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A new chapter in deckbuilding / word games. Compete to build the best deck of letters and finish your bestseller before your opponents.
A new chapter in deckbuilding / word games. Compete to build the best deck of letters and finish your bestseller before your opponents.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Loogman on

      Just read the instructions, wow the rules really developed. Will the rule book actually be in hardback form?

    2. Jeff Beck Collaborator on

      @Bernhard Thank you for the extremely thorough review and suggestions. You're a pro!

    3. Bernhard Jackl

      I’d like to add some final corrections, though it is only typographical nitpicking. The first set of changes are small details that create better uniformity across the document. Indicated page numbers are as the printed ones and I’m referring to the newer rulebook, posted by Jeff Beck three days ago:

      - p. 1, in 1. a. under Setup: a strange cent symbol is used that doesn’t resemble any other in the document (compare e. g. on p. 5 last paragraph, p. 6 second to last line). Alternatively, it could be written out, like “Prestige point” below.
      - p. 10, upper third: change “Coin OR Prestige” to “Gain Coin or Prestige”. On the one hand, this reflects the text on the card shown below, while on the other hand, it avoids the all-caps “OR” which is used nowhere else in the document.
      - p. 10, second to last paragraph: “Trash This Card:” *could* be changed to "Trash this card" to reflect the capitalization on the card shown below it.
      - p. 11, middle of page: change “Ink -” to “Ink:”.
      - p. 12, upper third: change “Remover -” to “Remover:”.
      - p. 12, middle of the page: “There is no limit …” I think that this information is important enough to justify putting a box around it.
      - p. 15: change every “____ (_ Ink) -” to “____ (_ Ink):” like it is done on page 12 (“Trash Another Card:” and “Double Adjacent Card:”).
      - p. 16 upper third: change “10s, 20s, 30s...” to “10s, 20s, 30s, …” (using the ellipsis, not three consecutive dots).
      - p. 16 middle of page: change “During setup...” to “During setup …” (again using the ellipsis, see above, *and* add a space before it).
      - p. 16 middle of page: change “1-4 players” to “1–4 players” (use an en-dash, not a hyphen).


      An optional change could be the switch from the sequence “space – em-dash – space” to one of two alternatives:
      - thin space around em-dashes (shown here between the brackets: ] [), so not “ — ”, but “ — ”.
      - hair space around em-dashes (shown here between the brackets: ] [), so not “ — ”, but “ — ”.

      List of em-dashes:
      - p. 1: 1x
      - p. 4: 1x
      - p. 7: 1x
      - p. 8: 2x
      - p. 13: 2x
      - p. 15: 1x
      - p. 16: 1x
      - p. 17: 4x


      And finally, a thing which you might not want to change at all: You are using justified blocks of text and no hyphenation throughout. This works most of the time, but some narrower paragraphs contain obscenely large gaps between words, such as on page 7 in the first paragraph of “7. Draw Your Next Hand”: “draw pile, then continue”.
      If you are inclined to remedy that, there are two options:
      - allow hyphenation of words. This would keep the uniform block-appearance of paragraphs. I am, however, not quite sure if the effect is as noticeable in English as it is in German (you might know our monstrously long words).
      - or, change the alignment of the entire document from justified to left-aligned. This, however, creates a ragged right edge on the text.

    4. Jeff Beck Collaborator on

      Thanks to everyone for your great feedback. Your help reviewing and polishing the rulebook is exactly what we need as a final step before publishing. We have made a number of changes to the document in order to address the items you pointed out. Take a look at the latest version and let us know what you think:…

      And keep the feedback coming! It's always better to get things worked out now, *before* we hit print :)

    5. Bryan Hughes

      Will the Paperback expansion be available at Gen Con?

    6. Shawn George on

      Glad to have a copy of the rulebook! I mostly blind-backed based on my appreciation for Paperback, so I wasn't all that aware of what set apart Hardback until I read the rules. Basically, Paperback is to Dominion, what Hardback is to Ascension (or Star Realms). Definitely excited to get this to the table!

      I will say that I'm finding the rules to be a bit unclear with regards to Card Genre powers, Timeless Classics, and particularly, how the two of those interact.

      Page 6 of the rulebook (Page 7 of the PDF) states that "You only gain Genre Benefits when at least one other card of the same genre is included in your word, or at least one other Timeless Classic card of the same genre is in-play."

      I would interpret this to mean a Timeless Classic card belonging to ANY player. However, on page 8 of the rulebook (page 9 of the PDF), it says "When you use another player’s Timeless Classic card, you don’t get its Basic Benefits, Genre Benefits, or its genre for triggering other Genre Benefits in your word."

      Now, I can interpret this two ways. I believe that the designers intention is that you can only use the genre of a Timeless Classics card that you own. But I could also interpret it to mean that you can use the genre of another player's Timeless Classics card, IF you don't otherwise use that card in your word.

      This could be clarified by amending Page 6 to say "You only gain Genre Benefits when at least one other card of the same genre is included in your word, or at least one Timeless Classic card OF YOURS of the same genre is in-play."

