features like auto-update and cloud saves come basically for free.

      @Bonus Level Entertainment:
      Thanks for the response. One question about the download link:
      When there are updated builds available can we just use this same link to download the most current version?

    8. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      We wanted to use GOG originally but due to certain reasons things turned out differently.
      It was not our intention to make anyone feel left behind.

      We are still TRYING to get on GOG and if so giving access to the GOG version to the DRM-free backers.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Martin O
      They cannot provide a key for GOG because they don't sell the game there. And I believe the same apply to Humble Store. They still had to provide a drm-free version so their only choice was to deliver it themself thorough their servers.
      If they keep that version updated and provides a link to the three systems (win, mac and linux) I don't see any issue. But again, it would have been better having it on an official store.

    10. Martin O

      Does the DRM-free version also have the advantages of no (optional) auto-updates, achievements and cloud saves?

      Sooo, who were those guys telling you GOG not being ideal? :p

    11. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      Hi Everyone, thank you for you comments.

      We now fully get it and understand why the DRM-free backers feel left behind and we are very sorry to hear that. This was not our intention.

      We thought that we had a clear and easy choice mecahnic: Steam (Win, Linux, Mac) or DRM-free (Win, Linux, Mac), so we assumed people would select their preferred version and be happy.

      Now Steam does have an advantage over the DRM-free version ("on the fly" system choice) BUT the DRM-free versions have a huge advantage over Steam: they are DRM-free.

      So, if you would have expected that DRM-free was handled via GOG etc. then sorry for the disappointment. We will send a Steam Key to the few people who commented below.

    12. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Herr Foxley
      About the Exit Game function, there is indeed an hidden procedure. Just hope they'll update the game with a text that actually show that. It's unfortunate that with a gamepad that is not possible.
      I agree, it's kind of strange they choose this way, it reminds me of old dos games.

      About the "fairness", I believe (and hope), that BLE was referring to providing steam key to drm-free users. I would also prefer both choices but during the campaign it was stated that it would be one or the other so their stand is correct. I think that in a future campaign they would be wary of that and thing of another way.

      Regarding the drm-free version, I totally agree, they should provide a version for each system (pc, mac, linux) to be on par with the steam version. As for the updates, they have to maintain it. It will be less convenient for them as they have to provide it on their servers and not on a digital store, and the updates would be probably be slower, but that's the way the choose and they promised to do that. Hope they'll keep up, but I agree it is not ideal.

    13. Herr Foxley on

      So I'm playing the game and realizing there's... no "Exit Game" function anywhere. It doesn't exist in the game menus (unless I'm completely missing something). Shoddy, to say the least. Alt+F4 it is, for a game that's been in development this long...

      The no-DRM situation isn't looking too good either, reading the comments below. How do you propose to deliver updates to the game, since you decided not to use a legitimate hosting platform like GOG or Humble? Someone asked this question a couple of days ago, and you responded to other parts of their comment but ignored this one.

      Also, how is giving a link to either Windows or Linux versions to backers "not fair for the others", that doesn't even make sense. If I had known the no-DRM option would be handled this poorly, I would have just opted for the Steam key even though I have no interest in supporting Steam anymore.

    14. Missing avatar

      Tsune_shikoi on

      @BLE/Michele: Yes that's correct, I was simply wanting the same platform access (aka "cross-play" on Steam) with the DRM-free version as the Steam gamers get to enjoy. Right now, Steam key users ironically have more freedom than the DRM-free gamers because the Steam gamers aren't locked into a single platform. I sort of get wanting backers to choose between Steam or non-Steam, because Steam keys cost you money, but a) we're your backers and paid you already anyway and even took a risk with that, and b) making all the platforms available to DRM-free backers costs you nothing. Like Michele said, all this would require is sending out the links to all three platforms to your DRM-free backers, or having one download page with all three platforms on it.

    15. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      If I understand Tsune_shikoi right, you are providing only one system choice for the drm-free version. If that the case I believe he is right. I asked the same question when the survey came out (with different combination of systems and stores), pointing out that on steam you sell a product that is available on all system (pc, mac, linux) so the system choice was meaningless there. In the end you agreed that the choice would be between drm-free or steam, not between systems, as the system would be more of a statistic for you. Now, I don't think you'll be unfair to others if you provide windows, mac and linux version to the drm-free backers, you'll just provide them with the same thing steam users have right now. It is something that can be easly fixed by providing a link for each system to the drm-free backers.

    16. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      @Tsune_shikio - We understand your thoughts. Sad to hear but some people also find GOG etc. not ideal and we were hoping a DRM free version without online function would satisfy people even more. Please understand that we can not give out more keys/games per person. That would not be fair for the others.

    17. Missing avatar

      Tsune_shikoi on

      Hi, thanks for the reply, but let me be more clear in my communication. With the Steam version, you can install it on any platform you want, because Steam supports cross-platform. I wish to do the same with the DRM-free version. I want to play this on my Linux HTPC so I want access to the Linux DRM-free version. I selected Windows because I also wanted to be able to play it on my desktop. Since Steam provides access to all platforms, isn't it fair that the DRM-free version also provides this, much like GOG and and other DRM-free sources do? Would you please send me a link for the DRM-free Linux version as well? Thanks!

    18. Kai Kubicek

      Congrats guys!

    19. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      @Corey - Foxtastic, we are happy it worked now! Thank you everyone for your trust, honesty and support :)

    20. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      @Tsune_shikoi: We are sorry but please understand that we can only give put one version per backer. Also we do not have unlimited Steam keys and mostly all of them are gone to press etc.

    21. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Same here, will send a pm. It may have something to do with the brackets included in the code.

