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A new chapter in deckbuilding / word games. Compete to build the best deck of letters and finish your bestseller before your opponents.
A new chapter in deckbuilding / word games. Compete to build the best deck of letters and finish your bestseller before your opponents.
7,855 backers pledged $297,663 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Nope on

      @DGenerateKane I filled out the form also, haven't heard anything. Crossing my fingers that it'll come soon, we celebrate Christmas a week early since we both work during Xmas week.

    2. DGenerateKane

      So did anyone get their copy air shipped? I filled out the firm, but never heard anything. I really needed my copies for Christmas gifts.

    3. J.B. Lewis on


      I filled out the survey right after you sent this update out in hopes of getting a copy in time for Christmas - not only for Hardback, but also because I was hoping to give the Paperback Expansion to a friend who got the base game last year as a gift. Please let me know if there are any copies left. Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      miranda on

      Ok I just realized this will be coming after I move , anyway I can change my address, moving dec 15th.

    5. Tim Fowers 7-time creator on

      @William - Contact me directly, we may have a few extras

    6. Missing avatar

      William on

      gah, I missed the early shipping update, and assumed I was getting this for Christmas.. zero chance at this point?

    7. Jeff Beck Collaborator on

      @Karl We'll be shipping to the address you gave us in the form (5th Ave in Pelham). Let me know if that is not the right place and we'll get it sorted out.

    8. Karl Rahenkamp on

      Is there any way that I can recheck my address for the shipment? I asked for the early Christmas shipping, but don't remember if I ever updated my address after moving in late August.

    9. J.B. Lewis on

      Thanks for the update, Tim. I've filled out the form, primarily because I was really hoping to give Paperback Expansion to a friend who really enjoys (and owns) Paperback.

    10. Jeff Beck Collaborator on

      @Richard Just emailed you a link to your pledge manager so you can change your shipping address. Let me know if it doesn't come through.

    11. Missing avatar

      Richard C on

      Can we change our shipping address?

    12. Missing avatar

      Jimmie Hayes on

      I'm good. I'm really looking forward to it but I can wait.

      I really appreciate the update and exceptional customer service though. Other designers/publishers could learn from this example.

    13. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      no it's fine. Closet already full.

    14. Jeff Beck Collaborator on

      @Jon Just emailed you a link to your pledge manager. Let me know if it doesn't come through. Thanks!

    15. Jon Batson on

      No problem with the waiting, but is there any way that I can change my address from original because we will be in a new house by then? Just wanted to know. Thanks!!!

    16. Missing avatar


      I definitely "would rather have a great but late game than a sub-par but on-time one," and I'm happy to receive my copy later. Indeed, if I don't receive it by early December, I won't be able to get it until late January anyway. It's nice of you to offer to expedite orders that are intended for Christmas though.

    17. Atramagus on

      Originally planned this as a birthday gift with my wife, but figured it could be a Christmas gift if it got delayed. Really hoping to have it by then, but I understand if it can't be here on time.

      Thanks for everything!

    18. Granite26 on

      Happy to wait. Thanks!

    19. Gideon Scott on

      I'm happy to get it when I get it. That's a very kind offer, though.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kevin Remington

      I've always appreciated the production quality of your games, so I'm glad to wait for a product that meets your own expectations. Thanks for doing it right.

    21. Homenum Revelio

      I'm happy to wait too. I'd much rather the game be delayed, if it means the final product is the best it can be. I like the suggestion of making a nice printable card people can give to gift recipients letting them know that the game is on the way soon.

    22. Anton Kuchman on

      Thanks for the offer, but I am happy to wait.

    23. Gaming Dan on

      Nice of you to offer, but I can certainly wait (bought Paperback and we are enjoying it more than I thought we might!)

      I agree with earlier comment, no need to burn your profits, I see nothing wrong in asking to cover the extra expense if they want it earlier.

      BTW I have only had one Game Kickstarter deliver by the estimated delivery date, so waiting extra time seems to be the norm. No big deal here.

