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A documentary about pile-drivers, dreams, tragedy and failure - with religion thrown in for good measure.

***We have just finished up a new trailer. It gives a great sense of the overall feel of the documentary. ***

*As we get closer to our deadline, we've started posting backer only video clips. You can see those under project updates*

For the past 3 years, I have been working on a documentary called Wrestling for Jesus. It started out as a quirky piece that looked at a group of South Carolinians who use professional style wrestling to present the Christian gospel. But after a couple shoots, the story took a darker turn.
Our peculiar film became a story about about failure, frustration, and tragedy. It was about dreams unrealized. You can see more about what happened in the video posted above.
Up to this point, we've financed all the shooting ourselves - travel, gear, and personnel. With principal photography done, we are confident that we now have a story that is worth telling - a story that transcends wrestling and a story that is worth bringing in other backers to support. We still have a ton of editing to do and we'll need to get a sound track written for the final piece.
We'll be using the money for the following tasks:
$3000 - Story editing (rental for an editing suite and a person to do the editing)
$1000 - Color correction and conforming the media (we've shot in several formats and we need to get them to all play nice with one another.)
$1000 - Soundtrack (included is the music and the audio post production)

Thanks for taking the time to consider backing this project.

For more information:
Follow the project on twitter @wrestling_jesus
Follow the filmmaker on twitter @Nate_Clarke
Check out the Wrestling For Jesus web page included on this site is footage from our second major shoot.


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