    22. Corey Rautenberg on

      Thanks, @bonus Level Entertainment! I figured it out, it looked like the code was pasted twice in the email I got making look longer then it was. Got the game now and can't wait to play it!

    23. Missing avatar

      Tsune_shikoi on

      Is there any way that I can also receive a steam key even though I picked the DRM-free version or is it kind of a mutually exclusive situation?

    24. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      @Corey - You are the first to have issues here. Please send us a picture via Kickstarter Message of this and your code so we can clarify. We are happy to help!

    25. Corey Rautenberg on

      Is anyone else having issues with their steam keys? I keep getting "invalid code" when trying to redeem it on steam.

    26. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      We made it! Thank you and thanks to you trusty backers :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Oktomat on

      I read that one already. Well I'm glad I did my part so you could make the game but IDK if i want to play it on PC...

    28. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      @Arrusa: Early Bird was meant that this reward gets you the game, manual and OST cheaper (you saved 5 EUR/USD) than for laterer backers, as it was a limited reward.

    29. Missing avatar

      Arrusa on

      Ive been wondering about R03: Early Bird reward, shouldn't i been able to Play it before the 17.5. or did i get this wrong?

    30. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      @Oktomat: It does for us too, but our hands were bound. Please see the details here:

    31. Missing avatar

      Oktomat on

      I wish I could have it for switch...sux tbh

    32. Missing avatar

      Justin Ryan on

      WELL DONE TEAM! 🦊🌲 Keep creating 😎

    33. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      @Ryan Casey - No worries, instead thank you very much for contacting us! I am sure you already took a look into your spam folder / email settings etc. - Sadly, there is nothing we can do in our system to change this / access, so please contact Kickstarter directly for this matter, as only they can resolve the issue.

    34. Missing avatar

      Ryan Casey on

      Hello, sorry to bother you but I don't seem to be receiving any new emails from kickstarter about your project, I hope I can still receive a copy of the game

    35. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      @Fabrice - The Steam version is the default version, so all should be good. We will keep an eye out for you when sending out the codes.

    36. Fabrice Bacquart on

      Can't seem to change my version to steam in the survey :(
      Since you guys can't tell about the gog version, could you change that for me, please ? I'd rather not have to chase after updates.

    37. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      @TheExileFox: True, Kickstarter itself does not allow to change rewards after a project is over. However, you can go with an external organisation in order to do so, but this costs money and we wanted to out every cent into the creation of the game and solid rewards.

      @Evil: It really should have been sent to you as the is went over the usually very reliable Kickstarter system and your registered email. Sadly it is only allowed to send out one survey per reward tier. Please make sure to check your spam folder or edit your junk filter in time as the game will be out soon. Today for example we did another update, that you should have received per mail?

    38. TheExileFox on

      I want to upgrade my pledge level but that is apparently not possible :(

    39. Missing avatar

      Evil on

      Hey, I've been looking and I never received any email or anything about either the Credits or the questionnaire for my version. I'm not sure if it got lost in the junk filter or it never got sent to me.

    40. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      IMPORTANT: Choose Your Version!
      DEADLINE: End of March 2018!

      Please do not forget to fill out the questionnaire we sent out on February 20th 2018!

      If you do not choose your version until end of March 2018 we will need to send
      you a PC-Steam key for FOX n FORESTS (Steam will feature the versions for Windows,
      Linux and Mac).

      Also, we need to know the address by then so we can send the physical rewards
      to the corresponding doorstep!

      Thank You :)

    41. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      Just letting everyone know: NAMES for CREDITS are 100% now locked in and implemented. Lots of work but fun as well :)

    42. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      @Fabrice: Difficult to say at the moment but I would not bet on it as this decision is not entirely up to us. It is hard for us to recommend any platform, system or type of version but Steam is definitely not a bad option considering its infrastructure and market share.

    43. Fabrice Bacquart on

      Hi !
      If it does get released on gog, will you consider giving the people that take the drm free version a key for the gog version ?
      I would rather take the drm free version but keeping track of content patches is annoying and gog is a good alternative for me.

    44. Martin O

      Thanks for the responses!

    45. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      @Martin O: I am sorry that I can not provide a better/more satisfying answer yet. There definitely is a chance that FnF will also be release on GOG, Humble or later on, but not at launch.

    46. Martin O

      @Ryan Casey:
      You have to fill out the Kickstarter survey.
      If you are using a normal (desktop) web browser you should see a big banner on top of the page.

      You can also click on 'View Pledge' to get to the survey and see your answers if you have filled if out previously.

    47. Missing avatar

      Ryan Casey on

      Sorry, how do I choose my version

    48. Martin O

      Maybe you have already guessed it: This wasn't what I wanted to hear.
      I exclusively buy DRM-free games only and I only support video game Kickstarter projects providing DRM-free copies.

      But I also expect not just a DRM-free copy for me but also that such possibility will be there for later buyers of the game, using some distribution platform like GOG, Humble or

      I understand that having to support a game on multiple platforms/stores is more work and I don't even expect standard Steam features like achievements.
      But I was expecting a proper DRM-free release. One on a proper distribution platform which will receive game patches. One which everybody can purchase if they prefer.


      Btw. the publisher seems to be EuroVideo Medien and on Steam they have also published games like Victor Vran and The Dwarves. Both were released on GOG too.

      Maybe you guys could talk to them and tell them to release FOX n FORESTS there too. Oh and also Fire. I like me adventure games :-)

    49. Bonus Level Entertainment Creator on

      At the moment and according to our publisher there are no plans to sell a DRM-free version.

      So we will only deliver the ones for our backers. They will be distributed by us directly.

    50. Martin O

      How will the DRM-free version be updated and how will others (non-backers) be able to purchase a DRM-free version?

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