    24. Emily Veronica Hitzke on

      I'm fine to wait. :)
      If you get too many people who need it before Christmas, maybe instead you could have a card design they could print out to give to their loved ones as a place holder instead?

    25. old beetle on

      I'm just as happy to be last. No rush for me, but thanks for the offer!

    26. Missing avatar

      Magnus Vinther Lund on

      as much as I would have liked a Christmas present for myself, I'd rather wait and be more confident that the product is the best it can be.

    27. IngeniousPrairieDog on

      I'm happy to wait, but really appreciate the very generous offer!

    28. Colin Elliott

      I did fill it out because it is a gift but if it doesn't make it in time that's not the end of the world :) I knew there was a chance it wouldn't arrive in time

    29. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      I don't like that aircraft option. It makes some backers more equal than others, and we are all in the same boat. It's not like people will die because a ks game did not arrive on Xmas. Also you're throwing away money.

    30. Missing avatar

      Murr Rockstroh

      Mine are presents, but I'm going to wait rather than cost you extra money. I appreciate the offer, but I will decline it.

    31. Raider363 on

      That's a very cool thing for you to try and set up!

    32. Jim Todd

      Mine was for me, and I have Burgle Bros....I hope you can make this work for the ones who do need it.

    33. Missing avatar

      Brenton McKinlay

      Always happy to wait a bit longer for a quality product. Looking forward to it.

    34. Chris on

      I'm happier to get a better product and waiting longer is not generally a problem.
      That said, I did order the Trilogy pledge in order to give two copies away as Christmas presents.
      If there is a possibility of reasonably getting the games in time for Christmas, then I would like to (I wouldn't even care if I got the 3rd copy, which is for me, until later, as I can wait) but if the expense is too much then the wait won't be that long after the Holidays.
      Either way, you have to do what makes the most sense for your business.

    35. Simon Walker on

      Thank you for clarifying Tim.

      Iam happy to wait.

    36. Bridget (Over Troubled Waters)

      I am shocked, SHOCKED, to find delays in a Kickstarter project!

    37. Missing avatar

      Trevor Ames on

      I'm happy waiting as well. Take care of the fans that need it. Keep doing your best.

    38. The Cardboard Family

      That's a very generous offer, Tim. Our game is not a gift, and good things come to those who wait. When your latest masterpiece ships, it ships.

    39. Ethan Furman

      Thanks for the offer, and I will also wait. MUCH rather have a great game. :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Nick Martin on

      I bet most of use are fairly used to delays - at least I have an idea how long it takes to get manufacturing right in the board game industry! It's rad you folks are offering air freight for folks (I can happily wait).

    41. Michael Aaron

      Happy to wait. Thanks for the offer, really good service.

    42. Missing avatar

      Steven W. on

      I'll wait another month or so. I already have a ton of games that I'm eager to play or that are also arriving in the same time frame. Better to wait for a great game than to rush and 'just' get a good game.

    43. chris mcleroy on

      This is a really cool thing they are doing to try and make up for the late timing of everything. Please dont take advantage guys and gals. I would love to get my copy sooner but its not NECESSARY as a gift or anything.

    44. Missing avatar

      randygee on

      Also glad to wait for a completely finished product, and agree with the comments so far--really awesome that you are offering to ship some early for those that say they need it.

    45. Ché Smith on

      Tim, will you be at PAX South again this year? If so, happy to pick it up there as usual, if they're ready by then. Otherwise, happy to wait for a quality product!

    46. Missing avatar

      Jeremy George

      You really should be charging extra for the rush shipping. Without some incentive you will either hurt the people who need it but won't get it because of excess demand or you are hurting people who are honest about their needs and thus get it later than everyone else.

      I for one have too many games that are unopened and unplayed so I will be patient.

    47. George Campbell

      Thanks for taking care of us Tim! I'll wait. :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Andrew Warner on

      I don't need it for Christmas, but just wanted to say that is a really nice thing to offer.

    49. Missing avatar

      John Rodriguez

      Echoing the other comments. I have no desire to sap an independent gaming developer of funds just so I can get my game a little earlier. Take your time, we can wait.