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Fan-selected Gothitropolis 6" fully-articulated Raven action figure (& variants) from award-winning Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios.
1,510 backers pledged $303,666 to help bring this project to life.



'Merrrca!! That's what the Screaming Eagle is screaming in these photos. Pictured in the photos below is the American flag cape that we're going to try to include free of charge with every Screaming Eagle figure purchased. Whether we're able to do this or not will depend on two factors... First, the cost. If the darned thing's too expensive to produce then we won't be able to do it. It's as simple as that. Second, quality. If the factory can't create or source out an American flag that can be utilized as a cape and still look good at the 6 inch scale, then we don't want to do it. We'd hate to just dive into production one them just to have them come out looking like crap. Fingers crossed... Twice.

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    1. Missing avatar

      David on

      I sure hope he'll come with the cape, he looks so amazing with it...

    2. Shiranui Ookami on

      I would so put this guy in the forefront of my 4th of July display at my desk at work each year. He'll be on my desk year round, but he'll have a special place on my desk set aside for him when I deck it out in the ol' stars and stripes. =)

    3. Missing avatar

      John Swanson

      I saw the Kickstarter a few weeks ago and thought that the figures were really nice, but this is what made me pledge. Really hoping for the cape.

    4. FOUR HORSEMEN STUDIOS 3-time creator on

      Our Photobucket has been upgraded but for some reason the pics aren't back where they should be. We're looking into it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Shellhead on

      Freedom of speech trumps flag guidelines. Burn it for all I care. We have had many flags, but only one 1st Amendment. Do what you've got to do 4H.

    6. Dr Rampageo on

      Seriously guys...fix the pictures

    7. Drew Hill on

      Love this cape. I hope it gets made. Now make me a Magical Milieu accessory pack (scrolls, tomes, thuribles, cloaks, and other assorted wizard oddments.

    8. Nathan Buxton on

      @Vito, Very well put. I would like to say don't give up on 4H producing a Romanian bird. Even if the bird may not come with a cape initially there is always the ability to make one yourself.

    9. Missing avatar

      Vito Marconicchio on

      Coming from a background of 3 nationalities, I totally understand the pride and love we have for our flags. I thought some good points were made. People pointed out about movies, shows, plays having tattered flags...i'll say many a comics as well, though out history our heroes with tattered flags....its true there are so many, and many of us probably not really noticing or thinking about how many flags get "ripped/cut/torn" to make these things we enjoy. I have seen quilts made of flags, which i personally think were gorgeous, but flags had to be cut to create a beautiful thing. i think the same applies with this, this is art....and to create something this awesome....i say long as people don't get physically hurt, do it. I would offer any one of my flags to creative people like the Four Horsemen if it meant getting a bird warrior out of it......there are over 300 hundred different bird species in Romania and I am the most jealous at not getting a tattered flag wearing Romanian Bird Warrior. I am never going to ever get a Romanian Bird Warrior figure who looks like its about to kick my ass. Pretty Badass looking to me, i am so stoked.

    10. Raef Gotti on

      Yeah I kinda only want the Eagle now if the cape is going to be available in some fashion.

      Hope we'll know before the dealine this week

    11. Dalton McDanger on

      I love that cape! Whether that is or is not a part of it would actually be the deciding point of me buying this or not.

    12. Michael Schultz on

      My mother still buys people replacement flags if they have one displayed in disrepair. That said, I want the cape. I just don't want it tattered.

    13. Nathan Buxton on

      Uhoh... Photobucket thew down the hammer....

    14. Kari Fry on

      That flag cape is amazing. :D Hope you guys can pull it off! If not, I'll fashion my own. Gotta get the Eagle now.

    15. Missing avatar

      Brian Griffith on

      @Mark As others have said during this discussion, it's not a law you can get in trouble for breaking. The flag code is, for the most part, something that gets observed in the military, and taught in a number of organizations like the Boy Scouts of America. That's personally where I picked it up. My grandfather was a stickler for it due to his military experience, and it was drilled into me further in Scouts.

      So for clarity, I'll try to restate my objection as well as I can. The only, ONLY part of this that bothers me is the thought of buying a bunch of little American flags to cut up. Otherwise, I love the look that's achieved. It's pretty kickass. I was mostly just asking if there was a way to achieve the look without cutting up a bunch of flags, like making a sculpted cape, equally tattered, that has stars and stripes on it.

    16. Rich Luckritz on

      Despite the mini controversy its causing I seriously hope this cape costs out and is included in the figure. Historically in Art, usually when warrior/soldier is portrayed with a flag its tattered and torn and rarely is that looked down upon. Personally, I find this figure wildly patriotic and would be proud to have it in my display.

    17. Nathan Buxton on

      @Neil The Pink Flamingo has not been announced as a KS exclusive. At this time that figure should still make it to the 4H site as well. The exclusives are: Minotaur the Duck and Black Raven Battle Pack.

