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Fugitive - a tense two player deduction card game, full of close calls and great escapes - all packed into 10 minutes!
Fugitive - a tense two player deduction card game, full of close calls and great escapes - all packed into 10 minutes!
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Fugitive is an easy to pick up card game for two. It's a quick, intense chase between the Fugitive, who is trying to get out of town, and the Marshal, who is trying to catch him before he does.  

 Here is what's included:

  • Stylish briefcase box - thick stock
  • 43 hideout cards - UNIQUE original art on each card
  • 10 event cards
  • 2 Player Role cards
  • 3 Pile Marker cards
  • Laminated Notecard for Marshal to take notes
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Instructions

I had some players ask for a follow up for Burgle Bros with the escape - getting out of town with the loot!  So with Fugitive I wanted to give the feeling of 'The Chase' - being on the run from an unstoppable force after you. Two goals were to build it on very basic elements and be short. It ended up with just numbered cards and only 10 minutes to play.

I like two player games with different roles, but still in conflict, like Netrunner.  Using guessing games is not common, but I found it creates a good tension like guessing your opponent in Poker. Don't worry if you start out blindly guessing as the Marshal - your information builds quickly and you can start deducing a lot.  Feel free to try it out with numbered cards in other games(6 Nimmit/Category 5/'The Game') or the print and play files here.  I hope you enjoy it!

UPDATE: I ran an AMA question-and-answer session on reddit. Head over there to read my responses.

A note from Ryan Goldsberry, the illustrator:

The first time Tim played Fugitive with me, we only used blank cards with numbers. Despite having absolutely no art, the feeling of being chased and the tension of close calls and escapes was so strong that I knew the art would have to be freaking sweet in order to live up to the feel of playing the game. It was decided that the coolest thing to do would be to draw this out as one long chase. In my mind I was imagining a movie where the Fugitive is making crazy almost reckless moves to escape but the Marshall is pursuing him the Terminator!

Hopefully the art will live up to this feeling. Each card will be original and unique. They will be presented sequentially, like reading a comic book. It is my goal that you could lay out all the cards, from beginning to end, and watch an entire chase happen. Maybe even imagine the conversations and thoughts that are going through each characters mind. I hope you'll love the game! I have a lot of cards to paint, and I'm working like a maniac right now to get it done.

  "Two games in one! As the Fugitive you play a bluffing game, trying to keep yourself one step away from capture. As the Marshal you are solving a puzzle while gathering clues and attempting to think like your quarry.
Gameplay is quick and tense, and many games come down to wire. Even after playing several games we are still exploring different strategies. Should I sprint to throw the Marshal off my trail, or move slowly and force her to make a lot of guesses? Should I draw clues from nearby locations to narrow the Fugitives choices, or take them from farther away to choke off his escape routes in the end game?
A unique 10-minute game that I would recommend for anyone who enjoys logic puzzles, searching for clues, and outwitting your opponent." - Stone Librande

"Fugutive does an amazing job recreating that classic, high-octane, on-the-run chase, without sacrificing strategy. Easy to learn and simple to teach; it sets up in seconds, yet Fugitive somehow still feels meaty and deeply strategic. Replayability is strong too, thanks to those randomly selected event cards blended into each new game. It was an instant hit both as a gateway with my less experienced friends, and as a filler for veteran gamers. I have a feeling Fugitive will make it to my table regularly." - Bob Buechler

 "I have to say, I'm pretty enamored with Fugitive. It offers a single-serving logic puzzle that two people are simultaneously trying to solve to mutually-exclusive ends, and that's something I've simply never seen before. The table dynamic generates genuine tension in the best way, and I can't wait to see how the Event cards will change the balance of things. And more than all that, it's just damn fun. I'm really excited for this one." - Gameosity  

"Whether you catch your perp or get away scott-free, Fugitive is a clever little card game whose potential is easily more than the sum of its parts. Its short play time and diametrically opposing roles affords you an entirely different feeling depending on which side of the table you’re on. Against a fitting visual aesthetic, Fugitive has ample room for bluffing, number crunching, and continually trying to get as much of an advantage on your opponent as you can. At its most basic Fugitive is a short and straightforward abstract card game, but it is admirable how often the game’s premise winds its way into the experience all the same." - Cardboard Republic

"I think Fugitive is an excellent game for two. It plays fairly quickly and I love the cat-and-mouse mind games that go on. I’ve been a fan of Tim Fowers’ other game designs, and I like the thematic tie-in to Burgle Bros., too." - Geek Dad

"Fugitive es un juego de los que te hacen cosquillitas por dentro cuando lo pruebas. De los que sabes que pasará a formar parte de tus Top10, de tus recomendaciones, y de las charlas de “mejores juegos…” Jugando en Pareja

 Here is the runthrough with Richard and Jen:


 Here is Rahdo's final thoughts:


 The Board Game Family also has a written review here.



 Here are some cool items to add to your pledge. How to Add-On items: "Back this Project" then select your pledge tier. Add the amount for the desired Add-On to your pledge total. After the campaign, we will send a survey asking which items you ordered.  All items ship in November with Fugitive - the savings are because they ship together.

 Picture courtesy of Player to the Left

A better way to play! Four 8 inch all wood card holders keep the hideouts were the Fugitive can see them and not have to keep checking his face down cards.

It all started with a Heist - Burgle Bros is the blockbuster cooperative boardgame about running your own team to break into a bank.  Anyone gets caught it's over. Includes all stretch goals. Check our more about Burgle Bros here.

Paperback is an innovative mix of word game and deckbuider -  but you are writing Romance Novels.  You can win by being great at words or great at deckbuilding.  Big hit with couples as well. Includes all stretch goals. Check out more about Paperback here

Protect your copy of Fugitive with PREMIUM sleeves from Mayday Games. They are heavy duty and will keep the game nice for years to come. (Two packs of 50)  Max add-ons: 3 sets

 Here are some instructions and playthoughs from Player to the Left






  • Help us fund so we can print this game and share it with everyone.
  • Once funded, we have some great stretch goals for more content and better components to make the game better for everyone.
  • This game is not going into distributors, it may not be in your local store.
  • We don't fill up your shelf - the game is well thought out and compact.
  • Backer Deal - the game is cheaper now than it will be after the Kickstarter campaign.
  • European copies will be sent from inside the EU to avoid VAT. 


 Tim and Ryan have been making games together for 8 years. Their last games, Paperback and Burgle Bros funded on kickstarter are available at Special Thanks to: Virginia Critchfield, Rob Schiewe, Brian Fisher, Sam Aho, USU Film Dept, Clifton Richards. Each of you were essential to Fugitive happening.




Risks and challenges

I will be working with my established partners for printing, shipping and fulfillment. I've worked with them during my previous Kickstarter for "Paperback" and "Burgle Bros". If there are any manufacturing issues I will address them. If anyone has trouble receiving their copy or have problems with parts in their copy, contact me for a replacement.

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