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Robert BowlingBy Robert Bowling
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Robert BowlingBy Robert Bowling
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pledged of $400,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, April 3 2013 4:43 PM UTC +00:00

Thank You! Plus, Free Soundtrack Download!

We didn't make it to our goal...but we gained nearly 500 friends along the way and that alone, makes it all worth it!

The Adventures of Dash has always been passion project for us and because of YOUR support through the last 30 days, we're even more passionate about it than we were when we started.

We know were not alone now in wanting to see this game come to life, and while we're not entirely sure how we're going to make that happen right now, we are going to do everything we can to keep the game alive.

We'll need to put it on the back burner for now, while we focus on our main project Human Element, but we will be regrouping and exploring every option available to bring The Adventures of Dash to reality. 

Before that though, we wanted to leave you all with a little gift from us, to thank you for ALL the support you've shown us:


The Adventures of Dash Advanced Preview EP - FREE Download

As a Thank You gift to our fans and backers, we've made the high quality, full length, tracks to The Adventures of Dash soundtrack available for download FOR FREE!

This exclusive download includes the Main Theme, Overworld, and the full length score to three of the levels previewed in the video. 

From all of us at Robotoki, THANK YOU!

To stay informed on any future developments with The Adventures of Dash:

Robotoki on Twitter

The Adventures of Dash on Twitter

The Adventures of Dash on Facebook


Unboxing the 16-bit Collectors Edition!

Hot off the presses, we just received The Adventures of Dash 16-bit edition for "Super Pretendo" and this is the first copy out of the box. 

Complete with authentic box art, inner tray, and game pak with custom label; it looks right at home with the rest of our SNES collection!

The Hand Drawn Art of The Adventures of Dash

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My favorite aspect of this project is seeing the different perspectives each artist takes on their individual level. Thats what makes The Adventures of Dash so unique, is the fact that every level is "owned" by a different artist and their unique style. A new Dash, a New World, and a whole new set of enemies in every dream.

I wanted to take some time today to dive into just how much work goes into creating one of these levels, from hand drawing every piece of detail in the environment, to hand animating each frame of a characters run and attack cycles. Our artist, George Alexopoulos, takes us through his process of creating his version of Dash, and the RPG inspired Black and White dream we'll be playing in:​

George first sketches out the entire animation cycle for Dash. Since he is starting from scratch with each frame, it's important to capture a unified look and continuous posture from one frame to the next. HE does this by sketching out every frame of the run or attack cycle next to each other and then painstakingly detailing each frame for animation.

​Once he's finished an entire cycle, we'll scan each frame of animation and put it in gameplay engine so we can see how it all looks in motion.

George will repeat this cycle for every action the play can have Dash do in the dream. Running, walking, jumping, ducking, rolling, ​interacting, and of course attacking.

​Once the animation is in-engine, we'll evaluate it and determine if we need to extend or tweak the animation cycle. More frames = smoother movement. Any changes mean back to the drawing board (literally) to create additional frames and movements by hand and scan them in to add to the in-game animations.

​The same level of detail applies not only to the characters of the dream world, but the entire environment as well. Every leaf, rock, cobblestone road, and building needs to be created from scratch on paper first and then scanned in for the level designers to build out the dream world.

The big challenge with hand drawn art in level design is flexibility. For a number of reasons, we can't just scan in a large or long, hand drawn scene as is and expect it to work for gameplay or technical reasons. For one, to keep frame rate high and gameplay smooth on screen, we can't load every asset of the level in at once. The file size would be too long and slow down the action. Plus, you have to often change around a level for gameplay reasons. Enemy placement, platforming challenge, story telling. Therefore, its not feasible to expect the artist to go back and re do an entire scene every time we want to move a rock or platform a few inches to the left or right. Therefore, we have to approach the level design in a modular fashion. Hand drawing every piece of background, foreground, and playable space in a way that can be easily adjusted and iterated on by the designer to get that perfect mixture of fun and challenge for the player.​

Now that we've got our hero, our kingdom, and our attacks. It's time to design some enemies to use them against and start the process all over again...

New Reward: Includes All Future DLC + Expansions!

The Adventures of Dash is designed from the ground up to be expanded! New artists bringing unique new dream worlds, expanding the awake world with new puzzles, NPCs, and unlockables, and last but not least the massive in-game arcade that lets you play experimental gameplay in mini-games housed inside the arcade cabinets, plus homage levels based on our favorite indie games!

We have always planned for The Adventures of Dash to be a platform to experiment a wide diversity of art styles and gameplay mechanics and we want our Kickstarter backers to experience ALL of that content for free, with their digital versions of the game. 

Thats why we've added a brand new reward tier at $45 and up which gets you:

  • The Adventures of Dash (100% DRM FREE)
  • PC, MAC, LINUX, and OUYA versions included!
  • Complete Digital Soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky
  • HD Download of Project: Robotoki Documentary
  • EVERY Awake World expansion
  • ALL NEW Dream Worlds with unique new art styles
  • EVERY in-game Arcade addition, new cabinets, plus existing cabinet expansions

This is the complete The Adventures of Dash experience for the lifetime of the game, exclusively to Kickstarter Backers who chose the $45 and up reward tiers!


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MUSIC: Danny Baranowsky soundtrack preview!

No matter which reward tier you chose, you will be receiving a complete DRM-FREE digital soundtrack for The Adventures of Dash, composed by the one and only Danny Baranowsky of Super Meat Boy and Canabalt fame. 

Throughout this Kickstarter campaign, we will be sharing previews of not only the game, but the amazing soundtrack Danny has been composing for it. 

As a special thank you to the 80+ people who have already leaped in to support the game this early on, we wanted to share the FIRST of those many sneak peeks to come.


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