    18. Mark Henry Kern on

      I personally have no issue with this, and applaud Nico for using the actual law in their defense, it has been argued before that Cap breaks this "law" so it is true he does, he wears a representation of the flag, and likewise I've seen enough movies with "real" flags battle damaged in them as part of the plot, its not like they went out and bought a previously battle used flag, and such things are still patriotic... now if it was a mockery of the flag, if it was a joke figure with it on, or done to look stupid or insult the flag I could understand, but I don't see how showing a character who looks so powerfully fierce and victorious in battle wearing a tattered US flag should be an issue, it is screaming (no pun intended) America in every sense of what patriotic American's feel...

    19. Missing avatar

      Neil Miller on

      @Q : You may already know this, but in regards to your use of the words "in store," I just wanted to make sure you knew that these figures will not be offered in any retail store. They'll only be offered here on kickstarter, and then later on the Four Horsemen's website, with the exception of Minotaur the Duck and the Pink Flamingo.

      As for the whole cape issue, I saw it coming as soon as they mentioned it may happen. It's a non-issue. I'll be upset if the Horsemen back off because of debate of some stupid "law." There's nothing about the figure that is unpatriotic. We should display him proudly. This cape is being offered as a freebie. If they charge, I will not pay. I've already dropped $430 on 13 figures. I'm not paying anymore. Plus it would be a headache for the Horsemen to try to follow up with everyone who may or may not have wanted something that is free. It's much easier to just include it with all the eagle figures.

    20. Missing avatar

      Patrick Grundy on

      Love the idea. Looks good too. I agree with Serina below - don't know if we would see other flags on other toys in tatters 'though.

    21. Missing avatar

      Q on

      I'm already (over) maxed on this, but I'll totally consider getting this guy in store. I also have to second the idea of capes (especially if the cape also has a hood) for the other figures.

    22. Matthew Rossana on

      I just backed this project just to get this figure. I will absolutely pay extra for the flag cape!

    23. Missing avatar

      Zeph on

      I'm not getting the screaming eagle, so the flag doesn't really matters to me. But I'll pay $3 for a black cape to put on my black raven. In fact, I'll get several for the rest of my figures.

    24. Serina Patterson

      As a non-American, I find it odd (and somewhat fascinating) that US citizens often seem to feel the need to display their patriotism (e.g. bumper stickers, shirts, commercials, fence posts, and, here, fantasy creatures). You are a proud lot!

    25. Missing avatar

      nico bovoso on

      but let me just leave this here.

      United States Code Title 4 Chapter 1 — The Flag
      "The words "flag, standard, colors, or ensign", as used herein, shall include any flag, standard, colors, ensign, or any picture or representation of either, or of any part or parts of either, made of any substance or represented on any substance, of any size evidently purporting to be either of said flag, standard, colors, or ensign of the United States of America or a picture or a representation of either, upon which shall be shown the colors, the stars and the stripes, in any number of either thereof, or of any part or parts of either, by which the average person seeing the same without deliberation may believe the same to represent the flag, colors, standard, or ensign of the United States of America."

      Captain America and Uncle Sam both wear costumes that represent the American flag.

      And yes, the cape used in the image above was an actual flag but the manufactures will be making capes, not flags.

    26. Missing avatar

      nico bovoso on

      @Shane Weaver
      Yeah, this debate really has no end. I do accept your gracious admission of defeat though. ;)

      All i know is that I wanted nothing to do with that Eagle figure until that cape was added. I will have satisfaction. I will have one.

    27. Raef Gotti on

      This debate is why I say make the Flag cape an add on for 2 or 3 dollars.

      Those who want it get it,those who don't wont.

      Pretty simple.

    28. Missing avatar

      Shane Weaver on

      k, really not trying to get into a semantics argument, but pretty sure the "parts of the flag" in the flag code means parts of an ACTUAL flag. not parts as in design elements. otherwise anything that ever had a white star would be violating the flag code. and actually, the flag on that screaming eagle is an actual, literal, used-to-be-attached-to-a-little-piece-of-wood flag. so, like, the opposite of everything you're saying.

      personally, as i said, to me it's not offensive, but the flag code is technically law (though not one in which breaking it incurs a penalty) and it outlines etiquette that certain individuals may find it disrespectful to flout. i'm not one of those individuals, but that's why a handful of people are voicing their mild displeasure with it.

      it's not a controversy that's gonna keep anyone from owning these wonderful figures, but i kinda expected some people might not be down with it when i saw it.

    29. Kirk Bideau on

      I admit that when I saw the first picture of the cape (from the back) that I wasn't really impressed. My thought was basically "There's a flag on it's back... so what?" Then I saw the front view and something about that skull-clasp and the over-the-shoulder look suddenly made it awesome! As in, so awesome that I might just have to add another $33 to my pledge!

    30. Al Lew

      Looks great! I don't mind the "battle damage" but maybe you can also offer a "clean" version as an option to those who would prefer it?

