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An asymmetric, team-based, hidden movement, miniatures game.
An asymmetric, team-based, hidden movement, miniatures game.
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Sabotage is an asymmetric stealth game for two teams of two players each. One team, the villains, are trying to take over the world with their their doomsday devices. The other team, the spies, are infiltrating the villains' secret lair to stop them. The spies must use their stealth and cunning to shut the villains down without getting caught. The villains must use their deductive reasoning and massive stockpile of weapons to prevent the spies' subversion. 2-4 players, ages 10+, 60-90 minutes

  • Completely asymmetric - each team plays completely differently. Will you be sneaky or discerning, cunning or explosive!?
  • Work as a team - You won't make it far on your own. Players must coordinate with their teammate if they hope to be successful.
  • Hidden movement - Both sides move in secret, making the spies harder to hit, but they never know when a flamethrower is just around the next corner
  • Strategic gameplay - Through the unique programming mechanics of the game, both teams must prioritize when to bunker down and expand their abilities, and when to sprint out and hope for a victory.
  • Multiple powers to explore - Each character has multiple abilities to unlock, making every game a completely unique experience
  • Set in the Burgle Bros universe - Some of your favorite safecrackers have been called in to save the world.

Note from the Designer, Tim Fowers:  Sabotage is not for everyone. Unlike my past games, Sabotage is a head-to-head battle with a high learning curve. It has been a passion project for a long time - trying to capture the sublime gameplay of "Spies vs Mercs" mode of Splinter Cell, but in a boardgame. It is tricky at first, because of the unique mix of mechanics, but it's not too heavy after a game or two (my kids play with me).  I strongly encourage players to try the intro game, before unlocking all the gadgets (available free as intro Print and Play here). Sabotage has layers of delicious mind games that dedicated players will discover as they master the tools the game provides.

Sabotage is a tense and strategic cat-and-mouse game for two teams. Each team has their own copy of the 4x4 grid map, separated by a divider. Four dice are rolled each round, and all players program their moves simultaneously by spending those dice.

The Villains execute their programmed moves first, followed by the Spies. When Spies take a move action, they must announce some information about their location to the Villains. They use this to deduce and track the Spies. Both sides have the ability to unlock new tools and get access to more dice each round.

The Spies are trying to hack 8 times before the Villains hit them 5 times with their weapons.

For a brief overview, watch the video below:

Here is video of how to play with the advance abilities.

 Each round, one player rolls the dice, and all players copy those numbers.

 Then everyone programs their actions using 2 of the 4 dice.

 Each time Spies move, they have to reveal one piece of information.

For a more complete understanding of the rules, check out the rulebook here.

Here is an advanced game playthrough:

Sabotage brings back some of your favorite Burgle Bros characters - but with a whole new look!

We are also introducing a new cast of evil villains to go toe-to-toe with the Burgle team, all illustrated by Ryan Goldsberry.


For this project we're not making stretch goals.  We have a bunch of timed unlocks coming every few days that will make the game even better.  Also there are no kickstarter exclusives or expansions.  No shenanigans.  This is just the lowest price there will be for the game. It will not be in distribution, but will be at some retailers.

How are we making it even better? The first Fowers game with miniatures:

The game will include miniatures of all the characters.  And because of the divider, both teams need a copy of each mini, so we're making a second set.

Don't have four players?  We also have a mobile app that you can play against!  Grab a friend and go up against some computer controlled villains.  Your side plays just like the normal game with the board, cards, etc.  All you do is input what you would normally announce to the other team.  It also will generate new maps each game.


Tim Fowers is the designer of many successful games including Burgle Bros, Fugitive, Paperback, and more. He is excited to be teaming up with Jeff Krause, the programmer responsible for the Burgle Bros and Hardback apps, along with Ryan Goldsberry, the illustrator behind all of Tim's games.


  • Help guide the development of this game. We listen to our backers and strive to implement their clever ideas.
  • Backers receive the game at a discount compared to after the campaign.
  • This game is not going to distributors. It may not be in your local store.
  • Without your help, we won't be able to print this game and share it with the world.
  • European copies will be sent from inside the EU to avoid VAT.

Risks and challenges

I will be working with my established partners for printing, shipping and fulfillment. I've worked with them during my previous Kickstarter campaigns for Paperback, Burgle Bros, Fugitive, and Hardback. If there are any manufacturing issues I will address them. If anyone has trouble receiving their copy or has problems with parts in their copy, contact me for a replacement.

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