      It would also be helpful if the Card Genres section on Page 9 reiterated the rule regarding when genre benefits are used, as that could easily be overlooked.

    7. Missing avatar

      Yan Bertrand on

      Rules review time! Yay! :-)
      Note: I'm using pdf page numbers (off by 1 with prinnted numbers).
      - p4: Card Basics, Basic Benefits: "The text above the line on a card are its Basic Benefits" -> I believe it should be either "texts" or "is"?
      - p4: Genre Benefits: ditto.
      - p7: 3. Genre Benefits: it'd be interesting adding whether playing the example card with 2 other cards from thesame genre nets 5 or 7 prestige points.
      - p7: missing final dot "." at the end of the last sentence of the page.
      - p9: "jail"would have been an "instant understand" concept for me if it had been worded "reserve". Though that's a longer word (and it impacts cards, too). But other games (such as Splendor) use this wording for the same effect.
      - p10: Coin or Prestige: I think the example would better make its point with a value of more than "1".
      - p10: trash this card: the symbol to the left is ambiguous to me,as I'd understand "trash for two coins" if the "2" was present in there too (not just in the text on theright, which visually could look like a separate possible action, due to the presence of the arrow in the left part). I'd suggest keepingonly the trash icon as the left symbol, maybe? (Or go full symbol only by adding the "2" to the left part, and removing the text-only right part.) Note: it's done that way for the Romance card first example. :-)
      - p15: player powers: Is there no random dealing of power cards, then?
      - p16: deck exploration: because this gets you through your deck quickly, giving quick access to newly purchased cards,isn't this a bit too efficient for 3 inks? What would you think of placing the non-matching drawn cards back on the top of thedeck (after a good shuffle) instead?
      - p16: Disfigured letter: do opponents get benefits & genre from the card (on their turn)?
      - p17: Can the coop' variant be used to play solo? (It'd be nice to mention it if that is the case. ;)

      Thank you for this opportunity to give a small help to the game's development.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andy Newman

      Thanks for the update. See ya at Gencon!

    9. Missing avatar

      Anthony Ortega on

      I noticed that Fowers Games will be at PAX Unplugged. Are we still on track for an October release? If you anticipate mailing out around PAX Unplugged, would picking up at PAX Unplugged be an option for backers?

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Webb on

      Thanks for the update. Do you still expect a delivery date of October?

    11. emspace

      @Ryan: Love your artwork! Do the bonus points actually count toward anything? heh

    12. emspace

      Rigged Romance: The Rigger (Burgle Bros.)
      Lipstick And Tommy Guns: Contessa Vexx (Word Domination)
      Kung Pao Kickin’: Wang Family (Wok Star)
      Most Wanted: Marshall & Fugitive (The Fugitive)

    13. Ryan Goldsberry Collaborator on

      WHOA! @Margaux Yiu You win! Nice job!

      And yes, prints of art are coming the next couple weeks.

    14. emspace

      Rigged Romance: The Rigger (Burgle Bros.)
      Lipstick And Tommy Guns: Contessa Vexx (Word Domination)
      Kung Pao Kickin’: Wok Star Family (Wok Star)
      Most Wanted: Marshall & Fugitive (The Fugitive)

    15. Ethan Furman

      Along with what @CharlesTam said, step 7 on page 7 has the reverse instructions:

      Draw your next hand of five cards. If you do not have enough cards in your draw pile, shuffle the cards in your discard pile to form a new draw pile, then continue drawing until you have five

    16. Tim Fowers 7-time creator on

      I think we're going to change the wild A to say: take the bottom card of an offer pile and put it on top of the deck. Also, prints are going to be available soon from Ryan

    17. Missing avatar

      Charles Tam on

      * It is not mentioned whether Ink/Remover is component-limited.
      * The description of Mechanical Rap Battle does not match the card; in particular, the card implies that it affects its owner as well as all of its owner's opponents.
      * Gameplay changes for variable players powers should probably specify "On your turn, _you may_ pay your power's cost...", unless it's intentional that players should always trigger their power once per turn as long as they can afford to.
      * What happens if the Offer Deck runs out?

    18. Wanghis Khan on

      And Audrey Hepburn?

    19. Peter Gerr

      (l-r) ?
      Fabio and Jennifer Lopez
      Madeline Kahn
      Uma Thurman
      Charlize Theron

    20. Missing avatar

      Charles Tam on

      The "Discard Unused Cards" section mentions that discard reshuffle happens "[w]henever your draw pile runs out of cards." In most deck-builders, this reshuffle triggers when you attempt to draw from an empty deck instead. Is this difference an intentional part of the design?

    21. Missing avatar

      Lorgar Aurelian on

      The Bride from Kill Bill.

    22. Missing avatar

      JCam on

      Those new starting wilds are a great idea! Can you clarify the power for the letter A wild? That one is the only one that doesn't seem clear to me.

    23. Enzo Maini

      As I type this I already know it is not possible, but I would love those covers as digital art I can print and hang in my game room.

    24. Missing avatar

      Paul Blakeley on

      Recognize the Rigger from Burgle Bros and the Marshall from The Fugitive!