    31. Missing avatar

      Alexander Yanez on

      So horny for freedom right now

    32. Missing avatar

      nico bovoso on

      @ Shane Weaver:
      "it's possible to have the flag elements represented without it being an actual "flag".
      The Screaming Eagle is a toy with a cape that looks like a flag. it's not a flag.

    33. Missing avatar

      nico bovoso on

      @ Shane Weaver

      "United States Flag Code: Sections 8(j)

      (j) No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform. However, a flag patch may be affixed to the uniform of military personnel, firemen, policemen, and members of patriotic organizations."
      Capitan America and Uncle Sam both wear many parts of the American Flag.

    34. Missing avatar

      Shane Weaver on

      @nico not to nitpick, but costumes like uncle sam and captain america use the design elements of the flag to create a motif, and not the flag itself. the "bunting" your pasted quote refers to is essentially the same thing. it's possible to have the flag elements represented without it being an actual "flag".

    35. Kermode Bear on

      I love it. Mr. Eagle has been fighting his butt off to protect us from ourselves and it shows!

    36. John Triplett on

      I love it. I'm finding myself having to pick which wings I want and this frees up that need for our patriotic friend here.

    37. Missing avatar

      nico bovoso on

      Almost every American Olympian drapes them selves in the American flag at some point. Every other commercial uses the American flag during the 4th of July and almost every political commercial displays one, even though the "rules" state that it should never be used for advertising purposes.

      "The flag should not be displayed on a float in a parade except from a staff.The flag should not be draped over the hood, top, sides, or back of a vehicle or of a railroad train or a boat"

      Time to tell millions of people that they are being unpatriotic every year.

      "The flag should not be used for any decoration in general. Bunting of blue, white and red stripes is available for these purposes. The blue stripe of the bunting should be on the top."

      It's time to tell Uncle Sam and Captain America to lose the stars on their costumes because they are disrespectful.

      This is silly. It's an AMERICAN Eagle wearing the flag proudly and with honor.

    38. Rachel Brennan

      I have to admit I find it a bit disrespectful. It there any way to alter it so it isn't actually the flag of the united states of america? like add more stripes or move some stars around?

    39. Nathan Buxton on

      I will state right now seeing this has warmed me up to the idea. I like the look of a tattered, battle survived cape cloaked around this figure. In fact if this does not pan out on the 4H side I will make it myself!!

    40. Missing avatar

      David Edward Jones on

      Tattered flags are everywhere, Flying from poles, houses, trucks, and used to show American grit and determination. Be realistic. In a post apocalyptic landscape, Where do you get NEW flags? GET REAL

    41. Preston Hartberg on

      Perhaps the cape could be more "America inspired" as opposed to a straight up flag-for-a-cape. Firstly we wouldn't have to worry about flag etiquette, and secondly it would likely appeal more to international customers.

    42. Michael Harwood on

      @nico There's a bit of a difference in the flag being used as a flag and being tattered due to battle, war, etc., and it being used directly for fashion/costuming (see the link I posted earlier) and being tattered like this. I'm a bit ambivalent about it, but I can see why some would be against it.

    43. Daniel Lovasz

      ....Looking at the flag tattered like this is unreal. come on guys have some respect for our country and our flag. Clearly none of you folks have served in the military. If you did you would know better. Just a little tattered flag.

    44. Missing avatar

      Raphael Verzosa on

      With the cape, I see this more as a post-apocalyptic figure now instead of just shoe-horned American-inspired figure, and it definitely brings into mind some interesting ideas. I have no issues with it looking like this (tattered and cloth looks great as if he just fought a long battle), in fact if the cape gets confirmed I MIGHT just add to my pledge just to grab the Eagle.

    45. Missing avatar

      nico bovoso on

      I can't believe people are really complaining about the cape flag being tattered. Should we not tatter flags for movies, tv, plays, civil war reenactments, etc., etc?

      It's an amazing patriotic figure that looks like it has fought hard for it's beliefs.

    46. Missing avatar

      EBuff on

      to avoid destroying hundred of little American flags, which may offend some people (rightfully so), I vote for a solid colored cape. You could still go Americal navy blue....

    47. KshatriyaNZ-666 on

      I know that it hasn't been stated as such, so it probably isn't. But will the cape (assuming it becomes a reality) be a Kickstarter exclusive item or will it be included with Screaming Eagle figures purchased from in the future?

    48. Raef Gotti on

      I think it looks great and would definitely want one added to my Eagle figure.

      Howbout instead of free for everyone including those who are uncomfortable about the flag idea,do a $3 add on for those who really want it as a cool accessory for the Eagle.

      Personally the cape makes me want the figure more than before.

      Awsome look

    49. Michael Schultz on

      The tattered looks doesn't work for me. My mom would actually take it and properly dispose of it liek you would any other damaged flag. About touching the ground, this gives that image, but unless you set the figure on teh ground, it isn't touching the ground. I would actaully prefer a Horseman original, patriotic flag inspired cape. I say this fit alternated reality, how about alternate reality US inspired.