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A brutal platformer roguelike that pits you against the deadly Catacombs aided only by magic, steel, and your quick reflexes.
A brutal platformer roguelike that pits you against the deadly Catacombs aided only by magic, steel, and your quick reflexes.
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Taking Boulder Actions

Posted by FourbitFriday (Creator)

It's been a wild month with the Kickstarter and all, but I've still managed to put in some more work on the game to give you guys another update!

This video shows off a few of the new features I've added, from rolling boulders to boiling water,

I've always liked crafting in games -- in theory. Unfortunately, it usually comes down to collecting ten snail scales, four chicken teeth, and then selecting what you want to turn them into from a menu. It rarely feels very 'crafty' to me. In Catacomb Kids, I want to avoid needing to navigate menus when interacting with the game's physical space, while still allowing for players to be creative and resourceful and...'crafty'. To this end, I intend to make the entire game space into a crafting system of sorts. Want to make some stew? Find a pool of water, a way to boil it, and throw some ingredients in to cook. Need to repair your sword? Perhaps that lava over there would make a good forge, and the nearby crushing trap a good hammer. No grinding for resources to collect 10 more beetle snouts. Just be attentive and maybe a little crazy, and the possibilities will reveal themselves from within the game's mechanics.

I know it's been a bit quiet lately, but that's only because I've been working hard on the game so that I can get you guys and gals a build as soon as possible. The above video demonstrates one of the more complex interactions, but there are many more already implemented and on the way. I strive to have the alpha demo available to backers before the end of this month, so that you all can discover the secrets of the deep for yourselves.

Lastly, we'll be having a Final Hours Stream on my twitch channel at this Wednesday going from 4pm PST til the end at 6:30. I'll be working on and playing the game with some friends, and answering any questions y'all may have, as well as discussing the game's future.

Hope to see you there.


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    1. Beaver Toad Software on

      Crafting sounds so much fun! Never thought I'd be so excited for a rogue-like but ermagerrrrd I wanna play dis. Great work!

    2. Ben Crowley on

      Terrific idea. I've felt the same about crafting in games: it always sounds fun in theory, but navigating menus and making selections isn't that fun in and of itself. I truly can't wait for this.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Gamble on

      This is epic. Best crafting idea ever

    4. Jamie Schembri on

      I can't express how much I love the ideas going into this. Keep it up!

    5. Missing avatar

      Flávio Murilhas on

      Keep it up, I don't mind waiting a little bit longer if the game is only going to be better and better every time I set eyes on it. Thanks for the hard work.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mandy on

      I just backed, and I'm blown away by just how perfect this game looks. Can't wait for release!!

    7. More_Badass on

      Damn, now I feel bad for complaining about updates. That video was awesome and the crafting systems sounds absolutely brilliant

    8. Soren Bliss-Miller on

      That "crafting" system looks genius! And getting to play a Kickstarter game within a few weeks of it's funding is pretty crazy. Keep up the good work!

    9. Case Martin on

      Every time I think I've seen the extent of what the game and your creativity have to offer you smack me down like the fool I am. Many thanks for that ^_^